Map Changes in 9.1

Thanks to Locastan for the pictures!

Arctic was strongly reworked. The popular south base camp position on the cliff above the base is practically gone – bushes were removed. North-western base was also reworked, now there is a hill obstructing the view. New paths opened for attack.


Tundra changes – the west is quite different now, didn’t test.


Komarin – a lot of bushes was removed, the map is flatter, more accesses and the infamous camping forest in the corner disappeared. The map now has less cover, the “villages” are denser.


North-West – the northern path got reworked, it’s much more open now.


75 thoughts on “Map Changes in 9.1

  1. Looks pretty nice, Komarin for the most. I am excited to see how it will work on the live servers …

    • Two new routes for advance: to the left and to the right of the center island (4 and 7 lines). They actually have decent cover because the rock walls to each side have been raised considerably. I like the new Komarin.

    • Thank you, its just an export of the layers I have to overimpose onto each other anyway when I update my HD Minimaps for the next version.

      Just this time I remembered to upload them for everyone to see, before I scrap the photoshop layers for DDS export. :D

      On Tundra, it is also important to note the more subtle changes to the “stalemate hill” hulldownfest and the southeast TD camping corner.

  2. I hoped for changes on Hidden Village and Severogorsk. I hate coridors only maps…

  3. Interesting changes. will look forward to the update with map changes like this :)

    less camp spots, more routes for attack. And less tunneling. I approve

  4. Seems Komarin will be a lot less pain in the arse to play now. More open and several ceossings + normal passable ground (previous svampy stuff) will hopefully make it more dynamic. Good. I can not shake the impression that the newi looks like as it was in drought season compared to the current one.

    Arctic, more attack routes. WIll be a lot harder camp defend. Not that it is perticullary easy as it is now. Looks like a good change to the map.

    Tundra, looks like the west has become TD alleys, One very narrow path on the edge of map and and a high open ground offering little protection on advance. I ll have to play it to see if i like that.

    North-West. Seems north got more enclosed? Once you are in there the only path of escape will be back.

    • Also note that certain bit in the middle has changed, like.. south of the northern ridgeline – in the mine part – and left of a group of buildings and north of the big hill in the mine-part.

      also, a rock at the northeastern base and a hill in northwest corner

  5. I hate all the changes they do to all maps.
    Where you had at the beginning flat terrain, where you could use your med firing on the go, everything is now with little bumps every 3 meter. Cover is for the retards only 5 meters away, on every map.
    All the maps tend to be a check game now, where one wrong move will obliterate you, because someone will shoot you out of their cover of 10 bushes, hull down.

    • But almost all maps that they changed with this patch were terribly hilly already. Tundra actually looks like it’s flatter. Artic looks about as awful as always Komarin of course looks like a camp map but whatever…

      It doesn’t seem like they added hills, most maps look like they got flatter…

    • That’s the logic behind new Wargaming map design – bump after bump, hill after hill, rock after rock.

      Seems like people were too stupid to use bushes and fight on open field, so they re-designed maps in a ways that make sniping and medium range combat a nightmare.

      Someone called it: Pro-russian design. Cause new maps are done in a way that rewards high-alpha tanks while punishing pretty much everything else.

  6. Tundra – that western water was really cool, now it seems it’s standard canyon meat grinder :( . I really think that change is for worse.

    Komarin – while layout has room for improvement i’d rather they didn’t dry that swampy-watery fields. And they didn’t even change vertical layout of these parts, so this change is NOT appreciated.

    • I dont understand to Tundra changes too.
      They keep campy east unchanged and destroy awesome west side.

        • Only balconies on south were removed and changed into the corners – these on north are still there. As for “campy corners” – these around the hill are still there. Only weird thing they did is pushing the rocks from a middle further to the south, so the south team will have two disadvantages there now – lack of balconies and lack of flat ground on a hill to maneuver.

    • The western part of Tundra is a joke. What kind of idiot designed that?! Even more so when they apparently re-designed Arctic Circle to avoid the same problem that they created now in Tundra. Totally ridiculous.

    • Agree, changes on Tundra are idiotic. It was excellent place for both long range shooting as well as close range brawling, flanking etc. Now they destroyed this unique map and made another boring corridor. FFS, do they really think that all maps have to be exacly the same?

  7. As much as Arctic needed that change, the new hill looks artificial as hell, both on minimap and from game perspective.

    • Yeah, not to mention the paths, I guess they’re convenient for showing noobs where to go, but where have they seen paths placed 10 meters apart with so many intersections.

    • Very, very few WoT maps don’t look completely artificial. They just keep the trend going.

  8. Less places where ~two TDs easily can defend and win against 6-8 opponents, i like!

    Edit: Inb4 storm: Yes im a noob!

    • If 6-8 opponents get stopped by 2 TDs – they deserve to die. Cause the amount of stupidity they show is beyond hope.

      Just swarm them – they’ll die without doing much harm (especially if these are casemate TDs, but in such case: swarming always works).

  9. The new changes, including previously changed Severogorsk, Pearl and NW, are awful to me. You have to be a fast medium with superb frontal armor to fight enemies and win any encounters along the dozen roads.

    Or you will have to sit around your base for 5-7 minutes until someone comes to cap.

    My usual Pearl River and Severogorsk battles lately ended with certain death outnumbered 7 to 2 or just capping one of the bases with 6-9 of players still alive on each of the teams. Sad. Not funny. No challenges. Rage-quit for heavy&slow&armoured tank lovers. Arty is getting kicked hard.

    • I might actually have to play tanks instead of SPGs now… There so much cover being added into maps (vertical wall cover) and the gun arc and shell arc is not getting any better…

    • I disagree. Pearl River and Severogorsk now offer the possibility to outflank the enemy, whereas in the old ones all you could do was stand in line in one of the two choke points and hope you could bull your way through the opposition, As for TDs, well they never were meant to be assault tanks, and I like my TDs. Their main mission is to block assault paths and that doesn’t means that you must camp at base.

      My dislike of the old Pearl River, Severogorsk and the current El-Haluf is that the choke points are also artillery kill zones. A proficient SPG driver could just stack the kills without needing to aim at any particular tank. With several routes open, the work for the SPGs is more complex.

      • You mean more impossible. You have to guess where the guy is going to be and if your wrong its a 30s to relocate and by the time you do that and re aim the tank is usually dead or moved well away from that spot.

        • Aw, you mean there will be less arty in games, how terrible.
          Personally I’m sick of “world of sky pigs” where up to 1/3 of the team are useless top down gimps parked at the back of the map doing f-all.
          1 arty per side I will put up with, but any more is just _____ -(insert swear word of choice)

  10. im happy that some 1-2 route maps now offer more diversity, but at the same time they look exactly like each other… map full of up and down roads, some cover, a little bush, and overally very confusing, especially for a new player.

  11. I think they finally understood that having 40% of the surfce of the map completely undrivable (with lakes, mountains, steep cliffs, etc) was not a good map developing strategy.

    If you look at the Komarin ( water ), the Serene Coast ( water in the right ), Lakefield ( the mountain and the lake in the centre), they ahve 30-40 % of terrain unplayable.

    The changes in Komarin with keep this percentage in the 10-15%.

    Hope they learn with this change.


    • I bet your favorite maps are Steppes, Westfield, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Ensk, Province and Sacred Valley. ;)

    • “I think they finally understood that having 40% of the surfce of the map completely undrivable (with lakes, mountains, steep cliffs, etc) was not a good map developing strategy.”

      - You’re confused. That’s exactly what they are doing right now – turning 40% of map into bumps, rocks and other obstacles that are undrivable.

  12. if only they stick back to mirrored maps.. Lets face it, the old ones are the best ones – Cliff, Mines etc. I mean, those changes are step forward indeed, but the map design of the maps they changed was bad in the first place.

    inb4: i know komarin is an “old” map too, but they should have left it out of the game and not even try to “rework” it few patches ago

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  14. God, why “fix” Arctic? I love that map as it is…2 great spots for brawling, some good sniper perches for the TDs, and really not unbalanced (dosn’t matter which spawn you’re at, you have the same chance of winning from my experience). The new changes look kinda lame, IMHO…but I guess its part of the new “ruin TDs” bent that they’re on since they overnerfed arty and TD’s lost their natural predator.

    • In Artic, the sniper perch in the mountains gives a TD the opportunity to kill tanks at very long ranges. Also there are two choke points that are easily blocked for either side, so all battles devolved into a camp fest until one side crumbled and then it was over. The new Artic map destroys the choke points and actually allows for maneuvering and flanking attacks.

      TDs still are valuable but now you don’t have 1 or 2 tanks blocking an entire road because the enemy now can flank you.

    • “God, why “fix” Arctic?” – it was second most unbalanced map in the game.

  15. All of these maps appear to have gotten worse. No options for scouting and/or sniping and every game boils down to a heavy slug fest. Combined with the rampant bots, it turns every game into a $#!&fest.

      • What I see on this maps are tons of spots for tanks with high alpha to win the game. Mediums in skilled hands will be great there, but in a hands of average player? They’ll be nothing else than a food.

    • I only see a problem with the new Komarin. But yeah, many of the map changes seem to favor meds and heavies and ditch all other vehicle varieties.
      And when lights enter those maps, everyone will be bugging with “go scout”, in maps where doing so may have becomes literal suicide…….

      And SuperOlson: Meds are not Lights. If you enjoy Med spanking good for you. For us who like to play Lights and scout having less places to do it effecively doesn’t mean anything good.

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  17. Forests in the corners of the bases on Komarin are still there. They have less bushes and trees(soft cover), but shitlords in TDs still camp there and can still do what they used to do on Komarin. It’s somewhat easier to flush them out, but those forests need to go.

  18. Oh no, I need to play more random battles to get use of the new maps. At least less choke points so we do not get ambush by TDs and Arty.

  19. I don’t see any spot bushes with the new maps where to park my light scout… Even with the battletier lowered, my scout is one hit away from certain death and there is no place I can spot the enemies and give some time for my team to shoot them enough… Sorry, but I still dislike them because they are not fair enough for 3 of the tank classes – arty, lights and tds.
    My opinion.

  20. I’ve played ~80 battles on test, map changes are very nice indeed.

    Komarin became much more dynamic map, almost no camp fest in bushes anymore (taking into account crazy russians rushes).

    Arctic was quite unbalanced map: from arty point of view – a scout could light up north base arty within 1 minute from start and that ridge at south allowed 1-2 tanks to def whole flank.

    Tundra got some gaps for scouts closed (mostly northern side). Left side is a neutral change as for me.

    North-West gameplay didn’t changed too much but top map line is much more open now and you almost cant snipe down from there (only 2 gaps there if I remember).

  21. What I don’t understand is why not add some variety to the game by using the different versions of the maps they already have?

    I think it’s sad that after a few times playing a map people get it wired and run to the same spots all the time. Leaving different versions of the maps in the game would add some wouldn’t even cost them anything.

    Also why not add some randomness to where smaller bushes, rocks, and buildings are placed, many other games can do this why not WOT?

    • “What I don’t understand is why not add some variety to the game by using the different versions of the maps they already have?”
      - Cause it’s an idiotic idea that doesn’t add value to the game but only increases size of the game client.

      “Leaving different versions of the maps in the game would add some wouldn’t even cost them anything.”
      - It costs them bandwidth. Besides – they change these maps because they consider old versions to be broken. You expect them to leave “broken” maps in a game? Not gonna happen.

      • Seeing as 90% of the game is broken I don’t see that as a problem. The biggest problem I see with the maps is that they are to static making the game play on each map the same time and time again.
        With all the money I hear they are making off of this game they can afford to buy some more bandwidth.
        If WOT keeps cheaping out all the time the game will fail!

  22. So many routes… thus many “rush to camp” tactics will be developed. More meds, less TDs, lights and arties. This game will become even more sluggish (heavies will “wait for meds” at the base, meds will just YOLOrush to enemy base).
    It’s time to sell my account i think…

    • Lights will disappear completely if they’ll change all of the maps in that direction. Heavy tanks and turreted TDs will dominate the game in hands of average players. Skilled (read: top 20% of playerbase) players will rape everyone even more than they did before, cause new maps promote high skill celling while at the same time turn into a nightmare for bottom 50% of playerbase.

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