9 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch: Snapshots

  1. I’m sorry to be completely off topic but can someone please tell me what is the name of the documentary series WG made in which they discuss about different tanks, and subjects related to tanks?
    I only saw the first episode,there were a lot of experts,like the Chieftain,Hilary Doyle and a lot others and they discussed different topics.
    Thank you and,again,sorry for being off topic,but I just can’t find it.

  2. Very cool, I love any video by the Chieftain

    If this spg was in the game, the scumbags won’t be unable to drown themselves

  3. I must say I really don’t like how The Chieftain claims the Russians ignored self Propelled Artillery until the “2S-Series”. It’s just that for area supression they used SP-Rockets like the BM-14 or the BM-21 in the sixties. Plus the ISU-152 was used primarily as SPG by the Soviets after WW2. After all it had about 13km range.
    And the reasoning behind it all was simple: For area targets and supression a battery of Rocket artillery firing (up to) a couple of hundred rounds in a minute was regarded superior. And the 100mm HE rounds of contemporary Soviet Tanks proved to be perfectly capable of “hurting” an enemy in cover. Indirect fire by tanks was a common occurence in WW2 and was regarded as a “normal” combat action of armored units after that. The East-German armor manuals that I know (early 80s editions) feature indirect fire by Tanks quite prominently. For example on assaults second and third echolon Tanks would be provided with additional HE rounds for supressive fire. And yes sure, a 100mm Tank HE doesn’t compare to the leathality of a 122mm Arty HE, but the supression effect of an ongoing barrage on (more or less) point targets should be virtually the same.