Mikhail Svirin passed away…

Source: Wot-news, Yuri Pasholok’s blog


Hello everyone,

with a bit of delay, I am reporting this sad news that Mikhail Nikolaevich Svirin passed away on 24.5.2014 after long illness. For those, who don’t know the name – he was the foremost Soviet tank researcher, one of the first ones to start writing about the Soviet tanks in detail and he was as important for Soviet tank history publication as Hilary Doyle is for the German tank history – he did a tremendous amount of work in the field and in his last years, he created a military history club near Moscow, where he worked with “troubled” youth.

According to Sergei “SerB” Burkatovsky, Svirin’s work was instrumental in creating the early World of Tanks Soviet tank line, M.Svirin also helped SerB with writing his historical science fiction book “Main Date”.

Rest in Peace.

19 thoughts on “Mikhail Svirin passed away…

  1. Sorry 4 bad engilsh
    when were you when Mikal Sverin die?

    I was at home eating smegma butter when SerB calls
    “Severin is die”

    Nah, just kidding. Rest in Peace. He’s responsible for letting the public know alot about Soviet tanks, some that was never heard of before. This is truly saddening, just like the death of this German tank researcher who I sadly don’t remember the name of

  2. A salute, a moment of silence and a in-game event for his death! Last one optional.

    On a serious note, it’s good to see that people had worked with troubled youth and done many great things. Ah well, rest in peace.

    • TBH, in-game information wouldn’t be bad idea. I think that “За Свирина” inscription would be quite interesting too. They could also create Svirin’s Medal for collecting victories in every Historical Battle in Soviet vehicle. That’s way we could have Hunnicut’s Medal for US vehicles, Spielberger’s or Jentz’s Medal for German ones etc.

  3. A big loss for the military researcher community. He published a lot of information about WWII and early Cold War tanks made by USSR.

    Rest in peace and kick that butcher Stalin’s ass, Svirin.