34 thoughts on ““Football Mode” Map

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  2. If only the time they spent on THIS kinda thing was spent additionally into optimization…
    Don’t get me wrong I think these events are fantastic but here we are, lagging, crashing and desyncing.

    • I would assume that this is is handled by a different team than the ones that deal with lagging and crashing, though desyncing and lag are probably more high-traffic problems. This looks like it was done by the mappers while they were bored.

    • Yeah why cant the artist fix the programming error? mhh maybe because he’S an artist and not a programmer?

      Ever wanted a street artist to fix ur car?

  3. Some says that the “ball” will be wrecked turret from Leichttraktor and you should move it by shooting HE shells.

    Kugelpanzer would be better :)

  4. Looks fun!

    I am wondering whether you’ll be able only to “drive into the ball”, or also be able to shoot at it from range and change its direction.. Sounds like fun either way! :)