29 thoughts on “9.1 ASAP in English

      • A lot of new content in update: Whine around “WG stop putting new tanks!!! We can’t finish grind of previous line!!!”
        No new content : whining around: “FU WG!!! Update w/ o new tanks!!! We don’t need it! !!”

  1. Yes, AsSoonAsPossible but 1 week later than everyone expected and wanted…i hope their programink skills are better than translatink skills.

  2. As a reminder of all the people who are waiting for FPS increase in 9.1 it won’t happen , remember , 9.0 was suppose to increase fps but “oh look” it got messed up.
    by the way , the gun sounds , sound like a sniper rifle and not much of a difference between the high calibers and the low ones and mostly they seem to be the same. #LazyWork
    Not to be harsh , but it is true.

    • It’s rather closer to the sound of the guns firing, what you’re looking for is more of the sound of the reverb and echo from surroundings, which add to the “Hollywood” style of cannons/explosions.

      Given that this is a test of the gun sounds, and the first iteration of new sounds for a while, you can probably expect some more diversity over time.

      • “iven that this is a test of the gun sounds, and the first iteration of new sounds for a while,”

        all they achieved by this, the game looks really unifinshed and unprofessional.
        Why cant they wait and release it ALL at once ? Why releasing ONE sample sound ?

        Like the HD models… cool, but why releasing them one by one ? Half of the game in HD, half of the game not, some sounds are great some are terrible… its just stupid.
        I’d rather wait 5 months for a patch, but for god sake when you release some new feature, make “done” for good.

        Whats in the next patch ? Every crew member that has brown eyes will get new skills ?
        Blue-eyed crew members will get them sometimes in the future ?

        • You want to download 40 GB worth of HD models on one patch? Have fun with that…

          • Why not ? 2-3 hours of downloading.
            btw, they can compress them.

            And you will be downloading all of them at once at some point.
            What if your PC crashes and you need to reinstall ?

            • “2-3 hours of downloading.”

              What kind of fucking internet do you have that has download speeds of 13GB per hour?

    • I have higher FPS on test server, perhaps back to 8.11 and close to 8.10.

  3. Wish they quit changing the maps around and come up with some new one’s, i don’t mind a few of them being tweaked, The Pearl Map just fine the way it was, and they need to bring back the port map. My motto: K.I.S.S. = Keep it Simple Stupid.

  4. oh great, so what we see now in test round 1 is basically all what will be in 9.1 ???

    gun sounds ? – no more variety ?
    engine sounds – only two tanks? seriously ??? thats all for 9.1 ?
    2 historical battles so nobody will play them anyway and we can spend hours and hours in queue ?
    1 map?

    So 9.0 brought like what? 5 HD models, now 9.1 brought 2 engine sounds and literally 1 gun sound.
    pretty shitty patch.

    My guess ? 9.2 – no new vehicles or models. No other tanks will get new engine sound.
    no new maps. nothing new. then 9.3 will MAYBE bring HAVOK for only one vehicle!
    Whole game looks really unfinished… comon, it looks like beta again…

    Here are complete 9.2 patch notes:
    -changed version number from 9.1 to 9.2
    That’s it dear tankers, see you on the battlefield.

    • +1 for the funny but sadly true comment
      wargaming is like a woman on period now, doesnt know what to do, what it wants, but if you mention it ‘everything is fine’

        • When exactly ? in 9.7 ?
          Until then ? We have a half-done game.

          Lets introduce new crew skills. – BUT!, only blue eyed crew members will get them.
          Rest of the crews will get them sometimes next year.

    • Komarin, Northwest, Tundra and Arctic are new. Just minimap looks similar, some parts and visual appearance remained, but play style is different in details. For me increasing (returning to old level) FPS is the best feature. And I dont want more vehicles like WtfE100/FV215(183). Perhaps next US medium line or something like that.

      • there is NO fps increase what so ever.
        What you see on a test server will not be on live server.
        People reported FPS increase on 9.0 test compared to 8.11.

  5. New arty medals for TBs?
    wasted workhours , seen arty in enemy team in 1 out of 1200 matches. gz wg , it would be better for you to invest that time in game optimisation.

    2 new HBs? i give them lifespan of 1 week , then fate same as previous ones.

    Reworked maps? Arctic – improvement , Komarin – bleh..

    rest? not going to waste time commenting.

  6. I see their narrator (who speaks engrish) thinks that turret is tourett and Tobruk is Toebrook. Of course the pseudo EuroAmerican accent is still annoying as all fuck.

  7. Fucking bastard translator has translated “Kharkov” wrong.