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Hello everyone,

yesterday, some new info appeared on the Russian server about the Stronkhold mode. It wasn’t translated on the EU server (too much work I suppose), but don’t worry. It’s practically identical to the earlier leaked info, confirming its validity. I will be reposting the content, that appeared in this “new” official post, so there is no confusion. There are some new bits of information too. Stronkhold mode is planned for patch 9.2.

Edit: replaced the text with the official version from the ASIA server

«Strongholds» — is a new mode designed for clan members. It is readily available in the client and has no connection to Global War or any activities on the Global Map. “Strongholds” represents clan property consisting of a virtual military base, directions that it may be approached from, and auxiliary buildings. Clan commanders may create “Strongholds” for free.


Please keep in mind, that strongholds can only be created by clans with at least 20 members.

Considering this new mode as a sort of browser strategy is a faulty approach. All features of this mode are free of charge; the resources may be earned in tank battles.

In order to develop your Stronghold and achieve various bonuses (Orders) you will require industrial resources that may be earned in the following battle types:

  1. Raids
  2. Attacks on enemy Strongholds
  3. Defending your own Stronghold

Important note: the first test version of the mode will be featured by only “raids” available; the battles for strongholds will be added in further updates.

Defending and attacking Strongholds become available from certain levels – this is done to protect new players. Every clan may increase the level of its stronghold at their own discretion. On the other hand, the higher the level of your Stronghold, the more and higher quality bonuses are provided, whereas its increased size requires more forces to be defended.

Raid represents a 15 vs 15 fight, where teams are randomly matched from the overall number of those who joined raid mode. Such companies may be created by any player. Before joining such battles you’ll need to define the raid type: this will define maximum allowed tier for vehicles. Currently there are three types of raids:

  1. Medium (Tier 1–6).
  2. Champion (Tier 1–8).
  3. Absolute (Tier 1–10).


The battles are ruled by standard principles similar to company mode. Their results define the amount of industrial resource, earned by each participant and team on the whole.


The resources acquired may be spent on building structures and their modernization. The buildings then issue Orders — temporary in-game bonuses that affect all clan members in all game modes, including random battles.


Table of Orders, available in first iteration of “Strongholds”

Order Bonus type Maximum value* Produced by
«Battle Payments»
Addon for all battles (credits) Up to 50% Financial unit
«Tactical Training»
Addon for all battles (exp) Up to 50% Tankodrome
«Military Exercises»
Addon for all battles (free exp) Up to 50% Military School
«Additional Briefing»
Addon for all battles (crew exp) Up to 100% Training unit
Addon for all raids (industrial resource) Up to 50% Quartermaster unit

*The values may be altered based on test results.

There will be plans to introduce new type of Orders in further updates.

You may try the new mode during a special common test, which we will announce in the future. Watch out for the news!

27 thoughts on “Official Stronkhold Preview

  1. Im kinda confused.

    If a clan is active on regular global map can it also benefit from this new strongholderest mode?

  2. Are the top bonuses then also available in normal public games? Like 50% credit bonus that stacks with for example a mission 30% credit? 70% credits plus seems pretty sick imho!

    • I doubt that…

      Then all the players that play stronghold need no premium acc

      • from the english page:
        The Structures then issue Orders that activate temporary in-game bonuses for all clan members in all game modes, including Random Battles.

        It seems that you can have only one bonus at one time, so either exp or money. If it stacks with premium it is sweet

        Strongholdu stronk mod

        • Cool, seems pretty sweet for weekends then and I gotacha that only one bonus can be activated. It makes sense.

  3. I wonder – you seem to bash stronghold mode completely – while it is just a current company mode cut down to clan members but with incentive – by playing this mode you can get some nice bonuses for your clanmates.

    It may look like stupid browser game, but who cares, for an average clanner it will be “oh, I get +30% credits because some clanmates played companies”
    Nothing groundbreaking, but there is nothing wrong with this mode yet.

    At the same time you hype and care so much about historical battles – which are doomed from the start.
    Game is about balanced teams fighting for victory, war is about killing those other fuckers as quickly and efficiently as possible. So you have a bunch of historical battles that are practically impossible to balance, have fun you and those 10 other guys waiting in queue

    • That mode is gonna be awesome. Not only will it bring the company-like 15 vs 15 games back to life, it’s gonna give HUGE boost for players – even if you’ll have to wait for like a week to active a 24h boost again.

      Interesting, how long will those boosts be activated for (I don’t believe it’s gonna be active forever untill you activate another boost), and how long will the cooldown be (they will definitely introduce the cooldown), but imagine activating three of those for friday, saturday and sunday (exp. credits, exp, free exp), and then simply waiting till the next weekend to activate them again :3

  4. add more tanks ya fools

    this is no simcity, another useless features, more money to do what? buy more gold ammo? cause there no more tanks to buy

  5. Well, there are some big but ‘casual’ clans who prefer not tangled with CW, perhaps this can be some good incentive for bonding.

    Though probably in junior raid there will be 15X KV-1S vs 15x KV-1S (unless they managed to nerfed it before stronkhold mode).

  6. Why do I have feeling that stronghold will use that damn aweensomium peace of shit to display interface as historical battles.

  7. “Please keep in mind, that strongholds can only be created by clans with at least 20 members.”

    Why does WG insist on wasting resources on something like this if only to limit it to such a small amount of population?

    • I think I misread it. I understood it to be 20 clan members max to use this but that doesn’t make sense.

  8. I disagree on one thing: they put cap on 6tier and 8tier – so it is doubling company battles. They shoud make it 7tier and 5tier so these tiers would then be useful for something, not useless like now…