US Server Only: Military Appreciation Stream (and Competition)

Hello everyone,

this is something I feel sorry for forgetting and not publishing earlier, but I think there is still time to remedy that. This post concerns pretty much American players only. As you – NA server players – probably know, this month is the Military Appreciation month. What this means is that Wargaming created five special gift shop packages – Charity Bundles. These charities are:

- Operation Supply Drop
- National Military Family Association
- Battleship Texas foundation

The fifth bundle combines all four.

You can read about these charities here. The list of the bundles is here and 25 percent of the price of the bundle will go to the charity, so if you are thinking of donating, this is a nice way to do it. Alternatively, you can donate straight to the charity of your choice via this page.

But that’s not all. Today, from 9 AM till 21 PM PDT, there is a US server Military Appreciation Month stream with Major Rampage, Chieftain and many others, where US players can win gold and such stuff. You can watch it here:


Watch live video from Wargaming on


Anyway, let me chip in here. A small competition for US players only. It’s really simple. Answer the quiz question in comments and I will randomly pick one person with the correct answer and send him one of the charity bundles of his/her choice.

Answer in simple format with answer and your US server account name, so if the answer is for example “Tiger”, just write:


You have 12 hours from now on. The winner will be announced in this article by editing it, I will contact him/her on the Wargaming US forums for details.

And the quiz question is:

“When and where was the last operational use of a HEAVY tank on European territory (excl. Soviet Union/Russia territory) and what tank was it?”

Not an easy question, but then, where would be the fun in that?


Edit answer:

I made a slight mistake, when I did not define the operational use as “on hostile territory” (I am sure that being pelted by rocks and an occasional molotov does classify as “hostile”). My intended correct answer was the T-10M during the Czechoslovak invasion of 1968. Technically, the use of the M103 stationed in Germany was operational use as well (while the Chieftain as far as I know was classified as a main battle tank by the 70′s), so I will count both answers.

As for the other answers, I haven’t seen any evidence that the 90′s series of Yugoslav conflicts involved any heavy tanks. They had a lot of old junk, sure, but no heavies as far as I know. The alleged use of T-10M in South Ossetia – South Ossetia is not Europe.

Anyway, the winner is Galya2107 – please write me a message on US forums (important, I closed the comments), my account on US forums is “Silentstalker2“. Write me, which charity bundle would you like, the choice is linked above. Important – do it today please, these bundles are expiring soon.

Thank you all for participating and for any support you gave the US veterans, active soldiers and other charity causes supported by Wargaming.

59 thoughts on “US Server Only: Military Appreciation Stream (and Competition)

  1. “When and where was the last operational use of a HEAVY tank on European territory (excl. Soviet Union/Russia territory) and what tank was it?”

    Wasnt it Pershing in EU? Dont know where and when (end of war? :D).

  2. Operational like up and running or in combat?

    In combat it’d be the pershing (still classified as a heavy)

    Just up and running it’d be the M103

  3. M103 (spec M103A2) in West Germany by the US, withdrawn in 1974, never saw active combat.

    * Excludes Soviet T-10/Object 730, which was in service until late-1970s in Eastern Europe.

  4. combat would be kosovo in the 90′s

    non combat would be the m103 in the 70′s

    • Again, during the conflict , a single US foot soldier/vehicle NEVER set foot on Kosovo during conflict.
      AFTER peace treaty signed, they flooded Kosovo with abovementioned.
      Keyword: AFTER.

  5. 1988/89 M60/A3 in Berlin motor pool until they were replaced by the M1A1 MBT in 1989.

    Just trying to win but don’t need the gold or credits… unless you want to toss them on my EU account.

  6. Isn’t easier give money directly to charity?
    And WoWp… still looks terrible -.-

  7. assuming we are not counting MBTs and eastern bloc heavies…

    It would be the M103s of the USMC Fleet Marine Force Europe in 1974, probably guarding the USMC headquarters at Panzerkaserne-Barracks in Böblingen, Germany

    • Look my post above, btw M1 Abrams is MAIN BATTLE TANK , NOT HEAVY.


  8. I was gonna say M1 Abrams 2013 but that’s an MBT… I think it was the M103.. but not sure. I am pretty sure the M-103 was a pile of crap so…
    PR_calvin (yes I am on NA :P)

  9. FV214 Conqueror, 1966 West Germany with the BAOR

    Thanks for supporting the Veterans SS. AMVETS helped me with my paperwork when I was being medically discharged. Was one less thing to worry about and they took good care of me.

  10. Operation Motorman, Northern Ireland July 1972. 7 or 8 Centurion AVREs with turrets reversed and bulldozer blades attached.


  11. Pretty sure it’s the FV214 Conqueror, guarding West Germany. I think the last units were sent out in the early-to-mid 1960s.

    The two guys above me said 1966, so I’ll go with that. ;)

    NA Server acc: Monkeyfume
    If I win, I would like the combo bundle please.

  12. Heavy tank as in WOT heavy tank/ not main battle tank?

    or a tank classified as a heavy tank

  13. South Ossetia used their T-10 Soviet Heavies as gun tanks until they were retired in 1995. I win :)

  14. The last operational use of a heavy tank in Europe was the Tiger tanks in the battle for berlin (1945) their have been no military operations since that have used heavy tanks as they where merged with medium tanks to form the classification main battle tank.

    Username Fireasz

    • That is not true, The M103 tanks where guarding in the 60s. It didn’t fight but it did guard

  15. I’ll go M103, West Germany, 1970′s as well.

    Although, I note now you did not specify it should be an *American* heavy tank, I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking at other countries.

  16. last heavy tank is the Conqueor in West germany before they were retired in 1966

    NA Eperb12

  17. I answered T-10 but I did not see the no soviet
    I will have to say FV214 Conqueror 1966
    NA ConcreteDonkey

    I could not find any evidence that the M103 was in Europe in the 1970′s.
    It may have been deployed to the Mediterranean with the Marine Expeditionary force during the 1967 war but it probably would have never left the boat.
    The M103 did take part in a military exercise in and landed on the coast of Spain in October 1964.
    But it looks like the M103 spent most of the next 10 years in California and Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Which makes sense, the Cuban’s did have some IS-2.

    • Conqueror, I just bought “M103 Heavy Tank 1950-74 by Kenneth Estes”

      The USMC only oversea’s deployment was of the M103 was Cuba. May have been sitting in the hold of a ship in the Mediterranean until 1974 but was never deployed.

  18. Pity I already given up playing WOT for good otherwise I would brought the donation gift shop packages which is reasonable.