19 thoughts on “New 8-bit Tales

  1. “Trolololololol” – the best text in this film!

    And this ain’t even their final form! M41 Walker Bulldog soon…

  2. I quite like it as well. It’s pretty amusing, the only one I didn’t really like was the one where he has a nightmare about having donkey hands.

  3. I like it as well, even if this particular video wasn’t great – didn’t make much sense. While bating is valid tactics, there is no way to bait enemy tanks by pretending to be sth else.

    This is overcomplicating things for no reason.

    Still, this one is better than 2/3 of vids Ranzar posted in the finals of the season (old Ranzar, focusing on actual game(play) instead of some random stuff, was so much better)

  4. ‘ I think this series of cartoon sucks, but some like it, so…”

    Yeah, but nobody cares what YOU think, storm.

  5. I much prefer “moments of tanks” and you haven’t featured them for long… Last cartoon yesterday.

    PS: “historical battle” was hilarious…