44 thoughts on “9.1 New Hangar (4th of July)

  1. Looks like X-mas with those lights in the trees
    wondering what missions will come with it

    • This is the same hangar from last year which was available to ASIA server if i remember correctly. This isnt new.

  2. Pretty good, but a bit like for X-Mas…

    BTW nice mods in da hangar, where can I get’em?

  3. Really, Putting flags from different country’s over there then the United States?

    Its only a Federal Holiday in The United States and some of those other Country’s (EU flag and including country’s) Lost their colony back then so i see no reason for them to celebrate this two.

    Also every other flag then the United States flag should be removed since they have nothing to do with it.

    (And no!!!!!!, im not from the United States)

    • Whining about stuff like that…..
      If you dont like it just dont download it. Simple.

    • Idk if this is relevant or not but July 4, 1946

      The Philippines was granted independece from American Colonialism

      And it was also our Independence day till 1962

      Now it’s called “Republic Day” or “Filipino-American Friendship Day”

      • That’s true.

        Perhaps the countries represent the US’ historical allies (with the Britain, France, etc… lumped into the EU flag).

  4. Lol this is guaranteed to be not going live on the Russian server… besides it being an American holiday, this will be “pro west”, “pro facist”, “nazism”, and “anti-Putinism” and “anti-cummunism”.

    • Probably for the same reason why the crew consists entirely of a single furry with different names.

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  6. I bet there is a happy meal inside the basket, with a diet coke of course.