Wallpaper for June


Without calendar:

With Russian calendar:

45 thoughts on “Wallpaper for June

  1. Let us start counting how many stolen shit is there in this wallpaper :D

  2. would augmenting the front armour with those tracks even be useful?

    • I don’t think IRL they’d augment the armour, they just put spare tracks on there.
      there’s a picture somewhere with two M7 priests literally covered in spare tracks, because they broke a lot on the harsh terrain.

      found it: http://i.imgur.com/VWNU2PT.png

    • I read somewhere that adding sandbags and tracks onto tanks helped the tankers feel more confident and better protected while not actually being better protected.

        • I wish they’d make this as small optional upgrades.
          Concrete for my JgPz IV!

        • I heard it told that the anti-aircraft gunners on Ajax during the battle of the River Plate were covered by a fabric curtain. One of the officers was watching the battle from that position, and after seeing the shell landing, pulled the curtain across to cover him a bit more

  3. Well done, but will they add more Tanks Renders to their official website ??? Can you ask them Silentstalker ???

    • They have not added any since the British line came out, which is well over a year ago.

      • Yes. WG management are worst management i ever saw.

        at 0:56 girl drawing renders imo . . . :)
        Now wondering why the hell they can’t add more of them ??? To Lazy ???

        Even they Wiki websites between regions (USA, Asia, EU) are completely different.

    • Put together some random effects from copyrighted material, add 3D model from WG… no copyright infringement anymore.

  4. I wonder why american tanks look so obese. its like a beer belly just popping out of that thing lel

  5. All I can see is the M4 falling down the embankment and getting stuck on those dragon’s teeth.