WG EU As Usual: IS-7

Hello everyone,

so, you have probably heard that the IS-7 will be the next top of the tree. That is certainly… unexpected, since IS-7 was a top of the tree tank once already, while other tanks (Chinese I think?) were not. WG EU as usual, right? But wait, there’s more.

Looking at the announcement page. Damn, I had no idea IS-7 is a medium tank now!


Oh, that all? Not quite.


That’s funny, I always thought IS-7 uses Class III ventilation. Not a terrible mistake, granted, but considering how WG EU whined in the past about not being able to post this and that on portal because “accountability”, sure sounds weird. And to top it off, they knew about the mistake and it was supposed to be fixed in yesterday.


That’s probably the longest “a few minutes” ever, since this was posted like 12 hours ago :) These mistakes aren’t really serious, we all know that – but they are very symptomatic. I wrote recently that the WG EU content department sucks, this is just another proof they do and how much.

40 thoughts on “WG EU As Usual: IS-7

  1. i am glad that IS-7 is top of the tree coz i can buy IS-3 for 30% OFF :) (missed last opportinity coz i had no money :/ )

  2. yeah yeah thx for giving discount to the tank i had over a year, again!

  3. haha i also have a screenshot somewhere of WG EU saying that there are tier XI tanks…
    anyone interested? dont know if i will be able to find it but il try if interested…

  4. I personally like the lack of a discuss on forum button on this announcement. Think its to stop me whinging again about the disparity between our top of the tree specials and the US ones.

    • would be awsome if WG adds the tank you use as avatar in WoT maybe just like Karl

      I still miss you Karl I really do…

  5. Hey, at least it’s a picture of an IS7. WG NA would probably have an E100 picture.

  6. It wouldn’t be strange if the whole article was about the IS-7 and in game we will have something else :))))))

  7. LOL, pretty impressive for WGEU this time, despite the massive screwups. Meanwhile in the US, we get a monthlong mission where we earn 15k xp for 28 straight days…for a T1E6 and 12 days premium (3 days per week). Meh, worth it just for a rare-ish tank (they did the same thing earlier this year for a Tetrarch, and I pulled that one off easily).

    • T1E6 used to be decent, but after they have changed that tracks count as additional spaced armor it became turd. You couldn’t pen PzII from the side anymore reliably with its shitty pen. And there is no fucking way i would burn premium ammo on a t2 tank to pen other t2 from the side. I still have it in a garage, but i think i’m gonna sell it soon because i don’t play low tiers and specially not shitty low tiers. So free slot and some credits is better than that turd sitting in a garage.

  8. It is big big BS they pulled, i grinded the jap tier 9 like crazy got the money only to read that this stupid IS7 is top of the tree AGAIN ??? I am so pissed!

  9. I am seriously astonished by now after having seen how many mistakes they just did in the past.

    How can they be so bad?
    Don’t they have any pride in what they do?

  10. Aren`t you too harsh on them SS.
    I mean this is silly matter, there are much more serious things they screwed up than this.

  11. Yea, i think it is a mistake… let me explain:
    I understood that they wanted to add the STB-1 as the next top of the tree. But for some magical mystical reasons, they put the IS-7 before it. It might have happened too late and they weren’t in time to change the times they said ‘medium’ into ‘heavy’.
    Btw, i saw somewhere in the gift shop that they called the TOG II* a medium too :D

  12. i feel like a lot of players overreact in this issue,even tho is7 has already been top of the tree,im sure there are more players who will go for it than those who wanted japanese or chinese or whatever

    • yea but they had their chance already, a long time ago but they had it.
      If they start with this crap its hardly fair on the lines that haven’t been TOT.
      It was bad enough bringing arty in to the mix .

      I am still waiting for the 263 or the 215b with this sort of mess up they might never happen.

  13. Sent you a screenie yesterday with the same thing…wondering if you ever received it.

  14. It doesn’t matter if it says Improved vents class 2 or 3 because anyone with more than 2 brain cells would pick GLD instead of vents with that atrocious 3.4 sec aim time, but this is definitely not the first time WG is suggesting retarded equipment in those top of the tree articles.

  15. Both the Chinese 121 and 113 were in a ontrack already, at least, on the NA server.

  16. I was considering buying E-75, but here camed IS-8 on offer, so i couldn’t resist the 30% off. Great tank, i look forward to unlock suspensions and then the second gun.