9.1 – One More Medal “Monolith”

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Hello everyone,

9.1 will bring one more medal I forgot to mention earlier, its name is “Monolith”



Conditions: In a SPG, survive the enemy tank ramming attempt, fatal for him. The speed of your SPG at that point must not be higher than 10 km/h. Destroying your teammates is not allowed. Awarded only in random battles.

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    • My thoughts exactly. Instead of adding a nice new picture to the game they really should address the issues of the game being addressed by a large part of the player base on the forums.

    • I would like to see you optimize the game in the time it takes to create a small picture.
      I’m certain you would do a good job, just like the artist you want to force to make it.

    • And you’re under the assumption that they’re not? Optimising a game, especially with an archaic engine like BigWorld is a time consuming activity. It’s not going to be done in less than a month. At the same time, they have people, who are not trained for systems development or graphics development who are lying around and are looking for ways to reward players for doing things that aren’t always done. Are you saying these people are wasting their time?

      These people are adding to people’s enjoyment of the game by rewarding them with a sense of accomplishment. Yes, the game needs optimisation, and they are doing it. At the same time, the game needs new content, no matter how small it is. Game development is rarely as straightforward as you make it out to be, especially with games as large as this. Every team, every person they employ has their function and their specialty. They can’t force people who don’t know how to code to start coding or force people who know shit about tanks to start doing research.

          • A medal is not only a picture, there must be some code behind it as well (like to check whether special conditions are met, to add it to the player’s resume, etc.). Of course this *might* be not a big deal (codewise), but still it occupies a developer for some time.

            • I fully understand Trung Kien, this game NEEDS good optimization, not tomorrow but today. This game is played by too many people to just let it longer as it is. WG earns enough to jump immediately on all bugs/issues. On the other hand, artists etc dont work on optimisation. For implementing a map for example, many departments do their stuff to make it to the game. Artists still work, thye just need to hire more people for optimisation to speed up things A LOT.

  1. SS can you please ask storm if ”0” damage arty HE shells is a bug ? Happened to me 2 times yesterday which they were direct hit. Also you can say him i am experiencing the disappearing ghost shells in my b-c 155 58 grind very often as well.

    • My first question would be, how big was the caliber of the gun you’re firing. It’s very possible for low caliber guns to hit large amounts of armor and do nothing. A summary of the formula used to calculate HE damage in the case where it does not penetrate is (Alpha Damage/2) – Total armor on the surface it hits.

      • Maybe you tracked them? or hit his gun? what tank you used? and what tank did you shoot at? cuz if u shooting with a tier 2 on a tier 5 AT 2 front u prob wont do much dmg

        • it was a lorr 155 51 shot on E-100. It was hit and not tracked (regular HE shell)

          • Sounds like some glorious French arty. It’s not uncommon for French arty to do this, especially on extremely armored tanks. Hell, I get rounds that land UNDER a tank, for no splash damage.

            Direct-fire French arty is all over da place.

            • I didnt experience non-splash-damaging near landing (very near for my french arty :)). But we are talking about a direct ”HE shell” hit which suppose to explode on the contact and which was most probably didnt go through the mantlet or barrel as far as i could see.

      • I ll try to find that 0 damage replays but dont know if i can find the dissappearing ones. But as soon as it happens i ll send you because i am sure it will happen

      • SS i looked 3-4 games and already bored :) I will inform you whenever possible

      • I may be wrong but i remember it said ” enemy hit”. Finding replay will be hard among all 50-60 games i played yesterday.

      • That could have seemed the only possible thing to me if i didnt see the shell’s direction was not through the gun barrel

      • Confirmed. I already do 0 damage critical hit with leFH18B2 hitting a Hellcat’s turret (i probably hit the gun barrel, or the thick gun mantlet, his gun was damaged by that shot)

    • I’ve had this happen 2 or 3 times in BC 155 50 shooting frontally on E100, I considered it as a no-no and did not insist on trying to hit an E100 frontally. The message was “that one bounced” or “we did not penetrate their armor” not really what you would expect from HE (which should not bounce but explode on contact, right ?).
      Shot was flush on E100 on their turret, 0 damage.

      • Shot the side of a 57 the other day with a gold round of my GWE… hit no damage. I think I messed up his turret. I have replays but they may be < 9.0 so they wont play anymore.

    • I rammed a low health VK 3001 P once in the good old Priest. It was funny as hell. But I don’t think I can get this cause I was the rammer.

    • No, no. That is the arty-kamikaze medal for ram-killing an enemy.

      This medal is practically a cool-headed medal for arty. SURVIVE a ram from an enemy (and let him die on you).

      • “these are the descriptions of the 9.1 awards. The problem is, in English, they are named differently (for example the Russian award “Monolith” is in English called “Rock Solid). Thus I will be using English names here:”

        I guess you were wrong.

  2. Got 2 of those instances… one of my m7 and one on my GWPanther… some scout decided to ram me and ‘lost’ out on it. I think all my kamikazes (3 or 4) were done that way. I remember the one with the m7… i see in my hitlog a kill and I’m thinking ‘what the heck’… i didn’t even shoot. Then I realized it was a failed attempt at ramming.

  3. This medal is rewarding… nothing! You just have to sit there and wait for a stupid enemy with low HP to ram you.

  4. Great, I would already have had half a dozen of these, I think. ELCs like to ram my artillery a lot.

  5. Basically, a medal that rewards you for the enemy’s stupidity…hey, it could be good for a few laughs. XD