81 thoughts on “World of Warships E3 Trailer

  1. I would like to quote a YT comment: Gameplay or GTFO.
    No one who knows how games on the Big World Engine look gives a flying f about a pre renderd Trailer of stuff that will never be/happen in the game.
    Lets wait for real game footage. Everybody who gets “hyped” by this is a sheep.

    • People are less hyped about the trailer and more about what they’re putting up on the developer blog. Even if they didn’t put up these trailers, there’s enough stuff on that blog to get people hyped.

      • Lets face it, more people will see this Trailer then read the Dev blog. Thats why these Trailers are made in the first place. To give simple people the “wow” factor.
        Reading a dev blog on the other hand…only people who are already interested in the game do it.

      • i’m tired of reading retarded dev blogs and NO RELEASE.

        they have worn out their hype machine, the game is LONG overdue, no beta in sight and only stupid cinematic trailers and some blog, that’s just retarded.

        the only way for them to fix this is to go closed beta NOW, and i say NOW like YEESTERDAY, not in one month, not in E3, not at years end, NOW.

        this game should be in full release by the end of this year or it will be a fucking fail

    • yea SURE 20 meters WAVES on big world 3 … this will be like constant flat ocean

        • Because we all know realism brought the golden age of gaming…
          *looks at Call of Duty: The next one and Battlefield: something*


          And this is coming from a STALKER fan.

          • Stalker was realistic only compared to the mentioned arcades.
            You want realistic, play Arma.

            • “Guillermo Lovato
              on June 4, 2014 at 3:41 pm said:

              letme fix it for you:

              yea SURE ANY KIND OF REALISM on WARGAMING GAME … this will be like [retarded fake mechanic]

              Obviously, nothing is going to make you happy, so take you negativity, and go play something else.
              Wargaming is trying very hard to get this right the first time. I want the game as bad as anyone here, but I will wait, so its right. plenty of good stuff on the Dev blog, and it just keeps coming.

  2. “Gameplay or GTFO” funny how guys comment that and yet they wet their panties over World of Warcraft or War Thunder trailers. What a bunch of tards.

    The trailer itself isn’t too shabby, but their earlier WoWS trailer with the Jap ships was nicer… can understand the dislikes on the vid.

    • I can understand why people are pissed, they are impatient and they have high hopes for the game, and WG is not showing a glimpse of the product.

      But I’m a bit pissed because people do have access to the dev blog where people could read exactly what’s going on with the development and glimpses into the game mechanics. I mean, yes they’re not showing us pics because first impression counts and they want to make sure the impression we get is absolutely damn near perfect.

    • Two of the four ships shown in the trailer are Japanese, the two at 0:33 seconds
      Specifically an Agano class light cruiser on the left and a Fubuki class destroyer on the right.

    • the only tard here is sadly YOU

      GF trailers are always gameplay footage, they dont need retarded fake prerenders.
      AND WG always releases fake prerendered cinmatic footage that fools no one, 99% of WOT trailers are retarded and has zero to do with the game itself

      • You do realize that the MAJORITY of publishers make trailers via renders?

        Hell, most modern AAA titles are render trailers. It’s more showy, makes it look prettier (and damn pretty at that), while leaving less room for criticism for graphics.

        The only reason that many view the GF trailer as good, is simply because the graphics are better than WoT graphics. Gameplay videos can make really bad trailers due to any clipping/glitches showing up in the game.

        Honestly, I’d have preferred GF to have a rendered video, as (personally) I find it to be more indicative of the dreams/goal of the game, whereas a game-play trailer generally is all “look at me, I’m prettier than competitors” while not showing a hint of the future of a beta game.

        TL;DR I greatly prefer renders as it shows that a company has the capacity to make the graphics/game-play awesome, while game-play-based trailers only show it off in a (usually) early state, with problems and all. (showing they can release a buggy thing and think it’s perfect)

        All opinions shown here are my own personal ones. I’m not trying to push them.

  3. WG is good at making trailers, not so good at transferring this quality to actual game itself.

          • WG made me a hater, i turned hater the second i opened WTGF
            before that i was simply in denial, not having fun and playing as a chore or an obligation to keep stats(playing only on special weekends, barely opening it during the week as the stress makes it unbearable) and just getting more stressed and pissed with every match.

              • red stats?, i’m as purple as they get, more purple and i’d go ultraviolet.
                and i’ve been playing WOT since day ZERO, always at top level.

                and the MCD reference does not apply, WG makes an effort to make end game high level players hate it, but since there wasnt any other choice you suck dealt with it, plowed through raging and raging and stressing and raging more and just rage quitting all the time.
                where is the fun in that?

            • Still doesn’t make sense why you make the effort to read and comment on a blog about something you hate so intensely. Unless you’re a professional troll paid by Gaijin’s marketing department.

              • pfff i wish i’d be a paid anything!., pro-troll sounds badass and i wouldnt have to use my CC to buy gold/eagles!

                and i still stick around because i invested far too much time in wot to simply stop, i still have hope they will stop doing retarded stuff but sadly they keep doing it and worst everytime they open their mouiths. all the while not fixing the core mechanics(i..e: get rid of them completely)

      • I like a lot of games, and WoT is one of them for sure. But I really don’t like trailers that make the game look cooler than it will be.

        Look at WoT trailers, they’re rendered well and they are action packed with tanks firing left and right with no end in sight while tanks are blowing up all around you. Then compare that to the gameplay. Don’t get me wrong games like that DO happen, but they’re few and far between. Am I saying WoT is a complete camp fest? Heck no! All I’m saying is the gameplay isn’t like advertised.

        Also WG is having trouble optimizing tanks and planes on a clear and sunny day. The fact that this trailer has rain, lightning, huge waves, and planes flying around, I call BS. Again I must stress I am not saying the gameplay will be bad, I’m just saying I highly doubt it will look anything like this trailer.

  4. reminds me of Navyfield’s trailer… it made the game look like Warthunder, but once you started playing it looked like minesweeper…. (i LOVED that game tho… a little bit too grindy perhaps)

  5. Looks like shit. I’m excited for the World of Warships Open Beta, but this looks like shit. Bad music, bad transitions, horrible for the fact that it’s render.

  6. spin the hype machine, WG
    but be careful not to bite you in the ass like it did with WoWp – most likely it will

      • I guess you haven’t played it of late? Way different game from beta

        • It’s still RC battles. and most of team dies instantly in first 30 sek.

            • WG system doesnt works, period, HP for planes is retarded to the n-th level(just spray and they’ll eventually die, because it says “1 hp left” and magically your bullet touched the tip of the wing and did 1 HP).

              and for tanks it’s iffy at best

                • you get oneshotted because the shells pens your armor, simple, realistic, effective.
                  learn to use your armor, use your eyes and shoot first.

                  and i’ve taken plenty punishment(go drive a KV or a panther, enjoy getting hit at least 60 times) on WT that in wot would’ve “lowered my HP” retardedly

                • “…simple, realistic, effective.”
                  And not fun.

                  Heavy armored tanks too are sick from this RNG – either you rambo or die quickly by lucky shot. Works vice versa.

                • it’ actually VERY fun and refreshing to see real terminal ballsitics.

                  and when you oneshot those german shit unreliable tanks the pleasure is double

                • I get so annoyed when people say realism doesn’t mean it’s fun! Just because you don’t think it’s fun doesn’t mean it isn’t fun for someone else.

                  The people who get one shot all the time I notice play WT like WoT when they YOLO run across the battlefield like a chicken with its head cut off. That’s not how you play tanks! So if i had to give one tip to WoT players new to WT, act like you have 1HP left. Jingles has said at first he SUCKED at WT because in his own words, “I have engrained WoT habits for so long”.

    • “you spin it round round baby round round”
      that’s what WG is doing, meatspinning… endlessly…
      retarded prerendered cinematics, some dev articles, no real gameplay, no game release..

      they’re starting to wear out the hype faster than what this trailer lasted

  7. What torpedo bomber would crazy enough to drop a fish in that type of sea condition? How ineffective. That torpedo would be porpoising or even worse pounded into pieces by the sea.

    Second item to note. The photo of the lady on the beach is the same one used in the E3 WoWP trailer. Who is she? Does anyone know?

    Great job SS promoting the warship side of WG. Too bad ya can’t do the same for WoWP.

  8. I wonder if the trailer was to be intended to be aired at E3 and someone leaked it early.Maybe they will make another trailer for the E3 :P

  9. such prerender. much wow
    NOT -_-

    i find it funny that this trailer will probably be what WTNF real game will look like, looks like WG runs trailers for the competition.

    whilse WG trailers are always prerendered trash that has nothing to do with the realgame, WTGF just uses game footage because it’s that much friggin awesome

  10. Torpedo bombers could never operate in conditions like that and ships would never be that close in a storm. Other than that very impressive if you are like 7 years old.

  11. So wait, are you telling me that Fallout 4 is appearing in E3?! That’s fucking awesome!

    • Speaking of weather, what sane pilot would fly in that kind of weather? o.O

    • Don’t mean to kill your hopes but since WoT can’t even have weather and that has less to render I HIGHLY doubt ships will have any weather effects because it will have more to render.

      • different team than WoT, hopefully they know how to code better than an ape unlike WoT DEV’s

  12. I like the old WOWS trailer than this one. I hope they do trailer that based on real life, like air raid on Pearl Harbor followed by US hunting down Japanese Air Craft Carrier on Midway, or HMS Hood almost one shotted by Bismark then followed by retaliation of multiple ship British ship hunting Bismark

  13. I’ll personally give them some time, don’t wanna have them rush the game and screw it up like 9.0
    Besides, showing gameplay footage of something that is in alpha? If you’re really sure that your game is playable and has no major/graphics bugs, sure.
    Let’s say they show gameplay footage of WoWS that is clearly incomplete. What happens? Instead of people complaining about the lack of gameplay footage, you get people complaining that the game looks terrible/terrible gameplay/graphical glitches/etc.
    I also wish to see gameplay footage, but hey, I want to something that is more or less complete, not a half-done game.