How Wargaming Accessed Their Own Money


Thanks to Vahakn for this piece of info.

Hello everyone,

just a small tidbit of information, that is interesting nonetheless. The abovelinked post about the state of the Cypriot Hellenic bank (co-owned by Wargaming) wouldn’t be too interesting (although it suggests that WG is doing fine, which is good), but it has one interesting short passage in the end:

A Russian business publication reported at the time that Wargaming probably had funds in the bank that got frozen and needed to buy into the bank to be able to withdraw them.

This confirms that during the last year’s Cypriot account government and EU-sanctioned robbery (it wasn’t anything else), Wargaming actually couldn’t access its funds and so they bought into the bank to do so. When you think about that, that’s kinda badass.

32 thoughts on “How Wargaming Accessed Their Own Money

  1. Meh… can’t reach money… why don’t we just buy the bank? But with what money they did that?

  2. You will be surprised what has been going on on this small island I live on. soon I will be sending Silentstalker the latest pics of the new and modern Wargaming office building being built here. it was covered on FTR in the past based on some schematics and developer graphics, but its time to get up to speed :)

    • You will only get a Maus.
      And it will be stationed in Akrotiri.
      And it will purge everything that is not russian.

  3. surprised? not at all
    WG buying into a bank .. suspicious – wonder why their assets got frozen in the 1st place

  4. Meh… Not an interesting piece of news, because everybody knows that WG has shitload of money. :|

    It’s good to mock WoT when you’re playing StarCraft II… ;)

  5. ” EU-sanctioned robbery”

    No, it’s simple risk. The Cyprus banks offered insane interest rates. High interest rates are nothing else than recompensation for taking a risk that one may lose the money or a part thereof.

    In case of the Cyprus banks that risk materialized and those people who were willing to take it to benefit from the high interest rates had to suffer their losses.

    They gambled, they lost.

  6. So… they need RU 251 info, so they will buy whole Munchen Museum? :)