Stronk Belarussian Men – Lifting Tanks? No Problem!

In Minsk, who needs cranes and lifters, when you have stronk men!




As you might have guessed, this tank is made of styrofoam. It’s a 1:1 replica of a T-34/85, being set in the new building of the Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk. The replica was made by a studio called “Collection”. It has a special durable paint coat, making it resistant to external influences.

27 thoughts on “Stronk Belarussian Men – Lifting Tanks? No Problem!

    • Dont know, but they made a nice piece of work on it. Especially the reproduction of the metal surface structure and weathering.

      Such model could be done for +/- 4000 Euro only for the raw materials, but the majority of money would go for the paint ofc. Plus additionaly a fuckton of work hours.

      • BTW the most expensive paint i ever meet in my workplace costs 600 Euro/kg o.O

      • But the question is: can the owner sit into it for this amount of money?
        And… Is it weatherproof?

        • It actually is, a T-34-85 that actually runs (with demilled barrel) can be as little as $10,000 (USD). It’s one of the reasons they get mocked up so much for movies, it’s really easy to get one and then just gussy it up a bit to look like a different vehicle and many private collectors throughout the world have privately owned, demilled T-34′s of various types.

          So, yeah, it’d be cheaper to buy the T-34-85, but significantly more expensive to get it inside the building and into that hallway. It’d also probably go through/damage the floor. While a T-34-85 is very light by modern tank standards and has very low ground pressure, it’s still well over thirty tons.

      • Could be simply bcoz the man power needed to do this in a reasonable time would make the price go high. And ofc the fact that its custom made.

  1. Nice, good example of why Russian tanks always have a log. Not only can it be used to unditch, the whole platoon can get together & build a bridge!

    • Its a road not a bridge and requires a huge amount of timber, the four 7-8 ft logs on a tank platoon would not cross anything wider than the tank could on its own, nor give the needed width for the tracks.

      Its if a style commonly called a corduroy road and used to cross soft ground.

  2. SS stop with all this historical crap and tanks! who cares about man fighting with swords and shit, tanks are soo 70th.

    write something about Sci-Fi or Wildstar

  3. So is this a “russian rubber tank”? If it is, then it’s good to see how they progress… just 70 years late. :)

  4. Do you think the tracks are also made of styrofoam? I must say it is very realistic!

    • The wonders of paint. I am willing to bet the tracks are not real, as they would simply squish the fake wheels. :-)