9.1 Release Date

Source: RU server forums

It was confirmed by the Russian WG forum folks that the 9.1 patch is scheduled for release next Tuesday (10.6.2014) on RU server. EU release is not yet confirmed, but is apparently to follow a day later.

26 thoughts on “9.1 Release Date

    • you mean the World Cup? cause if you though that Sotchi was lagging WoT, the World Cup – WoC will make you dream of vodka IP based networking.

  1. I just hope they don’t do what they did with 9.0
    Have an amazing Test Server then release with extreme performance drop.

    • Have you ever seen a battle happening there? I tried a while ago with no luck.
      Maybe people will try to get those medals before the battle is removed from game and it will be possible to actually get into one?

  2. Looking forward to 9.1 because 9.0 is unplayable for me. I get constant crashes to desktop even though I tried following some specific AMD fixes that I found on various forums. I`ve also tried older, newer drivers(even the new beta version) with no luck. Fresh windows install/ fresh game install same result: crashes ,crashes, crashes.

  3. So, Drawing distance increased from 500 to what now?

    Or is this just off the table and they fucking lied again.