Reminder for Historical Battles Medals

Hello everyone,

just in case you did now know or get them before. There are two unique medals in Historical Battles – one you get for winning one battle for both sides in Kursk (eg. one win for the Germans, the other for Russians), the other you get for winning on both sides in Ardennes.



On Wednesday, we are getting new patch 9.1, which will remove these two historical battles and with them the possibility to get these medals, until they return (if they ever do). So, if you want them, go play these two HB’s :) There is one such medal for Balaton as well, but that one stays in 9.1, so you can get it later.

36 thoughts on “Reminder for Historical Battles Medals

  1. I was not able to join kursk battle even when HB were new in low tier russian tank. I tried to get in it for 20 minutes but nothing. And more players have same problem so GJ WG no medal for me :(

        • It kicked me out 20 times today. Others HB are working but kursk still nothing, i guess it is a bug that noone noticed because almost nobody plays HB. And it was the HB I was looking forward to the most -_-

  2. The problem is that you stay in the queue. There are maybe 2 vehicles max waiting.

  3. you forgot the third medal as their are 3 historical battles around…got all of them but you need luck to get in!
    And i think teir are 3 more, for playing EVERY tank in the historical battle on BOTH sides! (called historical battlefield). Hard to get (should i buy every tank!?) and thats why i wont do that)

    why are they not grayed out in the service record? another WG fail or top secret medals?

    • Just playing with every tank isn’t enough: one has to win a battle with all possible tanks to get battlefield medals ;)

      I have all six medals. I knew it was worth not selling any tanks! :D

  4. That’s quite a difficult medal to achieve, SS. Might as well take classes to create your own digital medal and stick it into the game via mod.

  5. how about SS would try to make a event to get these battles more popular?

    eg meet up on EU1 at 20.00 CET, off all those who manage to kill silentstalker (not TK obviously) he randomly picks one and gives a smal prize?

    heck i dont eaven need a prize, just all try to meet up togetherl

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  7. It’s not a matter of wanting to get the medal or not … it is simply right out impossible if people do not play HB.

    2 – 3 people in the queue for Ardennes with server population of around 150 thousands >.<

      • If the panthers where fully upgraded it might be fair but they are also stock..

        • And you actually need 198 pen instead of 150 to pen 13mm of Hellcat’s ferocious armor?

          • Problem is just the amount. If there were 12 shermans i wouldnt complain. Also that many hellfags are absolutely unhistorical. Well i managed to get my medals anyway but still.

  8. our clan put 30 tanks all across types and tiers into kursk
    well we waited 3 minutes, Im still proudly showing 0 HB played

  9. TY for telling us
    now i must find enhough ppl to play…
    maybe if my clan all goes to HB might work…

  10. Yeah, I like medals, but after rebuying the PzIV ( I got assburn and sold it when it lost the L70 ), plus cashing- in exp to get a T34 ( other than prems I had no Soviets’ ) I’ve never been able to get in an HB. Like right now, Zero players in NA/ HB Kursk que.

  11. Just got the one with the Ardennes, you got long waiting times, but it looks like someone finally plays HB and the competition of winning against an American Mob was quite funny, too :D

  12. I dont get it. Why you ppl all so much for dat medalzz? I dont give a f..k about them. Fun is shootin’ and killin’ not some shitty thingy. There are too many of them to matter. The only badge worth is ace tanker. Rest is shitty or based on luck in MM.

  13. Kursk is impossible. 50 tank in queue, and 10 time 5min, and no battle…
    Ardens 1st time hellcat win, 15 time panther 1 win… but need that medal …:S

    • nothing is impossible..
      some things just not very possible but still lil very lil bit possible

      • Took me about 8 hours of waiting and playing over 3 days to win as germany in ardennes… got in with ferdi and we had 2 ferdis and a tiger 1. The other ferdi was afk but we still won..classic!