European Tree part IX – FAQ (and why should you support it even if you don’t care)

Part I – Introduction
Part II – Italy, Czechoslovakia
Part III – Hungary
Part IV – Sweden
Part V – Yugoslavia
Part VI – Poland
Part VII – Spain
Part VIII – Switzerland and others

Hello everyone,

in our last part of the European tree series, we will talk about the common questions, that arise in connection with the possible European tree, we will be debunking some of the most common myths as well. So, without further ado, once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Myth 1: EU tree would be infested with Soviet (on in rarer cases, American) copies

Possibly the most common myth about the potential EU tree. Obviously, if you have followed the series, you know that it is not true. Granted, some nations are problematic on high tiers (Italy, Hungary, Poland), but – Czechoslovaks do have hightier vehicles (TVP series), Yugoslavia does too, Switzerland does too, Sweden has TONS of original stuff. There would be no shortage of hightier options for the entire EU tree. Granted, that would happen provided that all these nations are a part of the EU tree and not introduced as separate minitrees.

The best case scenario is that additional research would reveal more interesting candidates for the hightier nations, that are currently lacking in this respect. It is not unheard of. Worst case scenario is that some of the important, yet problematic nations would “merge” into one big branch (for example, imagine a single line of Czechoslovak light/medium tanks, with Polish and Hungarian tanks attached to it, merging into the Czechoslovak branch on their respective tiers. Or – in another case, Hungarian into Swedish (after all, they did have common designs). That would work.

But yes, there are many options for high tiers, with even the heavy branch present in form of the Swedish Kranvagn tanks.

Myth 2: EU tree is very difficult to implement

Not really, however you look at it. You need exactly one new thing, that is not yet in the game. A mechanism, where you select the nationality of the crews. That’s like one window, where you pick, which set of names and faces you want to use. Universal “European” crews are neither historical nor good ideas (“why is there a Polish gunner in my Hungarian tank”), but the selection would allow the players to pick their preferences.

Then you need of course a set of names and faces for the crews. Sets of names, that’s pretty easy – one day work, just ask the respective national communities, I am pretty sure for example the Czechs and Slovaks would come up with names and surnames very quickly. Faces – well, that’s a bit worse, but how hard can that be? Again, we Czechoslovaks, do look a bit like Germans, some of the German faces might well be re-used (modified) to look like us. Historical tanker uniforms – info can be easily provided, as well as the ranks. And of course you need historical tank markings, colors, inscriptions and such things. Suffice to say, me and a couple of other guys have already done some research in this department for the EU tree and passed it on to Wargaming. Easy.

Myth 3: Noone really wants the EU tree

Again, not true of course. Pretty much every European language section has its own thread of “add our tanks into the game” – Czechoslovak community does. Polish community does (that’s two out of three largest EU national communities, IIRC). The Hungarians do. There is an ultra-extensive Italian armor thread on US forums by Vollketten. Italian tanks are being researched by WG employees, with interesting finds passed onto Yuri Pasholok. The interest is clearly there. How much exactly of it – that is another matter. I plan to ask the players, then we’ll see. Some of the potential EU communities are very large, as I wrote before – it’s an opportunity to make money for Wargaming. I don’t know about you, but I would buy a hightier Czechoslovak premium tank. I am sure that the Polish would too buy many of theirs – not without the EU tree though, after all, what point is an EU premium tank without training a crew on it?

Myth 4: EU tree vehicles are paper projects, that never fired a shot in anger

Obviously not true. Czechoslovak armor fought – LT Vz.35 and 38 (despite serving with the German army mostly) saw actually action AGAINST the Germans on several occasions (in Bulgarian and Romanian service, during the Slovak National Uprising). Hungarian armor fought practically until the end of the war. Despite their undeservingly bad reputation, Polish armor wrecked the German invaders on several occasions, with the 7TP being superior to the most numerous German tanks, Panzer I and Panzer II. Swedish armor did not fight, but a lot of these vehicles were actually built, ready for war and served with the Swedish army. Swiss army – same thing. Or Yugoslavia – potential lowtier candidates fought the Germans, hightier vehicles were built and tested. Certainly, post-war development, when Europe was split into two hostile blocs, did influence the tank design a lot – and yes, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern Bloc nations used Soviet vehicles after the war, but that does not mean these vehicles have to appear in their trees. Or – if they do – as little as possible. Plus – tell me, how exactly do you want to have really historical battles without Hungarian and Italian tanks?

Myth 5: EU tree would bloat the client size too much

Nonsense. For one, currently, there are roughly 350 tanks in the game I think (with cca 25 more in plans). Realistically, without multiple branches per nation, we are looking at like 50 tanks for the EU tree in its most basic version (that wouldn’t come at once anyway). 50 tanks – that’s like a 15 percent increase in model size compared to the current status. If you consider releasing three branches in the first batch, that’s just 30 tanks for example (cca 9 percent increase). Hardly a terrible size increase!

Plus, there are ways of mitigating the size issue (the size in fact is not that big an issue, the traffic is), for example by optional SD/HD selection (coming in 9.2), or by allowing players to select, which HD models they want (what is the point of downloading a HD model of a T-26 for example, when you are never going to touch that tank ever again, or you don’t play lowtiers). Furthermore, remember what Storm wrote about the quality of playerbase computers – somewhat less than 50 percent of RU players play on “calculators” – very poor computers, often below minimal WoT requirements. These will not use HD textures for sure (I wonder how many actually will, because if I remember correctly, only 20-30 percent of WoT players have modern high-end computers).

Myth 6: EU tanks would break the game balance, unbalancing the battles once again

Hardly. Apart from some isolated Swedish proposals, there are no completely outrageous gamebreaking designs in the tree, no shit like WT E-100.

So, the real question is:

Why should you support the EU tree tanks, when you don’t really care about the EU tree?

In 2013, the developers announced that the year 2014 will be a year of changes for the World of Tanks. So far, that is proving to be exactly true, but not always for the better. If you follow FTR, you might have noticed the concern of Russian developers to implement the EU tree. An extreme form of this opinion is that after the Firefly line, there should be no more regular tanks implemented at all, everything new should be either an event tank or a premium tank. This is not just a mere speculation, these are opinions of some of the World of Tanks producers and developers – for example Storm himself is reluctant to talk about the EU tree or other tanks, considering them unnecessary – from what he published anyway. Same goes for “Big Boss” Viktor Kislyi – remember how he squirmed, when, recently, a Polish moderator asked him about Polish tanks during the WGL finals in Warsaw?

This is why you should support the EU tree – allow me to paraphrase the famous quote of Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the EU tree and I did not speak out – because I didn’t want it.
Then they came for the British and I did not speak out – because I wasn’t playing them.
Then they came for the French and I did not speak out – because I wasn’t playing the French either.
Then they came for all the rest – and there was no one left to speak for what I wanted.

Perhaps the above sounds a bit melodramatic (indulge that vice of mine, please), but I think we can agree that a vast majority of players does not want new regular tanks to stop coming, even if some reduction of pace is quite okay. What such a stop would mean – simple: the transfer of World of Tanks from a “developing project” to “milk cow” status, with all the consequences of such decision.

Of course, if you think that someone will suddenly come out publicly and say “we are not going to add any more regular tanks, prems/event tanks only from now on” – you would be wrong. That would be a PR disaster, tons of ragequits, forum shitstorms etc.. It would start… well, exactly like this:

“EU tanks? Sometimes in the future. Maybe. If we decide we need them. And other tanks? Maybe in the future as well. Stay tuned – here are a few premiums you might like to buy.”

Repeat every half a year. Sounds familiar? It should, those, who like the French tanks, know this tune very well. And so, if you are wondering, why am I talking about EU tanks all the time and rallying support for them: it’s not just for them, it’s indirectly for the status of World of Tanks as a developing project. Because whatever you might think of WoT development – as soon as they stop adding more regular tanks, it’s all over. Maintenance/cowmilking mode is what will drive WoT into oblivion.

How can you support EU tree then?

Now, THAT is a good question. One I will get to in due time. You’ll see.

107 thoughts on “European Tree part IX – FAQ (and why should you support it even if you don’t care)

  1. Myth 1: EU tree would be infested with Soviet (on in rarer cases, American) copies

    lel, look at chinese tree

    every tank there is soviet copy or western low tier…

    • Chinese case is special. There HAD to be a Chinese tree no matter what, because WG couldn’t afford to ignore the Chinese market. Here, very few people play it (3 percent of played tanks are Chinese IIRC), but in China, it’s likely the most popular tree of them all.

        • yay I’m also a member of 3%!

          Speaking of 113 I just now researched it: Researched:
          113 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 197167. Free Experience spent: 2 833.

          Next will be the WZ-120.
          I like the Chinese tree, the WZ-111 is one of the best T9 heavys, I won’t sell it for sure. Also the WZ-132 is an excellent scout and fun to play.

      • Which is why i think WG/chinese partner will be able to introduce more chinese tanks in the future. After all, it’s only about money. WG proved on many occasions, that they can be “very creative” when needed.

        • I hate when people say they’re just Russian clones. The low tiers are literally Russian but the high tiers are more unique. They look Russian in a way but even they have their own style. Russian tanks have dome turrets but they’re differently shaped than the Chinese. The Chinese also have fuel drums on the rear. Also gameplay wise, they are very different.

  2. I would rather they did individual trees for each nation especially for nations like Czechoslovakia and Sweden who can field full trees but if the only way to get them in is an EU then OK.

      • Yep… I’d also like to see individual trees. Even for the smaller nations like Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary or Switzerland. Those can’t reach tier 10 with their own products or have gaps in the tree.

        I don’t understand why they refuse to add tech trees that don’t reach tier 10. Granted… you pay less in the grinding process but you still pay and play for them because they’re “mine”. They could even make them very expensive (exp and credits) to resemble the grinding of a 10 tier line and I bet, people would still play them.

        • There is a VERY large proportion of the player base who see T10 as the end result…

          …no T10 = no grind = no premium account/gold XP converters… therefore no money…

        • I don’t understand why they refuse to add tech trees that don’t reach tier 10.

          Because you would get several shitty trees for low tiers or almost full ones but with large gaps and with copying Western / Soviet vehicles for high tiers. This is senseless because you have to invest a lot of time to make 3D models etc. and you will not get proper profit.

          With large UE tree you may build really very interesting and strong tree with many unique vehicles and with vehicles for half European countries. TBH I would like to see separate Czech(oslovak), Italian and maybe Sweden trees as these countries have enough interesting designs up to X tier. But I would like to get some Polish, Hungarian or Rumanian designs too, especially for properly fixed Historical Battles.

  3. I am really happy they stopped adding new lines so quickly 1 after another.
    In like 2 years from 4 lines ending with t10 and 8 lines ending at tier 8/9 WoT bloated into over 30 lines ending with tier 10.
    I would be quite happy if those new tanks would come at half the pace, although more steadily.

    So slowing down adding new tanks – I’m all for that, stopping it completely – definitely not fun

      • you know very well that a tree like that is pointless and my comment was not to troll but pinpoint a fact that you also know very well that is true

        • It could be said politely. Also, it is not true I think – Russians play Russian tanks. Americans play a lot of American tanks. In EU, German tanks are the most popular. There is nothing wrong with that, everyone feels like playing “their” tanks. That’s a normal thing. Calling this “nationalism” is foolish.

            • Actually, yes. Well, not exact official figures, but it was confirmed by SerB or Storm in the QA some time ago: American tanks are the most popular in the USA, German ones in Europe and Russian ones in Russia.

              • I totally agree Im canadian and I went out of my way to get the ram 2 and any tanks canadians used during ww2 and I enjoy playing the german and british tanks and if there were any Portuguese tanks I would play them

        • Hey buddy, what part of SS’s post didn’t you understand? I am guessing all of it if you just say “pointless”.. the only pointless thing is your comment.

      • yeah and i made the effort to reply with a long comment for nothing :3

        • me claiming that making a tree like that is only to satisfy the nationalist (chauvinism) ego (personal opinion) of some is rude comment????? and deleted it???? that is how fine you are with other ppl opinion???

          • Well, calling people who want the tanks of their countries “nationalist morons” is not a good start. Plus – to state the obvious – this topic is important to me, hence it can be expected I will be watching the discussion closely and moderating it as I see fit. Simple as that, mate.

            • first of all you have deleted my comment and you are claiming things i didnt say and second you are not fine with other ppl opinion since you ” moderating it as I see fit”

              • I am really not interested in EU tree, maybe they can do something once they , i dunno, finish FR, brit ,jap ,cn tree?

                Another half assed tree is not something wot need.

              • His blog, his rules, his post, your butthurtness.
                seriously man, calm down. If you don’t care about the EU tree, go read something else. If you don’t want the EU tree, feel free to express your opinion in any way you feel is necessary. However, don’t feel hurt if your comment gets moderated, since you are the only one responsible for it.
                I have a sort of a rule of a thumb about this. Feel free to express yourself, but make sure that you are ready to take on any consequences that might arise from your behaviour.

                Ah, anyway, for the EU tree, I completely support it, once they stop adding new tanks that still can be added, this game will become abomination of it past self and I wouldn’t want to see that.

                Keep up the great work Silent, seriously. This is some serious research you’ve done here.

  4. Good job SS, I would love to see Eu tree and grind them with pleasure :). Almost every people would love to see there nation in the game. So, big plus from me

  5. The EU isn’t a Nation therefore no tree whatsoever is needed. WG need to fix the game not add more dross.

    End of argument end of story

    • And what would “fixing the game be” – this is the point where people usually propose something idiotic and/or ancient as skill MM, +/-1 MM spread, hardcore mode etc.

      Rebalancing vehicles has nothing to do with adding new ones, unless you favour one specific class heavily.

        • Feel free to elaborate on what exactly about the spotting system needs “fixing”… because just about every single such demand I’ve seen has featured an element of stronk PEBKAC.

      • To fix game: remove arty, nerf TD penetration, nerf medium tansk, buff heavi hp, remove spaecd armor, remove gold ammoz!!, nurf russian tonks, remaove stronk op autoloader nub tenks.

        If you didn’t catch what I tried to do, it was sarcasm.
        My brain cells died little by little writing it, hence the worse and worse grammar.

      • All they need to do is remove the forced tier spread, that way you still see higher tier matches, but not as frequently as you would see same tier matches. This way you prevent people from rage quitting after realizing that they spend 2/3 of their games as cannon fodder.

        Being cannon fodder isn’t fun, and as the devs like to keep reminding us, this IS a “casual game”, so when they start going around changing things they really should be favoring the casual audience, since they keep going on and on about how that’s their “primary audience”.

        I think we all know better (I played heavily for over a year before getting my first tier X tank, an actual casual gamer could spend years playing and never reach tier X), but that seems to be their official stance. Honestly? they really just need to start acting like it, that or just turn it into a full on hardcore game.

        • Problem is, your “solution” doesn’t work out statistically with matchmaking. You have to spend a third of the time in each tier, or else there isn’t enough tanks for the matchmaker to work with.
          I’m guessing you define ” not cannon fodder” as “being top tier”, and that we should spend two thirds being top tier rather than one third. Because the tank can drop into three tiers, that means matchmaker has less “cannon fodder” tanks to put into battles. If MM wants to make a battle according to your formula, it would have 10 tanks to fit into the top tier at all times and only 5 tanks to fill up the lower two tiers. It would have to wait for further lower tiers, and the remaining 5 top tiers would have to wait for 4 times more for another 20 lower tiers, because there would always be 10 top tiers to 5 lower tiers.

          So the MM would have to be altered to fit two thirds of top tiers into one battles, making the situation of the lower tiers EVEN WORSE as they’re now cannon fodder for 2/3 of the enemy team and also increasing waiting times by a lot.

          • no, currently it will take 30 tier VI tanks and stick them in 3 battles, instead of putting them all in one battle. From your statement above it seems like you think this means that there won’t be enough tier VII and VIII tanks on to have a full match without the tier VI tanks.

            Well, if you have enough tanks of one tier to have a single match, don’t you think there will be enough vehicles of other tiers to have full matches as well?

            What I meant was to use the +/- 2 mostly just to make up for the times when you really don’t have enough tanks for a full match of a single tier, rather than forcing it every single match.

            The idea is that you see same tier tanks more often than you do now, but when there aren’t enough tanks of a single tier on, then it will put you in with higher/lower tier vehicles when it needs to, as opposed to every single battle.

            What’s the point of separating tanks into tiers if you’re just going to mash them all together anyway?

      • I wonder about one thing… Those ppl who demand skill MM all the time. They are aware that if it was implemented it would only work for a week or 2 and after that everything would be the same despite the new MM rule because everyone would be of the same wn8 rating due to them only meeting other players of the same skill lvl? Then they would scream *argh my ghad stupido Wjay, u brake our shainay skillzz mm, u inkompetentu!!!*….

        Games would be very boring if i could not exploit the mistakes of tomatos.

        There really is not much to be *fixed* in the game, no noticeable stuff that would ruin my experience playing it…. In MM the only thing really that needs more attention is making the algorithm work faster and add a few more variables to it.

        I am all for a european tree. I would love to get my hands on some Swedish tanks, especially the S-tank, i could grind a lot to get my hands on that baby + i would definately try out some Polish tanks just for the sake of pleasing my patriotic side.

    • Soviet Union was not a nation either, but there is Soviet tank tree in WoT.

      YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. End of argument, end of story.

      • United States of Soviet Russia
        United States of America

        Scrap USA tree then.. its a bunch of ex-colonial, ex-italian/irish/german/hungarian/polish/french/spanish/anyone-else country… the only thing the USAdoesn’t include is the First Nation.. the only one with the right to be there..


        • *Scrap USA tree then.. its a bunch of ex-colonial, ex-italian/irish/german/hungarian/polish/french/spanish/anyone-else country… the only thing the USAdoesn’t include is the First Nation.. the only one with the right to be there..*

          So in a way u can say that the current US line is already a European line? XD

      • sorry this was the reply to the comment you deleted so i had to change it!

        but i do disagree, i know darn to well the hate between two nations fueled by the state itself (by the politicians)!

    • Crews. Hungarian tanks were not manned by Germans for example. Or you can add (example) Hungarian crews as well – but then you might as well make their own branch in EU tree, same amount of work.

    • Where’d that leave the studiously neutral guys like Sweden, Switzerland or Spain or the ones that changed sides at some point?

  6. Will see in 2015 what the fuck WG will do to new tanks.
    Im up for that all possible tanks would be implemented into game.
    All and all – its world of tanks.

  7. Personally, I’d LOVE to see this tree come in, even though I’m an American. I love the looks of a lot of those tanks, and I’ll run a lot of them if they’re ever released.

  8. I wait for Poland, Italy and Spain. And less tanks tree latch is less players. Because they have a shitty engine and now a enemy (Gaijin), they start mumble-rumble about better graphic and physic (because Gaijin) , think about tank rolled on back was too Gaijin stolen idea. Check about changes in last 3-5month and compare to Wt GF . GF is still not ideal, but it’s progress. Wargaming woke up and dont know what to do. It’s sad they dont respect a players and opinions and stole things. by other games (exaust animation in last 9. Patch is similar to that in Warthunder GF), seriously…

    • I wait for Poland, Italy and Spain.

      There are no way to build proper Polish tree. Original designs without unhistorical stretching and without copying UK/US/Soviet designs will end on IV/V tier with some light and medium tanks with maybe two TDs.

  9. You did not pick me as the winner yesterday so i don´t support your tree!!!! :)

    Ok, that was a joke, i would help you in every way to get this EU-Tree, i would like to see it very much! And i would like to see new tanks!

  10. I don’t really see what’s the point of not filling the gaps of incomplete tech trees with foreign tanks that the respective national army have actually used. We all know they made up tanks just to fill gaps in-between other nation branches, they recently implemented two tech trees -that nobody plays- just because they wanted new markets (China and Japan), and so on. The point here is not “what the community wants”, the point is “what economic return can WG get?”. The fact is that Eastern Europe already play WoT, Italy and Spain can return an insufficient increase of their playerbase, and so the rest of EU countries.

    I’m sure WG will make more money from WoWs when they’ll implement italian tree, than from WoT when they -eventually- implement EU or italian tree.

    • They dont because Gaijin Warthunder is better and made by studio which arleady made a flying plane games. I saw a WoWP and compared to Warthunder in almost all is awful worse…

      • you can’t just say “Gaijin Warthunder is better”. Yes, I agree, Gaijin’s “flying plane game” is imo much better than WoWP but you shouldn’t forget that WG and Gaijin have different approaches to their tank, warplane and warship games – Gaijin tries to make it more realistic, WG makes their games more in an arcade-style. And that’s also why I’ll most likely play both games (as soon as I have a better computer ^_^), sometimes, I want to play a realistic game (or a game that feels realistic), sometimes I want to play an arcade game and sometimes I want to play a game which is “between both”.

    • Sry m8, i like my STA-1 so far and the chinese WZ series. Very happy about them. I am sure a lot more ppl play them on SEA.

    • I don’t have many games on NA that don’t include at least one japanese tank. I have no idea where you get these ideas that no one plays china and japan, but I would like to see your proof that no one plays them.

  11. I’d love to see more tanks (which i might not actually care, but s-tank), and here i am, still waiting for the non-autoloader second french heavy line…

      • I asked them while I applied for my first nickname on same email to be deleted and I conversation was like this:

        And one more thing while I am still here.
        Does WG plan to expand the game with more tank branches like on this picture which is fan made?

        Anthony Orwell(WG staff)
        As for the game, we definitely have things in store for you. It may not look like the fan made picture, but we have nice ideas anyway. You will have to wait and see ! ;)
        (That was in support ticket)

        Later that day I met moderator in global chat and asked him the same, (I don’t know his nickname)
        He wasn’t sure and he asked WG HQ,
        After few minutes information was confirmed but it won’t be like on Bojan’s picture, they are still digging for data that they can use so nothing is imagined.

        If this is not enough PM me in game and I will try to find that moderators nickname so you can ask him too.

  12. I certainly want the EU tree to come out.

    But then I ENJOY seeing new and different tanks and love it when new stuff comes out.

    I especially want to see the Polish tanks but new tanks from real life are ALWAYS welcome!

    • “from real life” – yes they are always welcome. Even if they are just some more or less developed plans. But please – no more f****** fantasy tanks…

    • I especially want to see the Polish tanks

      You may try to install mods with reskins of few tanks to Polish ones. Unfortunately only Type 2597 Chi-Ha → 10TP Light Tank works in 9.0.

      Whole original thread is in Polish so you’ll have to use kind of translator if you would like to read more.

  13. honestly I think EU tree is a must. Even though I progress through the game relatively slowly (I like to train my crews and stuff), I would most likely play EU tree. I think there are some really unique vehicles in it.
    I absolutely agree that the EU tree would be appealing to many european players. People like to play tanks of their own nation, that is a simple fact. Also I think you are very right that if new tanks stopped coming out, the game would slowly die.

  14. SilentStalker, You specifically state three branches that are lined up for introduction: British Firefly branch, American Lights (plus RU251 for ze Germanz) and (maybe) Sturmtiger. I was thinking to myself today, doing “LZ is Hot” mission with my Brits, whether Your info means that research into new tanks will grind to a halt completely and the scout crew I’m preparing in Mark VI Light would go to waste (gimme a British Tetrarch/Harry Hopkins, dammit!) as there will not be a British Light branch. And on that note, what about tanks that were researched, like Jap Heavies? Their TDs and SPGs? What’s going to happen with iconic British Achilles, Archer (though I recon this one is already planned as Premium), Challenger, etc. All will become rewards/Prems??? Seriously, if it will come to that it will be the end.

  15. Frank, i do NOT support “European” tree.

    1. I despise the thought of throwing Axis minions into the same bag with minor Allied nations – i.e. putting in one tree tanks that fought against each other, especially with “national” crews. Researchable one from the other?
    2. Europe is still NOT a nation, if ever be – and certainly wasn’t in WoT time period. Implying “national” status combined with (1) is disgusting and insulting.

    However, i encourage you to take wider approach – coin any name you want (Multinational/Other/Worldwide/Global/?) and start lobbying for all designs not fitting into first category, too. I’d certainly like to see Israelis. Argentinians were mentioned on a few ocasions. Certainly, there are other.
    I would suport such tree.

    And, before you guys start raging, i am from Europe.

    • Dude, 3 of the *nation* lines are not really nations. US, not really a homogenus nation, Soviets are not and Chinese are not.

      Keep the eurosceptic ideology out of a gameconcept, it does not belong there.

      Having a European tree with transferrable crew between the tanks of different nations is the smoothest solution for the existing game mechanichs. One could have a separate tree for all the diff nations IF! WG would back down from tier 1 to 10 researchable line + scrap crew grind, make the all skills selectable from the beginning. I am guessing that WGs income from gold spent on crews is marginal…

    • So you will support the tree if…they do the same thing you use as a reason to not support it?

  16. SS, How about a petition? Or Wg doesn’t give a damn about things like that?

    • Minion: ” Sir, EU community is asking for EU tree again…”
      SerB: (laughing his ass off) “How terrible…”
      (next day)
      Minion: “Sir, King of Jordan mentioned something about EU tree yesterday to his youngest son…”
      Storm: “SHIT, call everyone, i mean EVERYONE, i dont care if they are ill at home, on vacation, whatever,that tree needs to be finished in 3 days, on the 4th day i will start executing one developer per hour, until its done!!!”

    • If you can get at least 25% of the playerbase signing it… then maybe. All of the readers of FTR are barely a fraction of the playerbase. Most ppl in game though are just… casual players and do not bother with the things round the game to bother with such a thing.