9.1 Patch Video Overview

For now, only in Russian




- Kharkov map (“first historically correct map”, the city looks like in 1943), it has open spaces and tall buildings, many covers
- apparently there will be official video introducing the history of Kharkov
- map rework (see video, comparisons are shown nicely)
- historical battles: Tobruk and Bryansk 1942 (notice that the Balaton operation got removed as well)
- TD camo after shot nerf (excluding premium TDs)
- LT buff
- new marks of excellence on barrels
- reworked the tank ammo rack explosion effect
- turrets no longer stick to the hulls of other tanks
- football mode footage

45 thoughts on “9.1 Patch Video Overview

    • Most likely it will remain till the next patch after the World Cup. Much like they did with Karl. They simply kept pushing it back till it was just easier for them to take it out during the next patch.

    • Or the world cup of terror as the drug lords said. Cant wait to watch the world cup. Just to see police/fans/shooting/explosions show.

  1. Im ok with nerfing the camo of TDs but the way they are changing the maps now makes TDs almost useless, rhey remove al the good spots . Like the one on arctic anf remove a lot of buses and make it way easier to flank, the t95 is useless now, no use in grinding it anymore. The heavies are also slowy getting nerfed, they make the heavie spots easier to flank for example the corner on arctic and slow heavies wil have a harder time. Mediums and lights are way better in te current game. Te map changed promote active play but it ruins te balance of classes.

    • Like it is fine now, when games with 10 TDs on each team are pretty common.

      T95 was always useless. Wake up.

      Tell me how got heavies nerfed for example on new Severogorsk? Two corridors and city. How the hell does that nerf heavies and promote mediums and lights? Also T10 TDs are new arty for retard tomatoes to camp again and do crazy alpha damage with no effort and they need to be nerfed – WTE100,JpzE100,FV183.

      • Im happy you mention that map , its a perfect example: old severogorsk had 2 corridors with no flanking opportinities, then new map has only 1 corridor and on the other side some paths with flanking opportunities. So more on favout of mediums

        • You really mean this? Flanking opportuinities? There is basically two path corridor on the side you mean. How can you flank something there? You are spotted at the beginning and dead in the middle. And I forgot about the third corridor in the middle. All routes perfect for high aplha vehicles with front armor. Just go to the corridor, peek, shoot, go back. Thats it. Most of the new/remade maps are corridor-like.

          I am MT player because I hate to camp and I liked all the maps better before the remakes – Redshire, Malinovka, Severogorsk, Pearl River. The only good think map-wise was removal of Port, as lights/mediums were completely useless there.

      • The thing is , TDs are supposed to camp, thats what they do. They should excel in staying hidden but they should be bad in other situations, the problem is that this is not the case with tier 10TDs the have too much hp and raw alpha without the cost of worse camo, only the camo of high alpha td should be nerfed, the others are fine.

      • the problem is there are other TDs, not only T95, JPEG100, wtf100, deathstar, …

        What about Stug with its incredible 135alpha and tier 2 armor and hp pool?
        What about jpzIV with its tier 5 gun in tier 8 matches ?
        Or churchill GunCrap ?

        some TDs are so relying on camo or good position, they have nothing else to offer.
        Not being spotted is key to survival. Once spotted, you have no chance to outgun anything.

        I’m not whining or anything, just saying… this was unique playstyle to some of the TDs.
        Sure they should nerf the high tier TDs.. but nerfing whole class seems a bit too much.

        the only problem with TDs imho wasnt their camo but imbalanced HP pool.
        stug – 350hp … two shoted by anything it can meet, takes 5+ shots to kill same tier HT.
        WTF100 – 2200hp – takes 4-5 shots of same tier HT before it dies, can oneclip same tier HT…

        halving the HP of hightier TDs would be much better balancing imho. The only reason I’m scaredof these TDs is because it takes ages to kill them once finally spotted.

        • Well said. Also love the fact that the most overpowered invisbile LOLmachine after the Hellcat – the E25 – has been left completely alone.

          Some TDs needed nerfing, not just having a small camo bonus removed. Other TDs need buffing because they are next to useless and this will hurt them even more.

          WG has made their usual retard move of treating everything the same and not fixing the actually OP crap just like they did with arties.

        • I dont know how you play it, but I have way more average damage per battle with it than with any T10 MT/HT. You have crazy armour, plenty HP and accurate gun with 1000+ damage.

          If you dont pwn with it, you must be really really bad. 3 shots are enogugh to make a good game. I ask what is not OP about it?

    • The current balance is ruined and they keep on destroying the initial good ideas. Maus and Tortoise to suffer most of these wide, easily accessed and open for flanking areas.

    • Yeap, you are right; time to sell those TDs … they are not so fun anyway. Get into a proper tank and enjoy the game. And see if we can kill those arties :-)

    • Your reasoning is terrible but your point is good. Heavies are getting better and better, not worse. Go buy the IS-7 and check out how every map has you sitting there at knife fighting ranges with other heavies. The fact you have the accuracy of a teenager losing his virginity and likely the vision capabilities of my dear old mum couldn’t matter less.

      Now go back in time and buy that IS-7 in 8.7 or so – suddenly you’ll realize just how shit these kinds of heavies used to be. Have fun sniping with your IS-7 on Redshire, Malinvoka, Erlenburg, Sacred Valley, “old’ Serene Coast, or “old” Highway. Say goodbye the brawlfests that are Pearl River, Ruinburg on Fire, Winter Himmelsdorf, Windstorm, Severogorsk, and Hidden Village.

      Whether you think this is a good change in the meta or not is up to you, but it certainly favors heavies to an extreme degree. Saying otherwise makes me giggle.

      • You are right about some maps; like rideshire, erlenberg, serene coast, hidden village.

        But wrong about hte others; The hill on malinovka was a perfect place for heavies, they changed it and now you have more routes on the hill so easier flanking.
        Pearl river is now way less heavy friendly then it used to be, with the introduction of the midlle aeria, heavies can easily be flankedi nthe valley and nobdoy goes to the little valley anymore.
        Ruinberg on fire and winter himmelsdorf already exsisted, so no change there.
        Serverogorsk got changed too, the east side got changed from 1 lane to 2 one lanes with flanking options so less heavie friendly.

        I’m not saying they are underpowered but the changes certainly dont do them good. It are espacially the TDs that suffer.

        • Im sorry, but can you shut up about flanking? Flanking is not a counter to heavy tanks. Mediums are not mainly flankers, they are vision control, map control, and flex tanks. The new better protected Malinvoka hill, hardcore Pearl River death funnels, and camoless cover-filled Severogorsk are gigantic Heavy boons.

          You honestly don’t get how this game works if you think mediums are suddenly gods of the battlefield. This is an era where heavies and giant alpha TDs are going to dominate.

          ugh there i go arguing with ftr users again

          • I might be wrong about the heavies then but my argument still stands for TDs, they suffer because o the map changes and removal of bushes. And btw i didnt say thy were gods on the battlefield, i said they game meta i slowly shifting in their favour.

  2. What the hell did they do with the ammo racking….. – did they just remove the flying of the turret?

  3. “- TD camo after shot nerf (excluding premium TDs)”

    SU-100Y will be so OP now. [/sarcasm]

  4. What ever happened to the Drawing distance increase from 500m to whatever? Was that just a lie?

  5. offtopic: (uncorfirmed)


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  6. Seriously, how could the remove of the highest battletier for lights be a buff?
    I mean, in higher tier games you get more XP and credits and there’s overall slower and more tactical gameplay, which makes it more easy and viable to scout. Of course there’s the drawback of higher view range and damage of enemies, but it’s still a better place for scouts often.

    At most it could be good for grinding newbies.

    • I know

      That’s not a buff,that’s a nerf. Nothing more awesome than driving a Chaffee in tier 10 battles and damaging tier 10 tanks in a tier 5 tank…

    • Say what you want but scouting alone doesn’t win games. Damage does. Kills do. And by reducing battletier spread they give lights more chances to do some damage and killing on their own, against lower tier enemies, and a chance to directly contribute to the victory.

      • But scouts arent meant to do damage, they are meant to spot and you cant do damage and get kills if you cant see the enemy. The problem with scouts however is that most people dont know how to play them well (myself included), particularly the newbies that are still figuring out the basics when they get to tier 4 and bam they are suddenly thrown into high tier matches after spending 3 tiers in lights that are meant to fight like a medium. The poor sods dont have a clue whats hit them and think they cant contribute to the game, cue the useless suiscout.

  7. So how many battles are needed for Marks of Excellence? Is it 100 on all tiers? Any info from RU website?

  8. Greeting from the RU server. Kharkov is awesome, some great brawling there now until everyone figures out where to position themselves.

    Haven’t noticed any real change to TDs yet – if you’re staying 15 meters behind the bushes/trees, you’re still able to stay invisible in most cases.

    Marks of excellence should appear after about 100+ battles (either saw it in a WG video today or read it on wot-news from a dev).

  9. did that “terrible low-res michael-bay-ish tank explosion .gif animation” make it to 9.1 live ?

  10. ‘TD camo after short nerf’…I think SU-100Y will be crying even more than before…

    • Can you even read? This change does not concern premium TD´s. Is SU-100Y a premium TD? It is. Do the rest of the math brainiac.