E3 Stream: So Type 59, Very codes, wow!

From the Wargaming newsletter (thanks to Jalt):


Well… the way I see it, you can either watch the stream tonight… or you can watch FTR, because if the codes are in any postable formate (not that “valid for 2 minutes” shit), I will be posting them here. Let’s hope they learned from the WGL code fiasco…

53 thoughts on “E3 Stream: So Type 59, Very codes, wow!

    • Why you want type 59?

      It’s been rubbish since around 8.0 when the gold shells started flying… it’s rubbish now… I’ve only kept it in case they buff it again…

  1. well, giving away a Type 59 once a day will definitely ensure floods of people will hammer their livestream chat with spam

  2. Lovely, the problem is that it starts at 21.00 and ends at 03.00 next morning. Having to work, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend to either day … but if it works as intended ( LOL ) it will be nice :D

  3. -Let’s hope they learned from the WGL code fiasco…

    You expect WG EU to learn something ? LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    by the way a type 59 given away every 45 minutes , meaning only for 1 single person winning it as a prize or a code giveaway for limited use ?

  4. 3 days of ” GIVE ME TYPE 59 CODE PLS!!!” :)))
    i heard that they will pick a random viewer and send the code by PM.

  5. It will be just the same as all the other fail streams; a QR code which will be limited to an insanely low number of uses, maybe even 1.

  6. Excuse my “noobness” but I have rarely watched a stream until now and do not really know how the whole thing actually works, do I have to register or something in order to get picked? Or watching the stream is enough?

    As for the stream itself, don’t think any sane person will watch it six hours straight, except of SS. :P

    • you will need to login to Twitch…

      …sit through 6 hours of boredom, terrible “commentry”, even worse music…

      Also… while watching said paint drying, imagine about 20,000 kids aged 5 or 6 who haven’t been fed for 8 hours, then dangle 3 chocolate bars on a string near one edge of the crowd…

      That, is about what a WG stream is like…

      Oh I forgot.. make sure you randomly throw 10 kids out of the nearest window for no reason… even the quiet ones…

  7. Info from wg about codes.

    “If you are a prize winner, Wargaming will be contacting you shortly through the Twitch messaging system, or on our official messaging system, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/

    Please note that game codes work on NA and EU servers. Physical prizing is limited to the United States of America and Canada. “

      • If it’s a random draw what stops you from making x twitch accounts and leave the stream open on all those accounts? Now you can go outside, do something else, and just check when the stream is over if you won something or not.

        The QR code at least guarantees them that the viewers will actually view the stream

        • I think they will announce the winner on stream, and if he does not write in chat in 1-2 min they will select another winner.

          • Remember that they just want to give that bribe. They don’t care about fairness.
            Creating QR codes is easier for them than manually sending codes via private message.

            If i was responsible with the codes i would make QR ones. Easier to make sure i get viewers, easier for me to award the prizes, easier to make sure the codes can’t get leaked.

        • but what when 50000 ppl go to scan QR at same time all come at site at same time all try same code at same time… WG site will EXPLODE

  8. I’d rather play tanks than watcj a steam of people talking abotu playing tanks and a miniscule chance of a T8 Premium I don’t really need.

    • ^^ this.

      I will never understand whats so interesting on streams ?
      Why are some people enjoying watching other people playing games ?

      Its the same game you can play :D

      Would you rather see me streaming how I watch some movie or would you watch the movie yourself ?

      • The only reason to watch and try to get one of those codes is because the last lot sold for 300-350 euros on ebay…

        And yes.. they sold at that price…

  9. Hello.My name is Adrian,and in early 2012 I’ve got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.Since then,WoT has been a great distraction and a great part for my recovery.Wargaming know my story and if you guys live in Madrid,I can give you all details.I enjoy very much playing this game,and now that I can spent more time in it,I would love to have all the tanks,with every oportunity a rare tank is out,I’ll do my best acquiring it,especially the Type 59.I was in the T-Shirt contest,but I’m a ”noob” to the online gamming world,WoT being the first online game I play,I forgot to make public my imgur image so that the Wargaming could see it.So if you guys can help me with this,I would pretty much appreciate every effort.Thank you very much.

      • I did offer to pay the full price,but they said they can’t help me.I would love to own the Type,really.I see the players having so much fun in it,and I want that too.I’m not a RICH KID or anything,but when you have nothing to do in home all day,week,month,you spend your money on something that glads you from time to time.

    • And what makes this believable?
      This “Rare form of cancer” (which has apparently no name) is pretty suspicious.

      • It is an Ewings Sarcoma locate in the left foot,in metastasis phase into the spine.My full name is Adrian Flaviu Felecan with the folder number 683485 in the Ramon Y Cajal Hospital from Madrid.If you want,I can send you an email with fotos from it.

        • That was the first point,the second one is,Why would anyone try to joke/lie with something like that for some pixels in a videogame?!

          • I guess ALL other premium tanks you own are feeling lonely and you just need the Type 59 to make them happy again?

            It’s funny how this kind of disease needs so much money for keeping it under control yet you have spent cash on nearly all premium tanks in game (apologies if you own all currently in premium shop and I have not seen this)…

            • I started streaming too a month ago,and 1 night I had a chat member like you.Why are you assuming it is expensive a 18 months chemo?In Spain,if you have a social security number,IT’S FREE!I don’t know where are you from,but here they don’t let people die(like in the USA).

              • Not sure what you mean by “like me”… It’s human nature to be suspicious, isn’t it? And also to have an opinion is perfectly normal, isn’t it?

                I agree that Spain takes good care of its population, I have relatives from which I know about the high quality of the medical system there. Nonetheless I still find it strange to spend lots of money on tanks when my life is in danger.

                And still, you have a romanian name…

                • I am from Romania.And spend money on tanks when my life is in danger,why not?Live and enjoy what you have in the time you have.

        • Please for fucks sake, all romanians stop begging for stuff. I am romanian and I’m fucking ashamed every time I read something like this. Now I have to see it on FTR as well. :(

          Bud, we/our families we’ve all had our share of really bad problems (you don’t wanna know what some of us have been through), but this doesn’t justify us to start begging here and there for “stuff”, does it?

          For the world: I can sadly confirm this type of message is 99.9% of the time a scam, people making stories/begging for attention/food/money (mostly money). Most of them are professional beggers and they won’t twitch a muscle lying to your face – so beware.

          (yea sending photos/etc. really shows you’re “legit” – because ofc those can’t be faked)

          Yea I’d like a type meself, but you don’t see me begging for it do you?
          Please have some dignity in dealing with your problems (like the rest of us).

          • Who is begging?!I said,I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT,completly related to the topic.And if you think this is a scam,please,have my life for 24 hours.And if there is a God,I beg him to give you the hell I’ve been through for a day at least.Again,why would someone try a scam for a videogame?Yeah,maybe for 3000000000k euros.

            • You don’t know the shit I’ve been through so calm your fucking tits. Yea I don’t have cancer but someone close to a very dear friend has/had. He’s playing wot, should I beg for him? Or tell him to quickly get on FTR, beg for some codes/attention himself?

              Who’s begging? YOU are begging for codes, if I’m not mistaken.

              Also you do understand you can do other things with that much free time, not just playing tanks right? Like you know, GETTING AN EDUCATION – because probably your real drama will start if you get well and got nothing to show for your wasted time.

              I’m sorry for your problems bud (if they are real), but I can’t stand the fucking self entitlement. And begging. I can’t stand begging. Go away.

              • Why would people scam? Geez let me pick a reason: because people are lazy/narcissistic/sociopaths/etc., because type is not on sale, because reason X (ie. who gives a fuck).

                Want a type? Here, a hint: http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/1l7gy5/type_59_on_ebay/

                Yea it got sold for 536 EUR.

                If you want one badly (like I do), and you don’t win it on the stream, then probably some codes will end on ebay. Got your bank account ready? Mine is. PROBLEM SOLVED.

                Now stop begging and do something productive with your life. Or go play your other premiums, they feel lonely and under-appreciated.

              • How can I do something else when I’m still due to operate,and can get out of the house 15 mins a day,and that with suncream on?Anyway,piss off.(Thank you for the ebay link,and sorry if I offended you in a way)

                • I’m sorry bud, If I understand correctly the only thing you can do is play video games?? No, you’re not self entitled (because of your problems) at all.

                  How about STUDYING you know… math, physics, chemistry, botanics, foreign languages, programming, etc. GUESS THERE’S NOTHING TO DO IN A HOUSE BUT PLAY VIDEO GAMES amirite?

                  You offended this whole FTR community by BEGGING, which is something you shouldn’t have done in the first place. Just because you’ve got a problem (or a disease) – this doesn’t entitle you to anything. PLEASE STOP begging here. Carry your problems with some fucking dignity.

                  If anything, we should thank SS every day for the great work that he does on his blog and try not to piss on it.

  10. I cant see any postings saying what the rewards are going to be.
    I did find a couple of “now removed” forum post on the US server, but nothing specific.. Where is the info coming from regarding rewards?..
    The main news item on the US page doesn’t list any specifics to me either, tho, I have seen the web server not serve new pages before.

  11. “There will be exclusive info about your favourite Wargaming products as well as some CONTESTS with great prizes.”

    Note the “contests” word. So they wont give them away for free, you must take part in contests to get any prizes. For me, no streamwatching, but good luck for you guys.

  12. I have rarelly seen such a bad stream. They might give 2x Type59 codes for each streamer, its not worth it.

  13. this sucks, this is how they do it: They stop the chat, then they ask ppl to say anything but type 59, open the chat, everybody goes crazy on chat, and a few secs later they chose and announce a winner…

    no code for you.

  14. If by any chance codes aren’t “stolen” yet the overwhelming spam in the chat would make it quite hard to “battle” against scripts, designed to get these codes :)