58 thoughts on “F2P Revenue Worldwide

      • nope, DNF is still huge in korea, jp and china, even had there own manga and anime series and professional leagues in korean e sports.

        Its already running since 2004

    • EvE still has a big sway in the runnings of MMO’s so i don’t think its quite yet but yes they are starting to become more common Free to Play games

  1. nexon literally swimming in cash

    >And Mahoney says Nexon has witnessed reistance in Western countries, but blames large developers and publishers for creating such a negative reputation. “Yes we are [noticing opposition in the West], mostly because so much of the free-to-play you see in the market – including the games from the big guys – has been done badly,” he states.

    yeah no shit your games are p2w grind craps

  2. should I be ashamed of not knowing what Dungeon Fighter online is? I literally never heard of it :D

      • It is not popular at all in the states, actually. I do not know anyone who has even heard of it (working with videogame developers). I am guessing Asia only market

    • Its the most popular browser game in Korea and South-East Asia. Asians are known to spend HORENDOUS amounts on games like this. And iam not talking about buying stuff for 40 Euro like we do in WoT. Iam talking about ppl spending in the area of 1000 USD each month to rank in various events. There is a whole market like eBay only dedicated to DFO.

      And btw there is a English version being developed atm which is ending its Alpha on the 13th June.

      • They already had an English version, they just closed the game and servers. And now, like you said, they are making it again. Which I will definetely play because I miss my Exorcist.

  3. So they are earning half a BILLION $ a year. No money for decent development, no money for decent internet connection most of the time. Beats me.

    • Yea 71 million Revenue is clearly showing that a game is dying.
      Mabinogy will die by next year. Not earning enough money clearly.

      BTW I like your avatar. Erika is a pretty badass character.

    • It’s a side scrolling fighter with MMO/Diablo Style character management. It’s pretty fun but can be pretty P2W (uhh more like P2 Grind less, their isnt much you can’t get for free but it takes forever), i dunno i played it a little back before they rebooted it was like EQ kinda but the dungeons are sidescrolling fighters.

  4. WTH is Dungeon fighter online? (never heard of it anywhere) and same goes for crossfire, but looks like Nexon are pwning Wank gaming, not stronk enough

    • CrossFire, CSO and Sudden Attack is Counter Strike.
      Nexon makes moniez from addicted SE asians for sure (since they dont need to pay heating in winter :D).

      • Sudden Attack markets itself as the first FPS game to be released/made in Korea.

  5. Don’t know most of the games by nexon except maple and counter strike online? Is that different from valve’s CS? Hat’s off for TF2.. Btw, what happened to dota2, warthunder etc that are on similar list before?

  6. Smilegate… Nexon… TENCENT????

    OK, this must from a “korean” press… so i don’t believe it.

  7. There’s an MMOFPS I’m waiting for some time, based on “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex” anime.

    And Nexon’s gonna do it…

  8. Most of those look lame to me except for WoT, LoL and TF2. I’m not into the anime-esque stuff.