As you might have noticed, there is no Bryansk HB on EU server. While I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere, it is my speculation that the historical battles are so little popular that they decided to introduce one at a time not to split their playerbase, creating endless queues.

- currently, according to Storm, 10-15 percent of players are playing team battles (in the beginning it was 25 percent)
- IS-7 was not touched in 9.1, its accuracy was not nerfed
- it is not possible to visually change (customize) the barrel marks
- 9.1 uses 4.44.31 version of the FMOD

30 thoughts on “11.6.2014

  1. actually, there are somepeople playing historical battles, about 40 in brits queu and 10 in the germans
    and the new gun sounds are in, i thought they werent supposed to be in 9.1?

    • You are right, the sounds are in; there were some people playing HB battles last night, so for the first time I managed to play some HB matches last night. Playing with the germans vs the hellcats was a joke. One time I convinced the team to move to the SW corner and try to hull down, still the cats won the battle.

      The new HB map, I just feel that is the same story, the germans get a lot more vehicles and they know where the matildas are going to be, so the english camp and the germans attack. There is not going to be much variety in these matches. Also, because the number of english vehicles are low, there is not much experience to share between the germans, I think this is an issue. Given the current battle set up, if the english dont get a lot of cover, I am not sure what they can do.

    • Also, I dont think there is extra exp/credit bonus when playing the HB mode.

      • the historical battles are going good ,there are about 50 players playing right now, and more germans

        • People will get thier “win on each side” medal and go back to random.

          Still good move from WG to leave just 1 HB, this way the queue should be full enough most of the time.

  2. I tried HB :D
    I took lowest tiered light then medium,… one side, then other… [I have many tanks, just no heavy]
    Each time waited for ~4min…
    No success to enter.
    I had enough “pleasure” to play this mode :D

    It is same as in WarThunder and non-Arcade modes: you wait few minutes and have no idea if you get in or not… I see it as a waste of time looking at the screen with counter :P
    By the way, I hate in WarThunder BOTS – they are officially in your team.

    • i actually had a battle in 10 seconds, but there where already 8 germans ready

    • I did not have that problem, now I played with the Tier I german TD. I dont mind to wait few minutes, I can do other stuff but the game should notify when the battle starts even if the game window is not active.

  3. I’m hoping they will alternate the two battles. If Bryansk is live on RU then it’s in the client and they could just change it every week.

    • I just bout the T60 last night to try to play the old HB battles, there were not enough people but I thought I could use it with the new patch. I was wrong. At least I did not re-buy any high tier soviet tank.

  4. 10-15 percent of players are playing team battles

    That’s why hard working WG EU forces 85-90% people to play this mode in monthly missions?

  5. for the 1st time in years, im gonna use a MOD, this time tochange the UGLY sounds

    changes at maps:

    - shit storm: only changed the corners and the places where arty could hide… FAIL, hole map needs a remake.
    -tundra: all TD palces were removed, map is only heavy tank friendly, FAIL again
    -Komarin: middle seems good, less water,but they deleted too many bushes… TDs are useless FAIL, this map should have never come back.
    - northwest: north part of the map looks good, same with 1-2 line… mid part of the map changed a but, more fiendly to do hull down . south part of the map is sure death if u spawn at the right side base
    - artic region: harder to shoot if u use arty, not imposible.bad move adding that southern path. mid part of the map looks good, nice places to do peek a boo, or hull down.left base sniper places were removed, including the hill at j-k 9-0; looks good.

  6. i don’t know what it will take for them to realize how Underpowered IS-7 is??

    “IS-7 was not touched in 9.1, its accuracy was not nerfed”
    hmm the powercreep feels strong every patch

  7. And it seems that Matildas are so OP, that there are about 5 to 10 times more Brits than German tanks in the queue.
    That mode is one big fail.

    Edit: wrote this post while waiting in the queue and finally timed out with my Matilda.

    • I played two battles this morning with the Germans and we crashed those Matildas. Maybe I was lucky and my team was good.

      • Germans win most of the time, the britts have less tanks and if they dont tick together they get taken apart . Not so much a problem with the germans sinve they have more tanks. It seems that the pz3 is the best tank on te field.

  8. Best 9.1 feature for me so far is the fact that I no longer seem to get stuck on black screen on return to garage, despite using all of the usual mods (xvm, jimbo, voices, music).
    In 8.11 it was just something that occasionaly happened, but in 9.0 staying in battle till the very end got me stuck on black screen almost every time. Now in 9.1 I have zero black screens so far, yay.

    • For me it was the removal of fps drop when switching from arcade to sniper mode. :) No need to use mod anymore.