52 thoughts on “First Football Mode Footage

  1. what a garabage… reminds me of that karl crap…

    if i wanna go play soccer or pixelgames, i go chose a different game.. to me that is real trash sorry

    can they maybe once focus their ressources on whats important? so we might have one day balanced tiers/tanks/trees, perfect MM and a bugfree game? just thinking…..

    • No they cant, deal with it. Dont like it, dont play it. its that simple. How about enjoying what we get atm and stop hating? just thinking..

      • ofc i will not play it.. but, i am not hating.. i am telling my opinion what these comments are for.. problem much?

        • Fair enough. I think you’re a dribbling, ass hurt, idiotic troll child. But I’m not hating, that’s just my opinion.

          Its an optional game mode that plays around with the game’s physics which I and apparently a lot of other players think is going to be fun. (So was Karl)

          If its fun and people enjoy it then its not a waste.

          Not making this mode would not make anything else faster, there are multiple teams working on multiple things, and updates cannot occur if one thing is done but not the other.

          By the looks of this mode, even if the people who are working on the most critical of work for the game were making this game mode, it would not have made any difference time wise. (Repaint an existing tank, model and texture a ball, build a small football stadium, make an exception for the tank gun, and a little bit of coding (a little bit compared to what they usually have to code)) and presto, done.

          “so we might have one day balanced tiers/tanks/trees, perfect MM and a bugfree game? just thinking‚Ķ..”

          See my first line of what I think.

    • Balanced tiers and tanks? Don’t you realize their entire business model relies on imbalance and just the right amount of frustration, just like every succesful F2P game out there?
      As for bugs, WoT is pretty much bug-free. The big problem is of course performance, but that’s hardly classified as a bug.

      • Bug free? well flying tanks tanks driving in stones inside houses and things like that arent bugs?
        well ok yea then my android app i am making is bug free to, you must only press the buttons in the good order cuz it will do other things if u dont… but no bugs…

        • Oh boy, once every thousand games you might glitch into a rock. Wow, how terrible.

          WoT is the least buggy game I’ve seen in a long, long time. Especially given the amount of content there is, with a few hundred unique tanks and a few dozen maps, you’d expect more fuckups.

    • There’s nothing like “completely balanced”. Unless all the tanks are exactly the same and maps symmetrical.

      Hell, even chess are considered unbalanced and those have been around for a few thousand years and are way easier in terms of number of models.

      And for perfect MM you’d need perfect players. Skill based MM has the same disadvantages as the current one AND adds longer waiting times.

      Basically you demand impossible and offer nothing.

  2. I feel like i mistaken the game. I’m not the least interested in this, i doubt i’ll play this more than once – just to hate consciously instead of blindly…

        • Heh, that’s funny and it reminded me I actually have a WoT keychain. Got it @ a “meet and greet” or some “tankfest” or the other. I saw in the kitchen “junkdrawer” the other day, still in its’ “presentation” box.

  3. It’s nice and all, but how do you win? The ball just respawns at the center. Is there a scoring system? When does it end? When the timer runs out? Sorry I don’t play football.

    • Usual football match: 90 minutes, team with most goals wins (the “after each goal, ball is put back in the middle”-part is sport-accurate)

      WoT: I’d guess the “team with most goals wins” rule still applies – since their are no tank kills in football WoT, i guess they use the kill counter as goal counter. Time limit is going to be roughly 5 mins i guess. I don’t know if they also have a goal limit (first team with x goals wins), that’s what i would do.

  4. looks stupid which means its gonna be a lot of fun…dont see playing this for more than couple of games tho

  5. I did not liked that there is no time-out after goal – ball instantly appears in center (no time to return).

  6. There is no way to download a full client directly from couple of patches ago. I can’t see any direct link on WoT page. Is there any way to obtain such link? I would like to download full game client at night (transfer limits) via my NAS storage not having to turn on my pc which is noisy and energy consuming. NAS is quiet and low energy.

    ps. Full client download links were on FTR some time ago and they look like this
    This one is still working but it seems WG stopped publishing them

  7. Sure it looks great with ProGamers.
    But it will look a bit.. different.. with some of the tomatoes from random battles who are not even able to drive their tank in the right direction :D

    • Thats what Im afraid of a little. I will go to random team, one guy will be afk, second will hide in corner and now what. :D

  8. shame its only 3v3…and im gona see a problem with this…the ball spawns in the middle after every goal and only 1 tank needs to ram the ball at full speed/ just shoot it once and the ball will go in.(not much skill tbh)

    • In Germany there is a show on TV once a year i think called TV-Total Autoball WM with Stefan Raab. He does that as a 1vs1 Countrywise in cars :P if youre interestes you might look it up