What Just Made Me Smile (WG EU Employee Harrassing FTR)

Hello everyone,

Life is made good by the little things, that make you smile. This is one of them. So, today, I posted the news about the Wargaming EU moving to the different office. In the end, I had a little childish jab at WG EU once again – you know me. But one of the first comments made me pause:


Wow. Such hostility. Chill, man! Since such people are not TOO common in FTR comments, I was wondering whether it’s some hater returning to haunt this blog, maybe I know him from before. Decided to look at this commenter closer.


Alright, someone new then. And logged with his gmail no less, which means that is his e-mail (you have to have access to it to use it to log in to FTR). The IP leads to France – at this point it started getting interesting. On a hunch, I googled the gmail address “Vojta.ov@gmail.com” and…

Hi, Ellendway (EU Czech community organizer!)

Second result:





A bit of advice: if you want to troll, don’t use your personal gmail address to log in.

Busted. So, this is what WG EU staff does in their spare time (I hope…)? Spam FTR?

198 thoughts on “What Just Made Me Smile (WG EU Employee Harrassing FTR)

    • BUSTED! :D
      Another proof that WG EU staff are just a bunch of arogant pricks

          • What a fuckwith. How this tool got hired by WG is beyond me. Does he offers free blowjobs or something? LOLZ

            • I asked W4RGAMER this question and got a perma ban for it. So I guess the answer is, you will get the job without giving blowjobs – but if you want to keep it…. Why has SerB always a smiling face sitting at a table? ;)

    • Its his page… u can’t go to someones place and poop in his garden and expect that he’s not going to do anything against it… Deal with it.

    • Given the fact that Wargaming Europe is driven by notorious liars (nRicochet’s fake CV on LinkedIn, his famous sentence in german press: “We are 100% sure, there are no bots and cheats in WOT”.
      And many other things you can all read here on FTR or on Reddit (wherever the people from WG cannot do their censorship) – I really do belive, that you have either no clue about what you talk or you are just one from the WG-Europe morons. Maybe the christ W4RGAMER with his mental problems crying in livestreams or calling god in german forum section?

      Who know, who knows….

      • U dont have brain or u are just not using it? This blog was good in the begining, it was about tanks, some fails of WG, future tanks , … Now its just colection of drama posts. So much hate in this guy its not even funny anymore. He is getting money for writing crap about other ppl, and then he is talking how honest and fair he is, and others are stupid, retarded and liars… Just pathetic.
        World of Tanks is a game which earns milions every year, surley those ppl are not retarded and stupid. They made a game, and if u like it play it, if dont, dont play it. But at least 50% of World of Tanks players are like u. Playing the game 3-4 hours daily and still talking crap about it. If u dont like something, dont do it!!!
        Thats why this blog became shit, bcs u ppl like when this cunt writes crap about WG, and then he do it even more. Why? Bcs paypal thats why…
        I will not post anymore, pls ban me faggot so i dont even try…

          • This is my only account, same nick in WoT as well, u can see where this came from ;)

        • “and if u like it play it, if dont, dont play it”

          And if you like it, read it – if you don’t, don’t read it.
          Another smartass who cannot follow his own stupid advice.

          • i just copy answer from before: ” I was reading it because i liked it. Now im reading it to know why im getting teamkilled in randoms, and chatbanned every week,…”

        • Because you think you are so smart.
          If you don’t like the blog, don’t visit it. If you don’t like the post, don’t read it.

          It’s his blog, he can do whatever he wants with it short of breaking the law.
          If some people like it enough to support it, you can’t do anything about it.
          If he makes money out of it, that’s capitalism for you.

          Go find another independent source of WoT and WG information.
          If you ever come to read posts on this blog again, you’d be eating your own words.

          • I was reading it because i liked it. Now im reading it to know why im getting teamkilled in randoms, and chatbanned every week,… That guys finds some1 that he dont like and then he writes crap about it. Usualy its about unicums bcs he is so bad at this game he needs to make others worse…
            Even Oldskool (one of the best moders in game) added something in his mod about this cunt….

            • Wow okay thanks for sharing. Even Oldskool? Damn, how very interesting, this adds some serious weight to your arguments – he is one of the best modders of toy tank game after all!

              Are you done now with your dramatic exit, so you can finally leave the stage?

              • And u are here for what if not for that toy tank game?
                I repeat. SS is known for his atitude towards WG and unicums. He hates them both. Why? Bcs he wants to be both and he cant…
                I will leave stage when he bans me, thats why im saying he is cunt in every post :)

                But he is probably busy taking screenshots of this so he can make another drama post. Just for you i will not comment anymore. I wish u best.
                And SS, cmn man, there was no posts about polaks more them 3 hours, post it faaaaaaaaast

                • i actually played with this guy mrakar from efe the other day,he died in first 2 minutes and chat raged entire match how his team sucks :D

                • At least i dont hide behind some other nickname. U can now see what that cunt did to our clan. Every post we make is irelevant, bcs u see clan tag EFE u imidietely conclude we are nazis, rage kids ,…

                  @salabajzer – yes i often die in first 2 minutes, almost 99% of time. Thats why i have worst winrate then silentstalker.
                  Sigurno si neki profesionalac kada se sakrivs iza drugog nicka :)

                • Even Oldskool… OldSkool is rasist raping north german hartz4 guy… Thats Oldskool, watched his stream twice… was enough rage for lifetime… But nice idols u got.
                  Bababababbaba… don’t open ur mouth yet, there is nothing productiv to say.

                  Btw its a rassist idea to hate all that show mistakes of something to maybe make it better… kicking and not-respecting that different thoughts – is so fkin 1943. So take ur time machine and go there and leave this blog alone.

                • Salabajzer

                  If you had brain, you would know that lot of maps is often about getting key positions fast. So you go there in hope that your tomato retards will help you and you secure win for them. But they stay to camp at base in their OP TDs waiting for free damage in last minutes before loss.
                  Thats how unicum players die in 2 minutes and rage about shitty team but you will never have brain capacity to understand that. Unicums can easily stay alive until last second and make massive amount of damage, but it does not secure the win. Sadly braindead animals like you wont be able to understand that. Never.

              • @fegelStation – im Serb. A lot of my ppl died from nazis, and i still dont lose my mind when some1 makes joke about ovens. Why should u? Its internet every1 can write what he wants, if i cry about everything that bothers me, i would do that whole my life…

                • Serb? Then you dont need to go that far back to Nazi Germany. How about 1992? Radovan Karadzic?

                • ahahhahahahha, i give up. Didnt know u are so retarded. I wish u all best of luck, and to start using your brains in future!

                • Deadmau5 has a nice song entitled ‘Attention whore’, I think you will like it!

                • houmer56
                  from your comment one can be sure you saw naked women only on red tube …

            • Well when OldSkool – known as Nazi – has a problem with SilentStalker then this has an enormous weight – indeed :)

            • Oldskool has a reputation of being a complete cunt tho. Or so they say, I don’t personally know him

          • “U can now see what that cunt did to our clan” suits you right when you defend nazi scums like Mat.

            Ajde prestani ovde da places sramotis Srpski narod bre

            • There is a difference between suporting and not giving a fuck. but yea, as whole FTR tomato army u just write what silentstalker wants…

              A sto se sramote tice, pa vidis sa kakvim konjima se ti slazes. Vidis i sam sta oni o nama misle. Citav FTR comment sekcija je grupa retardiranih poljaka koja mrzi sve redom i pokusava da digne svoj ego tako sto ce spustati ostalima…

              • No matter how hard I try I cannot feel anything else but pity for you and your family.
                I feel sorry for whichever society has to put up with you.
                Oh wait! Your society is a scumbag racist society full of idiot kids who have no life IRL! I suppose a sad lonely retard like you could fit in just fine there.
                I suggest you check out 4Chan. Might just be the place for you.

                On another note.
                I feel really sorry for SS. He has to deal with such retards all the time.
                Thanks for your hard work SS.

        • >They made a game, and if u like it play it, if dont, dont play it.

          SS wrote a PERSONAL blog. If you like it read it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

          See how that work? You should take your own advice.

          Wah SS wrote about my lame ass clan. So sad. DEAL WITH IT scumbag.

        • You say SilentStalker is writing crap? Where does he writing crap, please show us!

          And yes, WOT is a game which earns million, and no, this doesn’t mean the people working for WG isn’t just crap.
          Let’s look how the things are:
          - It’s not hard to make an online game, there are dozens of new games every month
          - WG decided to buy BigWorld – as everybody knows this engine is outdated for years -> bad decision by crappy engineers.
          - WG decided not to implement multicore-support. It’s a difficult job and you need skilled staff
          - WG decided to implement HAVOK: BigWorld engine is already overloaded, we have lags and packetlosses – lets pack another engine at top of BigWorld -> crappy decision by crappy staff.
          - I’m pretty sure if Greenpeace would inspect the support office they will start a campagne to free the monkeys there immediately

          And at least your comment: “Playing the game 3-4 hours daily and still talking crap about it.” shows me that you were the perfect WOT-Staff – to stupid to see the difference between a game and a company. I’m pretty sure you work for WG – it’s such a pathetic sentence it fits perfectly to WG-Staff :)

  1. I “love” idiots who never was in this part of Europe and… expressing their opinions about that.

    • To be clear, that guy comes from the Czech Republic and his name is Vojtěch Daněk – pretty much czech name.

  2. FFS SilentStalker, you just broke the law. Did he grant you the right to share his email address with anyone?

        • “It wasn’t publicly available here.”

          FACEPALM. Is there such a thing as “publicly available only somewhere”? He posted his email on his own website, that makes it public, dumbass. FTR just copied it from a PUBLIC place, his damn website. Leave this legal stuff to grown ups and go “play tenks for fun” please.

          • So why not publish every FTR user email if it is available somhere public? I don’t care if it’s a WG page, someone’s school page, CV posted on a public page. What bad can happen from knowing that FTR user XXX has posted a public email address on page YYY – it was public.

            PS. Forgot one thing. Dumbass. Insert that word anywhere you want.

            • Yeah, go ahead an do that.

              That’s why smart people only makes stuff public that won’t make problems.
              You don’t want to spread your CV in public, don’t put in on a public server.
              You don’t want to spread your email in public, don’t put in on public server.
              You don’t want to have put your company to shame, don’t hire morons….

            • You want me to protect your privacy by not looking at the stuff you freely put out on display? You funny. SRSLY tho, piss off with your american attitude protecting the idiots from themselves.

              As for the word dumbass I can think a few places where I would insert it. Your empty head might be one. Other cavities also come to mind.

        • my…… the community manager comes with a disruptive attitude and SS is the one at fault?
          Good grief, I thought that it was the US where you could sue for stupid stuff like that, not Europe….

    • Whilst SS has not broken any laws that I’m aware of, accusing him of doing so when he is clearly innocent could be construed as slander. Be careful while throwing rocks from that glass house of yours.

      • Even if SS didn’t posted his email his email was still public on his own blog you goddam moron.

        • But the point is that it was not publically available here, nor was it submitted here for publication. I for one am not happy that the author of a blog is happy to share subscriber’s information. The right or wrong of the subscriber’s actions are neither here nor there.

  3. -So, this is what WG EU staff does in their spare time (I hope…)? Spam FTR?
    what you think they spend their spare time on ? improving the game? , LOOOOL

    by the way , SS , there was a post about some kid made a suicide by jumping from the window cause he was upset from the game ? , there was a police investigation about it , any further news on it ?

  4. LoL like i say on official forum WG EU staff are band of retards.
    Karlie and Ellendway go to hell, and WG change them please

  5. O_o

    Refering to my earlier comment – just imagine, they got close to 170 people there like him (truth be told, there are some nice and honest people working in Paris office), doing nothing except reading your blog, going “hurr durr, dat SS haz veri stronk info, we hate him” and being butthurt about it.

    Maybe you should use some of that cash from Patreon and send them a Jumbo package of aloe vera soothing balsam.

    That should help a bit.

  6. Posting such things as a WG EU employee with personal email is not very professional and not the way you deal with media, whether you like them or not.

    But SS, I think your reaction is overboard compared to what he wrote. I guess you wouldn’t have done this to any other negative poster, you would have banned or ignored him. So why shame this person publicly, just because he works for WG EU?

    • Well, people that act/speak/write on the behalf of any company should be professionals (*cough cough*), such fails usually don’t go unpunished.

      For example Twitter is the best place to get fired for nearly anything :D

    • The dipshit is using his work email, and by logging in here, he is agreeing to FTR using his email for purposes related to this blog…

      Outing a dozy twat for being a fail-troll is concomitant with the purposes of this blog….

      Therefore, the dozy twat agreed to be outed.

      There ends the case for the Defense, m’lord

    • Yes. If you go somewhere related to the place you work at and post something, even if you declare a thousand times that you are posting for yourself, you will still be considered as a “company representative”.

      Give the other cases of this particular person’s incompetence in CZ section (if you don’t trust me, ask around), I do feel compelled to bash him over it – in fact, what offends me is not the text itself, more like the fact he is too stupid to at least not use his private e-mail.

    • But OF COURSE he wouldn’t have reacted the same if the poster was someone else.
      The man is a Community Manager, and he HAS TO BE HELD to higher standards.
      If the people that tend to the community are trolls, the game can only downspiral into a wreck.

    • WG claims for itself all the time, they acting professional.

      - There are no bots,
      - We fight bots.
      - There are no bots (http://worldoftanks.eu/leaderboard/#wot&lb_tr=1&lb_of=xp_amount&lb_cd=2014-6-9&lb_sg=all, sure, 300 – 400 games within 24 hours – no problem for a human being :) )

      Reporting System
      - It works as intended
      - no abuse of the system detected
      - If you are banned, then you are guilty
      - If you ask for a proof we send you a mail: “Deal with it, we don’t make any mistakes at all” <- always a sign of pro-behaviour :)

      - We have no lags
      - we investigate the lags
      - There are no lags
      - The Olympic games are the cause of the lags
      - There are no lags

      - Roaming is coming with 9.0
      - Roaming won't coming
      - If roaming is coming, nobody in EU want's to play with the EU-Server anymore.

      So let's measure them on their words – and they fail again. The only thing the ever meet the expectations: failing, everywhere and everytime…

  7. I don’t get this… Giving that AMX-40 answer, sucking in WN8, working at WG EU and then start trolling… Maybe first get better in that game, do ur fucking job at wg eu and then… maybe after u got a small idea about the game, start a minimum flame, but in anyway, he should be fired for that useless action. Just a small comparison:
    I know a WG EU worker now. What he brought me until now? Flame.
    I know this Blog and i know the game cause of this blog, not because of worldoftanks.eu . So WG EU, start to change this and clean up ur dirt in your garden first, instead of pooping in ftr’s shiny garden.

  8. Wait… hes the CZ Community organiser and he bashes people from CZ? (and Poland again, poor Poles)
    I cant even….
    Tell me again, how does WG choose their staff? I mean some of them are decent, but some of them are you know, as Jingles will say, “Special.”

    • I’m very curious if anyone from the main WG office actually sees this or realizes what is really going on at WG EU
      And how they get away with it.
      And even more curious how they pick community managers/coordinators, last Spanish coordinator barely played(as in months without a battle), and was real bad on top of that

  9. Wow, i totally missed the rise in Patreon money. Gratz to you SS.
    Last time i looked it was only like 520+ dollars.

  10. If WG HQ don’t start sacking these useless pieces of shit then they will slowly lose Europe as a customer base; at least the part that actually buy gold.

    This is pathetic and disgraceful behaviour. It also goes to prove what many have thought for years, that WG EU employees actively troll and post under puppet accounts to try and make themselves look better.

  11. Now i wonder… Did he wrote that in “worktime”? And now i’m curious what are moderators doing when they don’t respond to your questions in the game’s chat…

        • Think deeply about how many things you can get banned/warned for + the intricate ways to say things without saying it and you will understand why it today can not be handled by a bot.

  12. -_-”
    I hope you don’t too overboard with this LOL WG EU FAIL SilentStalker.

    But maaan, is WG USA really well-done that we always hear WG EU fail?

    • Overboard? After a Community Manager bashes the most used source of information that happens to be WAY better than their own?
      If they want FTR or anyone else to stop bashing them for doing their work half-assedly, they should…. maybe… do they job right. You know, they get paid for that.

    • I tried to change e-mail address on both servers, EU first. It took them days to reply, but everything was smooth after I provided them with the needed info.
      WG NA? Took a day, and they apologized for the long time, but they had to wait for EU to confirm the e-mail change on my EU account.
      So from my limited experience it’s better. (Not to mention when I sent them pictures of E50 hull-bug when you could shoot the lamp in the front and damage, they answered stating that Panther II has bad armor.) Also SS has less interactions with USA.

  13. One word sums it all up.


    So what if FTR doesn’t look fancy like his website.
    The content is first class

  14. I bet this WG guy shit himself when he saw his own picture on ftr today morning

    He’s probably thinking “how the fffff he found me”

  15. FTR is my main resource for WoT news. SS may have a habit of mocking WG, but don’t we all do that (yes, I read the official forums)? It’s always tongue-in-cheek, never hateful or spiteful. Even this post about busting Ellendway is brought as a big laugh and that’s what I like about this blog. SS is honest and doesn’t try to get in WG’s ‘good book’, like so many bootlickers try to.

    Ellendway, I still love you , bro. Free Type 59, plz, thnx.

  16. SS, you just won +1 internets and the “Make WG MAD!!!” award, first class.

    Good God, what are these guys at WG EU thinking? Bunch of fucking kids.

    • he googeld his email address. thats amateur-sherlock.

      btw. holy crap $1569 thats avg $9,17 per patron. kinda stupid …

  17. So, in other words there is a full time job at WG where all I have to do is mercilessly troll FTR and other dissenters while occasionally using the official forums? I’d sign up for it, even though I like FTR.

    Still, if you’re officially hired by WG and take part in such antics, don’t use your personal email, that’s just stupid. Guy got what he deserved, 110%.

  18. I am not from EU server but this event is just too funny

    I read lot about WG EU fail but i never thinks they can fail this hard

    Well Asia server who often got update last, doesnt look so bad anymore

  19. How did Silentstalker get into [R1SE] anyway? I don’t think he even meets the requirements @ WN8 1626? Must be some celebrity exception :)

    EDIT: R1SE is recruiting players with minimum WN7 of 1550+. Bad news for SS with WN7 of 1,427.

      • Celebrity exception then :) You must know you don’t deserve that spot though.

        You can completely ignore my opinion, and you probably will, but maybe, just maybe, you could actually improve your game instead of wasting time on revenge- and drama pieces? It would be time much better spent :)

        PS – I still support you and your work. On Patreon, too.

        • So you couldn’t get in or just got kicked out? exceptions are made everywhere and with that close stats I bet it’s not the end of the world for the clan…

        • Erick, why bother :) ? If they ever need that one spot so bad, they will surely kick him ;) . And, if not – it’s not your clan anyway.

    • I want a fucking SS in my clan, we will make all exceptions you can think of if he comes to my clan, so I can bitch everywhere that SS is in my clan!!! Ok we’re ready to pay SS to be in our clan!!! Yes I’m ready to do some bad stuff just to get SS into our clan :) :) :)

      In reality, having SS in a clan, is huge publicity and honor, I honestly believe that clans were fighting among them for SS to became their member!!!

      • News are news. You don’t need to be a unicum to write news, completely different skillsets. SS is the unicum of WoT news, let’s put it that way.

        But I wouldn’t pick him as a member into my 3-man T9 grind platoon, yet.

  20. Best…comment…section…yet…

    I hate that wheezy fat diabetic game called WoT, but I really enjoy reading the comments on FTR sometimes.

    I hope SS, his goons, and the featured tards keep serving it up :D

  21. LOL, looks like SerB overnerfed wg eu employees brains. They need a buff, really. :D

    @mr Czech community trollganizer – what can I say? HOW TERRIBLE!


  22. This just shows the typical retard that works at WG EU. I mean how fucking dumb you need to be to use the same email for your work and to troll here. It’s as retarded as that fucktard who registered at bot program forum with same nickname as his ingame nickname to whine how he got banned(got wiped his account) for using bot script and then tried to convince WG support it wasn’t him. Some people’s stupidity is immense.

  23. Ahhahah GJ SS
    i think there is bas tard on every company, so don’t hate WG for that

  24. Did I just find someones IP :)

    Aww… It’s Mr.WGEmployee iP :D

    Wait is that a free booter here on my PC just sitting doing nothing :o…


    Bwuahahha ha hah ha h >:D


  25. Bring him to the public square! We shall throw tomatoes and third world currency at him!
    – I live in a shithole too! Long live the third world! :D–