How to get WoT:Blitz without being Scandinavian

Author of the video: Chickentikka

Hello everyone,

if you follow this sort of stuff (at least completely marginally, like I do), you might have noticed that while global release for World of Tanks:Blitz is planned for 26.6.2014, the game was in fact already released to limited audience – in this case, Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). Other regions can’t normally access it.

So, how do you access it then, if you are not from Scandinavia? To some, it might seem pretty obvious, to other people like me, who are happy when they find the on/off switch, it is not as easy. Luckily, Chickentikka made a video, explaining to non-Scandinavians, how to access the store. I hope it works for you guys. Let me know in comments if anyone finds this useful.



By the way, mobile is the future even for FTR – by now, roughly 15 percent of all readers access FTR from mobile devices on average, last year, it was 7-8 percent…

30 thoughts on “How to get WoT:Blitz without being Scandinavian

      • “mobile is the future even for FTR” – How about making an App for FTR? Maybe you could then make your interface better and such (not that it’s bad now). And I think you will also be able to make more picture-heavy posts on an app. Thanks for reading.

    • Odd. I did exactly that yesterday on my cellphone when travelling and it didn’t seem so terrible. Sure, it’s not exactly a professional site, but it’s perfectly readable on cell phones…

      • True, my opinion was based on past experience with FTR on Android. Well it looks better now. Posts are readable, lightbox works correctly.

        But still there are some issues:
        - very big header,
        - image in backround (200kb),
        - difficult to use navigation.

        • SS you should put spoilers like on the forums for your really heavy picture articles. It takes up a lot of space sometimes

          • Spoilers mechanism requires JavaScript to work. If you are using Opera Mini, for example, you can’t use JS, meaning that you can’t see those images.

  1. ” mobile is the future”

    That’s ok until it’s not touch screen. I’m the only one who can’t stop opening random shits, while scrolling?

    • u have phone u can open this page with AND it also has BUTTONS?>>??? WOW does those still get support>>?? awsome u should take care for that thing it will be one of a kind soon will be worth money…

      • No, it doesn’t have buttons. It’s a samsung galaxy trend, it was free, but I hate it. I’m not sure about what did you misunderstand. :)

  2. Using the site 90% mobile and i think the only problem are the comments if they stack up they are pretty annoying to read or scroll through

      • Yup, same for me, get’s annoying when I try to read comments in school, having to scroll down like 4-5 times to read a couple of words.
        Other than that, no real problems with FTR on my phone, posts with lots of pictures load for infinity, but that’s kinda expected and okay.

  3. Well, I’m actually to lazy to open the comp and check FTR from my iPad.

    But SS, when I browse FTR the page it’s always shown only on 2 thirds of the screen and the rest of it is that yellow/brown background. Pretty annoying.
    Anybody with the same problem?

  4. I only ever use my iPhone to read FTR…and only when I am pooping or falling asleep :D