Battles Played no longer in Hall of Fame

Thanks to Ottomatic_Reiffel for this one.

Hello everyone,

if you follow this blog, you know about the existence of bots. As you probably know, one of the best way to recognize a botter is by his outrageous amount of battles played – that’s because in order to be effective in grinding, the bot, due to its very poor game results, has to rely on playing as many battles as possible – there are accounts with 300, but even 500, battles played per day.

Now check this out. In the 9.1 official Hall of Fame, changes were made. 7 day and 1 day HoF statistics no longer display the amount games played.


I wonder why that change was made, because I can’t really think of any logical reason. Other than covering up the statistics that is, so players don’t go looking for other players with an outrageous number of battles per day, seeing with their own eyes how much WoT is infested with bots. Yea, better to sweep that under the carpet…

29 thoughts on “Battles Played no longer in Hall of Fame

  1. WG finally realized that they shouldn’t reward bots. It isn’t Hall of Bots anymore :)

    • It doesn’t matte if they are “awarded” by being put on the list which nobody is watching for appreciating them. It’s about whether they are punished or not!

      This fact that they have hidden the number of battles for recent time is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      • it’s their game, they can do whatever the fuck they want so deal with it or quit playing

        • Very constructive and mature Ioweh! But remember, using big-boy language like “fuck” doesn’t make you a man, now does it? You remind me of a certain WG person who answers/comments the same way… Well SS, as you’ve said, sometimes it’s better to sweep the whole thing under the carpet, and wait for it to boil over…

  2. Or the thing is , htey are actually responsible for making a certain bot type, and don’t want anyone to start crying about it. Naturally you have to pay to use the bot, so more money to WG piggy bank…

    • Well, I played Silkroad Online 8 years ago, and the developers themselves advertised and sold bots for the game.
      So who knows…

  3. “I wonder why that change was made, because I can’t really think of any logical reason. … ” That’s Hall of Fame for players so it’s pretty efficient way to rule out bots out of it. For me it looks smart fix and nice effort for players.
    Besides you don’t need Hall of Fame to see that there are bots in this game.

    • But the point is, the 1 day and 7 day where really easy for us (the players) to gather names etc to watch and submit replays (also to annoy mods with their games per hour).

      It seems rather suspect that it disappears when the ASIA forum community are pushing for better bot policing. We are being fed the usual “we are working on the best ever bot detector ever” line that frankly disgusts me.

    • but hall of fame shows the “best” bots, since they have the highest numbers of played games without being banned(or account resetted)

    • Bandaid solutions are never a good idea. Out of sight is not out of mind, this just makes it harder for us to locate specific individuals and gauge how effective the anti-botting measures are.

      Anyway, in the forum thread about it, the community manager says HQ has told him its due to an error in the display of the stats over that period. That doesnt really sit right with me, surely they’d just leave it up and fix the code?

  4. Well, on the ASIA server there was a group of forum warriors that were posting the names of suspected botters on their signatures by using those “Top Players by Battles Played Within 1 Day”. Hilariously, while they kept getting penalized for naming and shaming, the names they put up on their signatures usually ended up getting banned (IIRC).

  5. Not that you can compute number of battles simply dividing frags (column 4) by F/B (last column), which gives about 472 for 1st place. Usual WG approach.

    OTOH – with 2 frags per battle bot would be much better than a lot of players, so I would rather expect a hired people playing account 24/7.

    • @jakub_czyli_ja: Thx for help – another WG Fail of the dumbasses calling themselves “developer” :)
      ROFL – WG do you really think you get out of that mess with hiring crap all the time?

  6. On Android version (WOT assistant) there is still an option to look for battles played in 7, 1 days range

  7. So, there is some guy at WG in Paris saying: Webdeveloper kick this out… “Battles played” is not intressting anymore in overall statistics. And then he just does it!??!?! As the “Bot”-solving-technology!?!?!?! For real?! How french u can do things?! or was it the usa way!? i don’t get this…
    We got a problem, lets just don’t show it… Nvm. A place where i never would work thats for sure.
    “Ignorance and stupidity in the city of love” – Sounds like a good movie title.

  8. Meantime in WarThunder your team consist of official bots :D
    [..and looking at minimap you cannot differentiate if tanks on other flank are players or bots]

  9. We’ve received a reply on the Asia forums that they were removed because they were displaying incorrect data and that they will return when fixed – Doubtful I know.

    On the plus side they didn’t hide the data well enough as you can still pull the data out of the server with a jquery
    Just replace .asia with whatever server you are on, might have to be logged in to the portal to see it. Also will need to change the date field at the end. Thanks to lazyWombat on the Asia forums for this.

  10. Limit the number of battles allowable per 24hrs to, say 100, and the bot problem will be instantly reduced

    • I checked this and I think this is bugged.
      Hall of Fame is showing bad statistics, on noobmeter i have played 242 games, so this is impossible to make almost 700k xp and 1.6k avg exp.
      So situation is almost the same before patch, my stats on hall of fame was wrong comparing to in-game statistics or my profile on wot website.

      And to be clear, i’m not playing on bots and i don’t hire Chinese kids to play for me :)

  11. Fuck it time to start some bot accounts. WG doesn’t ban shit got a friend that’s been running for the last 3 weeks at 350 games a day and still nothing happened lol….

    So tired of seeing them might as well just join them.