As you already know, the Stronkhold mode was started today. In the meanwhile, the suspicious lack of new info has been explained: Storm has vacation.

- recent changes in the “light T-54″ also showed that the frontal turret armor was reduced from 180mm to 160mm. Storm states that the 180mm most likely stays at the front where the turret armor is practically unsloped, 160mm will be the sloped part
- stronkholds not for players who don’t want to be in a clan? “Don’t want to be in a clan? Then don’t be. In random battles, there will be many events, missions etc.”
- Finding 20 decent people for stronkhold too difficult? “Strange how other players do find others and create clans? What makes them different from you?”
- stronkholds will apparently be useful even for smaller clans, that won’t have to wait for events and the bonuses will help them grind
- the raids (SS: what is the official English term? Forgot…) in Stronkhold mode are analogical to companies, but there will be no encounter or assault in them, the same analogy applies for the map choices (just like in companies)
- stronkhold consumables will come later – “follow the news”
- stronkhold resources will be awarded for defeats as well, but less
- stronkhold statistics will be kept separate, just like with team battles stats
- a clan cannot lose its stronkhold completely
- attacking and defending of stronkholds between clans will come later

47 thoughts on “19.6.2014

      • I should join EFE. I could stir up drama there (or Record all of the drama) and than send it to SS.
        Also could check out all of the shitty things they do and say and than send it to SS.
        Problem is that I am not a unicum and I want to have a life. Not to mention I also don’t want to have my job opportunities whittled down to being a binman or a cleaner.

        • yep every unicum has no life and a bad job lel typical argumentation of a bad player,you dont have to play 24/7 to get unicum stats omfg…

          • but but dont u see it? Being good at a game totally show that u must be unable to make good decisions and estimate situations to your best. Moreover it shows your lack of memorizing different facts and tactics. And furthermore playing 10 or 20 games a week shows that u cant have enough time for anything else.

            Warning: This post may contain sarcasm or other form of communication the super ├╝ber RL Pro aka Tomato doesnt understand as he’s to busy with searching for excuses for his real (life) and virtual (life) failure. (Must all be governments fault *puts on tinfoil hat*)

        • Problem is that I am not a unicum and I want to have a life.
          Please tell me more how you need to be nolifer to be unicum. Stop making excuses for being shitty player. #StatsAreLuck #sprem24/7 #IPlay4Fun #UnicumsAreNolifeDouchebagsThatRustlesMyJimmies

  1. Fact that it is nothing but a UI thing, and really nothing Hands on ingame, expect clicking few buttons on a GUI, this is nothing exciting.

    Esp the fact that its geared towards newer clans, and not ones that have been around and are solid. So its slapping the fans in the face, and letting the new players get up easier…

    It’s also just a Company battle in disguise… by a different name.

    I want to see actual in-game stuff, an actual map your clan members can go to and see your buildings or roam around together, view each other tanks, etc etc. Something that is not Facebook level material. This, this is a GUI interface with Company battles behind it.


  2. Honest question, SS – you’re not even realizing you’re typing “stronkhold” instead of “stronghold” anymore, do you?

    • I don’t even realize that he types stronkhold instead of stronghold anymore.

  3. I am sure somebody will make a mod that changes all “stronghold” word to “stronkhold” ;)

    • Should be easy.
      Someone just has to change the translations file.

  4. This game’s bread and butter are new tanks and maps not shitty web browser style crap like this.

    I’m starting to believe SS was right when he stated no new significant content will ever be released again for this game because after 4 years its entered the milking phase while they work on other stuff.

  5. >> but there will be no encounter or assault in them,

    That’s the thing i cannot understand: shitty assault would be logical option for assaulting enemy stronghold – yet, no…
    Same goes for HB Siege of Tobruk – name implies defense (and thus, assault) – again, no…

    And for randoms: yes, good, balanced, nothing wrong… whatever…

  6. I actually like the idea a Lot. Not because of the boni, but because this can become a very good alternative to cw for which I dont like spending time i rather spend with rl friends.

    Company battles with more at stake? Very fine with me.

  7. Well, 180mm is already on the edge of effective, reliable armor at tier 8, hopefully the mobility will make up for it. As long as it keeps its gun stats the way they were last time, I am still in.

  8. Stronkhold biased towards Unicorns. Stronk clams even stronkerer. Pubbies never get to try the cake. FU WG. Unicums are nolifers.

    • very true it was like the NA campaign 1 where all the top clans declared peace and then proceeded to keep all other little clans from ever getting the M60. Whenever WG trys to get pubbies into CW all the big clans suffocate them, subclans are really the only way to get into CW anymore. very few new clans can actually compete for a spot on the map now.

  9. It’s time to get 20 bots into my clan to grind for resources. Then activate “free XP bonus” for even more farming with bots. :)

  10. I tried the test..and its very boring since u have to wait hours for something to grow, and than need 20 of your clan to be online to skirmish only to find..no enemy..

    I hope this wont be like HB…