Stronkhold Test is Live

Hello everyone,

as posted yesterday, a special “9.1 Test 3″ test is live with the Stronkhold mode enabled. You can download it with the link here:

Please note that according to the portal news, the clan tags gonna be scrambled. You can however create your own stronk(hold) klanu for free on the portal (seems not functional right now).

ASAP on Stronkhold mode


16 thoughts on “Stronkhold Test is Live

  1. I’m in a clan, also the clan commander, but i cant play it. The option is greyed out.

      • i am in UNICA(not really a small klanu i think:P) and the option is also grayed out for me,i dont really understand how that gamemode works maybe min. 15players of the clan have to be online on the Testserver or so?

        Edit:ah there is a button next to the Barracks named stronghold it seems like you can enter the Gamemode there,but the stronghold can only be activated by the commander:(

  2. Um, how about some explanation.

    You need a clan on the Test Server to test Stronghold, no?

    Ill let the drones test this

  3. Yeah, there’s no explanation, which makes it kinda hard to know how to try it out.
    edit: okay, there’s a new button next to barracks which takes you into this new mode. Problem is that you need to be in a clan to use it, and on the test server many aren’t in a clan as the tag is removed and replaced with username_EU.
    There’s a create and find button which takes you to 404 sites.

  4. Watch at :28 seconds in. he clicks STONGHOLD to the far right —) But you need the “clan commander” to set it up. Even though its on the test server, so I have no idea how to after that.

  5. The clan making thingamagig for the testserver works now, however the website is only available in russian
    and you still need 20 members to use the Stronghold mode, plus those players need to actually have logged in to the newest testserver once.

  6. Nope the site still doesnt work … How the hell am i supposed to test this if only the clan commander can create stronkhold? Nobody heard of the clan commander in like 2 months…to test this i have to leave the clan, leave my friends and hope to get invited in some random russian clan that plays on test server? This is bullshit…

    Atleast they could let us create or join clans on test server separatly from our real clan…