Soccer Mode to be Modified to Remove AFK

Hello everyone,

thanks to Otakubouzu and Tanitha for this one. You might have noticed that there is quite a number of AFKers in the T-62A soccer mode, farming XP. Tanitha from ASIA server confirmed, that there will be changes to remedy the situation:


This change will also be implemented on other servers.

25 thoughts on “Soccer Mode to be Modified to Remove AFK

      • anything you mentioned can do bot as well, so instead dead tank, there will be some randomly driving tank…

        • Installing a bot is already more involved than just being afk. Some afk leechers might do it, and then some wont, will get 0 xp and then will stop doing it. Might not entirely fix the problem but will certainly help.

        • True, but no bot program is made for soccer mode. Bots are confused as all hell and no wayponints exists. So they just stand idle and shoot “enemy” targets with auto aim. But at times they are confused as all heck when all 3 members of the other team drives past him. Seen a few bots stand idle and the gun going back and forth and then they blow up at the end. They still get 500 or 1000 xp tho. So it makes little difference to them.
          They work great if they start at the goal position as they are as much use as any normal person that spawns and camps there to “snipe”. Anything else is 100% useless.

  1. Thanks God! GJ! :) Now WG should try to remove that players, who find something more interesting in 30s of loading than the game they launched….

    • Usually I found players in soccer mode AFK/not logged in. They are joining into the battle, when only 2 minutes left… and 2-0 for the other side.

  2. I was AFK once because the “waiting for players”, and the 30 sec waiting is so long, that I Alt + Tabbed the game, and I totaly forgot about it. 5 sec would be more than enough.

    • … yesterday I managed to grab a draw with two afkers in my team. I guess the enemy was pretty pissed off as they probably expected easy victory… Were the match few seconds longer we (I) would actually win as the ball was heading to the goal.

  3. So they implement this in a pointless fun mode which has been around only a few weeks, yet they do NOTHING to stop bots/afkers/leechers in random battles after 4 years… GJ WG.

    • Players don’t have to pay a premium to make the reward worth it in football mini-game… So they’re probably going to make it such that it won’t be that easy to train a commander for free.

  4. Oh noooo ! Now instead of AFK, we will have bot folowing every single of our movement and being in the way when it’s time to back off.