Nothing much today, Storm is apparently still on vacation. You can however check Listy’s post on wartime propaganda.

A word of warning: an alleged set of future changes of German tanks appeared on RU forums (claiming that VK6501 will be a premium, Maus will get a longer 128mm gun, some changes to VK4501 etc.) – it’s a fake and some of the alleged changes are so outrageous it should be evident at first glance, but just to be sure, I am posting this warning here in case it makes its way to our forums.

In the meanwhile, here’s some QA about the upcoming Stronkhold mode.

- the map during Stronkhold mode raids will be chosen randomly, will not contain assaults or encounter
- clan deputy commander in Stronkhold will be able to do the same things as the clan commander, aside from actually creating the stronkhold
- Stronkhold bonus (“reserve”) will combine with any event bonuses
- Stronkhold buildings that would allow you to get any tanks are not planned
- there will be two stages of Stronkhold implementation, one with the raids and maximum stronkhold tier of 4, the second with clan vs clan battles and maximum tier of 10
- there will be no “neighboring bases” in Stronkhold mode, in order to attack clan, you simply pick the enemy clan you will want to attack. Also, you will choose, in which time (timeframe) can your stronkhold be attacked (SS: eg. “defender chooses the time”)
- it’s theoretically possible the number of players doing Stronkhold raids will be reduced from 15 to 10, but this will be decided only after testing

- the medium raid tier will allow tier 5 and 6 light tanks (unlike in companies), it’s possible this will be reviewed
- what will happen when you lose defensive battle for your stronkhold: some buildings will be damaged and they will have to be repaired, certain amount of the industrial resource will be “stolen” and will go to the enemy. It will not be possible to completely destroy enemy stronkhold under any circumstances.
- consumables such as minefield for stronkhold will be usable only in combat, not outside it. It will be possible to put minefield straight before the battle somewhere on the map, artillery strike and air strike will be used on certain map sector (SS: as in, A4 rectangle for example) etc.
- it’s possible the company mode will be removed completely, it will be decided after stronkhold is implemented
- there will be no “point limit” in raids, you can use any tanks of the appropriate tier
- unlike in the raid mode, when attacking enemy stronkhold, you will know the map in advance
- apparently, the credit and XP gain in raids will use the same rules as it is now in companies
- there will be no gold rewarded for Stronkhold (“want gold, play CW”)
- when attacking/defending Stronkhold, tier 10 vehicles will be used (SS: as in, no divisions)
- apparently, if you become a clan leader, invite people to clan, develop the stronkhold and then kick everyone out of the clan, you will get to keep the developed stronkhold you got with the help of the clanmates
- it’s pointless to start a stronkhold with a clan of your account and 19 of your alts, to get bonuses, you have to participate in stronkhold battles and for that you need 14 other people
- it is not possible to start a raid with less than 15 people
- stronkhold statistics will be kept separate, just like in the case of historical battles
- there will be no “fog of war” in stronkhold mode
- the bonus you recieve from stronkhold reserves will be recieved by every player of the clan, regardless of whether he participated in raids or not

59 thoughts on “22.6.2014

  1. - there will be no “fog of war” in stronkhold mode

    But why? Would have loved fog of war for 7vs7, Company mode maybe even for random.

  2. this mode is just gona let unicum bots get even more monies to spend on gold shells to spam…

      • I think he is denouncing the us of bots by the unicums. I disagree.

        I do believe that many, but not all unicums, use cheating mods. How many? That is a good question.

        • The fuck is a cheating mod and as someone who plays with and calls for all sorts of unicums none of them use any other mods than the average pubby,

          • there are actually somewhat many unicums using shit like defoliants, minimap destruction markers and other illegal stuff. the number isn’t even remotely as big as tomatoes like to think, though. I’d say it’s just on the same level as on every other skill level.

            Two exceptions: Complete retards use no mods at all, because they’re too retarded to know they exist, and I think a large number of bluenicums use every advantage they can get to finally be purple.

            • one special exception: I am a super unicum player according to noobmeter WN8 and 90 percent of my games were played without ANY mods :D

            • How do you know this?

              How do you know Unicums use Defoilants etc? How do you know a large number of Blunicums use illegal mods?

              I think you are saying things that you think but can`t prove.

            • I don’t use mods and yes I know they exist. To me if I was meant to have that stuff it’d be in the game, and in my opinion ANY mod that gives you ANY advantage over players playing with NO mods no matter how slight of an edge it gives the IS A CHEAT. I’d rather be on a level playing field than use mods that give me an edge or extra info as an advantage over other players because then you have to actually HAVE SKILL to beat them. And yes in my opinion even xvm has many aspects that can be considered cheats. Players that deny their mods that give them ANY edge no matter how slight is a cheat are ONLY fooling themselves. uninstall ALL of your mods for 2 weeks and watch your stats start to plummet.

        • the mods available that are illegal barely give you an advantage, you wont become any less of a tomato if you try cheating. it is the situational awareness and skill that gives unicums their stats

          ps learn to spell stronghold it is getting old

          • To a very skilled person, any advantage no matter how small can reap large rewards.

      • Maybe hes one of that terrible players who gets outplayed by an afk bot and now thinks that therefor those bots must be unicums ^^

    • Average tomato spams more gold than unicums. Even on premium tanks and in situations when gold is not needed. That is a proven fact.

      Unicum players have brain and spare credits/gold – they will always shoot gold when necessary as every other player.

      You are exactly the sort of trash SS sucks dick of. Tomato retard who cries about everything and everyone because he is so bad at WoT. Please send SS the screenshots of terrible unicums “spamming gold” (presumably APCR on T10 mediums, right?) calling you names, because even one comment tells me you are red/yellow braindead donkey.

      • Do German TD’s from the WT line on tiers VIII-X firing APCR at anything ranging from tier VIII heavies to scouts and artillery count?

  3. ” Maus will get a longer 128mm gun”

    Maus with Panther or E50 L/100 gun? Somebody who skilled with photoshop? :D

  4. “[T]here will be two stages of Stronkhold implementation, one with the raids and maximum stronkhold tier of 4, the second with clan vs clan battles and maximum tier of 10″

    I really wish you would stop calling skirmishes “raids”, it’s misleading.

    By the very definition of the word “raid”, it’s not something that can be applied to a battle that takes place on a neutral ground, which apparently what Stronghold’s skirmishes will be.

    It’s entirely possible that when WG will implement attacking other clan’s strongholds the official English word describing it will be “raid”, as simple as that.

    On the other hand, I have nothing against “stronkhold”. ;)

  5. I just don’t get it – why people spread false news about updates? What interest do they have in doing so? It’s not like the rumors will make any pressure on WG…

    • I’m starting to believe they know how the system at WG works… Think about it. Storm says something idiotic (even at the last minutes before the patch), some programmer dudes start to do them plans, deadline is coming VERY SOON (R) so they put it out even if it’s not completed.

      “Russkies know how bureaucracy works… they live in it since the Romanovs.”

      • so TL TR:

  6. Wish they had made this gayhold crap a seperate tablet app or something instead of spreading its crapness into WoT.

  7. love the ” these people cheat” comments… lets see if they got to ballz to say that on the official forums, were they can get called out for their stupidity.. won’t happen, they like hiding behind their ftr username like cowards.

  8. The Maus just needs a slight RoF buff so it will be competitive again.
    But I do LOVE my Maus :)