Public Service Announcement – WN8 Needs Help, so does New Czech Blog

Hello everyone,

two people asked me for help yesterday in their projects and considering I know both well, I accepted, so here’s the thing. First one is carramba66 – you might remember him from the veteran charity, he organized it. Now, he’s starting a Czech blog (sort of like a mutation of FTR along with original content) and needs help of more people with it. Here’s what he asked me to post (in Czech of course):

Český web nabírá spolupracovníky

Brzy bude spuštěn nový neoficiální web o World of Tanks – Najdete na něm informace ze zákulisí i leaky z vývoje WoT, recenze tanků i komentované replaye nejlepších bitev, modifikace a články z historie válek.

Projekt vede carramba66, spolupráci přislíbili například akcido, Frost_DeatH, CatfoodCZ a další.

Chcete se přidat do týmu? Provozovatelé nabízejí spolupráci. Požadavky:

- dobrá znalost angličtiny (stačí písmem) – bez překladače!
- spolehlivost
- časová flexibilita
- všeobecná orientace v problematice World of Tanks
- alespoň lehce nadprůměrný skill

Zájemci o spolupráci pište na

Second is Folterknecht from the WN8 team. As you know, ratings and such are well beyond my interest, when it comes to WoT, but I know Folterknecht, so here’s what he wanted posted:

Hello Community!

The team that created the WN-Rating just released the first update for the expected stats of the WN8-Rating, as some of you already might have noticed.
These values are created with the help of the playerbase. Phalynx from is allowing us to use his data base for our project.
During the recent update it became clear, that for certain rare tanks there isnt enough data to create correct expected stats. Therefore we had to use substitutes and values had to be tweaked  by hand,
which isnt the most scientific approach.

That’s why we ‘re asking you to help as out by uploading your dossier files at We are especially interested in dossier files from players who have one or more rare tank. These tanks are for example:

- alpha and beta tester reward tanks like the M4A2E4 Sherman EU and NA beta tester got. For the RU server it was the KV-220
- tanks from the small, medium and big preorder packages – for EU/NA-Server: A32, Pz V/IV and M6A2E1
- Pz II Ausf J, BT-SV and other similar rare vehicles

If you dont have any of the above mentioned tanks in your garage or stats, your dossiers would still be usefull as a bigger database helps to increase the accuracy of the rating. Furthermore you can also take an indepth look
at you personal stats on vbaddict, which does a great job at visualizing them and providing information to you, which isnt usually available via your service record and sites like or

Just to make it clear – the dossier files don’t contain any persoanl data beside your playername and stats. So you dont how to worry about your account password, creditcard number or shoe size getting public.

Here is a short explanation on how to upload your dossier.

Thanks for your help and to Silentstalker for publishing this.

The WN-Team

59 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement – WN8 Needs Help, so does New Czech Blog

  1. Us ASIA/SEA server folk got the KV-220 too as a beta reward tank and as a mission-reward tank recently :) Would be happy to contribute stats for WN8.

  2. Why don’t they use curves/data from here to upgrade their rating (roughly overall skill/performance level vs performance in a tank)? “” That would make it harder to farm stats in tanks that are more OP for skilled players (hellcat, 62A, wtf e100 etc.).

    I’m assuming calculating current WN8 from tank’s expected values all have almost equal distributions.

    • Sites like, Noobmeter or WoTLabs only have reliable access to overall stats like WR(s), number of battle on certain tanks, overall spots, damage and so on, but NO tank/players specific stats.
      Thats the reason we need access to dossier files – WGs API is a mess.

    • It is if you expect to see other players WN8 ratings, the rating is calculated at the end of the match by comparing to the mentioned stats which should be the avg performance stats for players driving that tank. If the avg stats are wrong, then the WN8 rating will be wrong as well.

    • Rare in comparison to currently popular tanks – there are still a LOT of people whose ratings are affected by these tanks.

      The way the system works – collecting dossiers with data on a given tank, then running a regression to find how a hypothetical ~53.5%/1565 WN8 player would perform in it – is heavily reliant on having as many samples as possible for statistical rigor. Without this data, the target numbers have to be eyeballed.

      • SO what happend when my 1660 over Wn8 ass really is now in my last 5k battles 2500 wn8. There are seriously tons of players like this and rarely do players go down a ton, like a player who was 2500 overal play at 1600 level for any real amount of time.

        What happens are those 1st players just ruining there own tanks stats since fori nstance there 900 DPG in KV220 will look as if that is high green rather than the 2500 wn8 level its played at?

  3. I have been using vbaddict for about 2 years already!
    It’s a great service, you can see even you crewmember skills and tanks equipment there!

    • Also, I use it to get a summary of earned credits, it highlights which of your tanks are making a greater profit after taking running expenses. I have other players asking which tank generates more credits, I mean no premium tanks, and this feature resolves the question.

  4. Its a pity WN8 cannot take spotting damage into consideration (WG doesnt provide that API), I can do 1.1k spotting dmg in my Luchs and get a WN8 rating for that game of 0

    • That is true and it affects a lot my WN8 as 50% of the time I drive scouts. Is there any plan to include these stats?

      • Just because you drive scouts shouldnt kill your score to bad. In fact it should help it.

        T64 requires 700 DPG to be unicum, How about a 59-16 with 500ish? So as much as Spotting will help things like Batchat/obj 430 and other tanks looked at as pure DMG dealers in reality it will boost Dmg Dealer/Hybrid Scouts much more.

    • “It doeznt take my spotting i get zero wn8, buhuhu”
      The new excuse for baddies.

  5. I wouldn’t shed a tear if WN8 ratings, and mods showing those, would cease to exist. So no dossiers from me. Personal choice.

  6. Been using VBaddict since I’ve started playing WoT as well. It’s a brilliant site/service and I’ve regularly donated too. Couldn’t play without it since I’m a total stats whore.
    Its nice to know in what tanks you do particularly well in, could need improving with and just overall keeping track of your improvement over time. Also the possibility to keep track of your credit making and what tanks make you the most money is nice as well.
    Besides the KV-220 I don’t have any of the “rare” tanks and even that I only play sporadically. But yeah, every additional profile there helps, not only those of above average/unicum players. (the site is mostly used by at least above average player’s I think which might screw up some stats/their WIN8 calculations!?)

  7. I don’t understand exactly how my dossier file could help considering I haven’t played my M6A2E1 in a long time. Does he wasn’t me to run a few games in it first? What is it they are looking for exactly?

    • well I think they want some bigger base of results so that average could be set more accurate with small base there tend to be lot of spike either way from average. What would you think is better if you do average out of 10 people or 10 000?

    • I have M4A2E4 and i haven’t played a game with it for a month… but anyway…. i’m toooooooo lazyyy to play

  8. vbaddict is little buggy i have 315 wn8
    in game i have 1500
    i see my stats for hellcat who is -1 lol

  9. Oh damn, this Wn8 site is buggy as hell, my stats: 46 WN8, 673 WN7, 25% win rate xd…not to mention that most tanks have -1 or 0 in their WN8 stats. Buggy as hell :D

    • Reload the site again – sometimes it takes a few hours to display correct values. The owner of posted an explanation somewhere in his forum.

  10. I would participate in it… but it only tells insufficient (thus misleading) stats about players’ performance.