Silhouette Mod Banned on RU Server

Hello everyone,

yesterday, another mod was added to the Russian list of banned mods (in order to display it, you have to be registered on RU forums) – permanent silhouette mod.

So, what does it do?


Basically, it’s a script, that permanently enables the enemy tank silhouette, as seen above. It is very useful in for example shooting over various obstacles, walls, bushes and such. It’s reasonable to expect that this mode will be considered banned on other servers as well.

45 thoughts on “Silhouette Mod Banned on RU Server

      • A ton of people hate it because your right it makes you think you can hit targets you can`t.

        Aiming over the tank and having outline pop is what most players use to see if they have a clean shot.

    • How the fuck that guy still has a WoT account then? those NA morons banned that streamer for 7days. Jove is promoting this shit and gets no ban. Money talks then.

      • Iirc that same guy was the author of the IS-7 RoF buff hoax which was later disproved.

        • No…That mod wasnt banned, infact no mods were at the time. There was no list.

          But Sela is a cheater, anyone with a brain knows it was a cheat, but WG was so vague on purpose, they wanted power to ban anyone they wanted at anytime with no responsibility to explain why.

          WG doesnt care if you cheat or not as long as your not becoming more tickets for them to answer.

      • Jove was once banned for 7 days for making a video on a test server where he placed his gun in front of arties and made them kill themselves.

    • Another angry tomato?

      Its actually confusing a lot, because you keep shooting at stuff that is behind obstacle. Dont worry, tomatoes are not owned because of this. ( its ofc luck and gold for those who doesnt know ).

  1. I dunno, it seems pretty harmless to me and it could even ruin your performance by making you think you can shoot the enemy tank when you actually can’t.

    • I have the same thoughts about this mod to.

      BTW it only works on SPOTTED enemies. (so you can see their icon anyways).

      And i have a method to get rid of all the bushes and trees to render on the map (basicly i run out of PC memory)… so am i also a cheater thus bannable?

      • yes…

        @ggram.. it helps because you can see exactly which direction they are moving and which direction their turret/gun is pointing…

        …. at least the mega-zoom mods mean you have to move your camera around enough to get over their position which means you have a moment of “non-awareness” over other parts of the map etc.. sort of +1-1

        • Okay that is true but if you have sixth sense and you know that they spotted you then you will go “paranoid mode” even without the mod. At least it works like this for me.

    • apcr and ap can hit trough walls and small cover(with 20mm penalty), in some maps with high ammount of these objects it can give you advantage over the rest since you can aim to weakspots while he isnt aware of it.

      • Lol no. 70% of cover is hard so this mod is very bad if a player shoots.

        Where it does give MASSIVE advantage is when you can see a player racing through buildings and you are leading him, rrather than guess where he is and how fast yiu just smoothly aim and lead and shoot.

    • No, not that I would know. Locastan specifically asked the support before publishing this mod and was told it was perfectly legal.

      It is the exact opposite of this mod and helps you not to damage friendly tanks, I don’t see that being illegal.

      • Locastan’s mod shows only your own teammates silhouettes and not enemies, like in this case. Seeing your enemy’s silhouette all the time clearly gives you an advantage and should be banned.

    • Sure. 100% cover. This had to be because of mods. I would ban them all because they were cheating for sure! There is no way how to kill tomato moron in 100% cover. It had to be cheats!

      • They didn’t kill me when I was in cover. Despite the rapid fire straight into a building.

        They killed me when I risked sticking my turret out hoping my team had driven them back far enough I could get netted up before they came back. No such luck.

        But there is no explanation why even a total idiot would fire straight into hard cover continously unless they had this mod screwing with them. Bet it was in a mod pack and they didn’t understand the change.

    • OMG, this is what every noob says when they read about a mod. Those players could have been blind firing, or trying to get lucky or bots…..How would them being able to see yo uwere behind cover have them shoot at you? And how would all 3 have same mod?

      Anyways dont get into the “HACKERZ” trap. You can release a fake video showing a fake cheat on Youtube and have all the newbs say “Thats why this guy was…xyzing me last night” when in reality its just them trying to explain something they didnt understand

  2. if only WG released there own LEGIT mod pack…but ohhhh no, they have to mess up more maps, play around with tanks and make them unplayable and keep postponing updates (such as havoc engine)

  3. can anyone tell me what mini map mod his using. i looked everywhere and cant find. it and i don’t mean the one with square.

  4. <I think it would be confuysomg to use it, wont do much good until i learn how to use it

  5. I hope they don’t ban the other version of this mod which only always turns on the silhouette of allied tanks. This makes it good for not hitting your ally that is in close combat with an enemy.

    • That one is not banned because author of the mod, Locastan himself asked WG is it legal and he got the green light to publish it.

  6. Yeah, that’s quite an unfair mod. The allies one is legal, and is fairly helpful…

  7. I have this mod, but it’s ONLY for “Allied”…didn’t even know it existed for the enemy..but yea, that is pretty lame, and considered a cheat in my opinion.

  8. I use this mod but only for allies. Keeps me from shooting them I suppose. Are they banning that also or just the enemy outline?

  9. Outlines for enemy tanks shouldnt even be in the game. You can either see the tank and shoot it or dont see it and make guessshots in the direction of its icon if you think there is no hard cover in the way. But accurately aiming at something that is behind twenty threes because the 40′s telepathy technology is telling you where to shoot… one of the annoyances for me in wot.