Interview with Rob Carroll about WoT Blitz

Thanks to Maiorboltach once again for this piece of news. Rob Carroll is one of the producers of WoT Blitz (one of the “you never heard about this guy before and you probably won’t again” people), but recently, in San Francisco, he gave an interview to News 10 network.



Not much inside – just that mobile is the future of gaming and the usual stuff. The interesting part is that Blitz is not a WoT port, it was built from ground up, the account is shared with the PC one strangely enough. Android support – “later on this year”. Maps are mobile exclusive, designed for mobile gamplay (7vs7). Another interesting part is that World of Tanks will be expanding even further than the mobile (Ios, Android), PC and Xbox360 version. Also, more Wargaming mobile titles are in development.

12 thoughts on “Interview with Rob Carroll about WoT Blitz

  1. so this will have more crazy SerB inventions such as the E-100? great, more made up voodoo tanks.
    better get my tin foil hat

  2. Hmmm… how is it connected with the PC? With my normal WoT account, it has 833 gold, my blitz account has 500. So… maybe not connected just yet. Also tanks do not transfer. So I’m not sure how they connect. Unless I missed a sync button or something? Cause I already linked it and got 250 gold.