M3 Lee Wheel Bug

Hello everyone,

several players have recently reported a bug on the M3 Lee roadwheels, so I decided to investigate. I actually did not find anything wrong with it on my client, but player Panzer1600v2 sent me this video (he just sent the link to the file, so I uploaded it on Youtube). The fifth roadwheel on the left side does look kinda “shaky” – are you experiencing this issue as well with the Lee? Or perhaps on other tanks?


27 thoughts on “M3 Lee Wheel Bug

    • “So that’s the reason why so many players have problems playing M3 Lee:-)”
      you mean
      “So that’s the reason why so many players have problems playing”?

  1. so? does it affect the tank? prob just lil misplaced texture, shouldnt really be a problem

    • You cant see it good, because tank is going fast. When it is going slow you can see it very well.

  2. Who the fuck still uses the Lee? (apart from the poor players trying to get to the M4 or T1 Heavy)

  3. ARL 44 had exactly the same problem with ALL wheels for several patches from 7.4 to 7.8, it was very annoying to watch.

  4. Someone was not performing proper virtual maintenance on that roadwheel, and look what happened.