20 thoughts on “Great European Random – Football

  1. This could be very very good game mode if just to fix few things:
    - ball goes to mid if stays at wall for 6 seconds
    - different tanks (scouts and pretty fast MTs)
    - desync makes it super hard to hit moving ball
    - mechanic to check who scored the goal
    Any others?

    • - Players are also reset after each goal scored.

      Nothing sucks more than to receive an easy goal after you finally manage to score one through their defence, because the ball respawns in the middle, while you are on the other side…

  2. I like this kind of videos, but this one is boring. Nothing special what didn’t happened when you play this mode few times.

  3. When ball goes to middle it either need a small delay or it should reset players too…

    • ^This

      So annoying and abuseable. You are sure to score/get a goal? Go back to mid and instantly score another…

        • It is not that annoying, it works the other way too. if you are sure the reds wil score the goal, go middle and have a shot at their goal. In one game i had we had this way 2/3 after less then 3 minutes into the game XD