0.9.2 Supertest patchnotes

This list of changes is almost certainly not complete, so take it with a grain of salt.

French tank changes

- AMX50B: gun aim time buffed from 3s to 2,5s

German tank changes

Aufklärungspanzer Panther

- reload time of 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 for turret VK 28.01 Ausf. C buffed from 4s to 3,4s


- aim time for 9 cm Bordkanone buffed from 2,9 s to 2,7 s
- reload time for the same gun buffed from 7,5 s to 7,2 s

Leopard 1

- 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9 s to 8,7 s

Leopard Prototype A

- reload time for the 105mm gun in stock turret buffed from 14 s to 13 s
- aim time for 9cm Bordkanone in stock turret buffed from 2,9 s to 2,5 s
- reload time for the 105mm gun in elite turret buffed from 12 s to 11,1 s

RhB Waffentrager

- 128mm gun reload time nerfed from 10,9 secs to 11,15 secs

Stug Ausf.G

- carrying capacity of both tracks increased by cca 3 tons
- vehicle became 3,14 tons heavier (SS: this is unclear)

WT E-100

- gun accuracy spread from moving and turning the hull nerfed by 25 percent
- 128mm gun lost 1 shell in the autoloader, reload time of the 128mm autoloader buffed from 60 s to 52 s


- reload time for 128mm L/61 nerfed from 10,9 s to 11,6 s
- reload time for 128mm L/55 nerfed from 10 s to 10,6 s
- reload time for 150mm L/29,5 nerfed from 16 s to 17 s
- reload time for 150mm L/38 nerfed from 16 s  to 17 s

Japanese tank changes

- repair costs of Type 97 Te-Ke reduced by 5 percent

British tank changes

- 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm
- FV4202 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9,3 s to 8,6 s

American tank changes

- M46 Patton aim spread from moving and turning the hull reduced (buffed) by 7 percent for stock suspension, 8 percent for elite one
- 105mm T5E1M2 accuracy buffed from 0,42 to 0,4
- 105mm T5E1M2 gun spread from turning the turret reduced (buffed) by 14 percent for stock turret, 17 percent for elite turret

Soviet tank changes

- Object 263′s 130mm S-70A reload time buffed from 11s to 10,7s
- SU-100M1: LB-1S gun reload time buffed from 6,9s to 5,9s
- SU-101: D-54S gun reload time buffed from 7,1s to 6,7s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: D-54S reload time buffed from 6,8s to 6,5s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: 122mm M62-S2 reload time buffed from 10s to 9,2s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- T-44 – LB-1 reload time for turret T-44-100 buffed from 8,6s to 8,1s

Other changes

- added “Stronkhold” clan mode
- reworked following maps: Sacred Valley, Cliff, Sand River, Hidden Village, Erlenberg, El-Halluf, Airport, Komarin
- added new reworked Prokhorovka map
- reworked the snowstorm effect on Kharkov map
- fixed the bug on Pearl River map where a tank is launched into the sky by interacting with some objects
- fixed the bug where windows on Abbey and Kharkov map buildings flicker
- reworked the collision models of some broken windows on Kharkov map, now they can be shot through
- fixed the collision model of bridge arcs on the Windstorm map
- fixed the red/green line in artillery mode, now it will be displayed as red if the line of fire is crossed by another tank
- fixed the bug where the autoaim got stuck in replays
- fixed the bug where the tanks on sloped surfaces “twitched”
- added 6 new medals for Team Battles
- reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD (SS: Storm states that this was actually wrongly written in patchnotes – HD model tanks other than your own will still use HD textures, but with reduced (halved) resolution)
- added balance corrections for many tanks

335 thoughts on “0.9.2 Supertest patchnotes


    Anyway; for an actual response:

    1. VERY nice buffs for M46… but no M48 buffs? Huh?

    2. Why on Earth was the StuG III G nerfed? It was a damn fine machine, but there are far more broken tier 5 TD’s out there. That said, I doubt a mobility nerf will actually harm the StuG III G all that much, it wasn’t exactly a scout to begin with.

    3. LOLOLOLOL 183mm HESH nerf

    4. I can understand the buffs for the SU-100M1, SU-101, and SU-122-54 [Holy Hell they need it, ESPECIALLY after the map reworks] but I simply don’t understand the Object 263 buff.

    and 5. AMAZING JAPANESE TANK BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • it’s not just about oneclipping individual tanks. 1 extra shot allows you to engage a larger quantity of enemies and/or take greater risks, because you have 1 more backup shot. 8 sec reload don’t gain you shit, because 52 sec are still way too long for anything but camping in the back.

          • In some ways, yes it is. If you know what you’re doing, this is a welcomed change to Waffle E100 drivers considering they’ll still be able to one-clip most of the tanks they meet and then fall back for a shorter period of time to reload.

            • *checks statistics for most avg. damage per tank*
              Waffenträger auf E-100: 2562.33
              AMX 50 Foch (155): 2362.01

              WTF100 drivers = one/two clips shot = back to hangar.

          • 1.5s aim time says it’s still a point-and-click machine. Besides, who turns their hull when shooting repeatedly? “Accuracy spread from moving the hull” is largely a meaningless stat for turreted AFVs except as a “feel-good nerf”.

            “Losing an entire shot for a insignificantly shorter reload ”
            Waffles rarely have to expend their full 6 shots in the first place so that nerf is meaningless. And insignificant? 8 seconds is almost a *sixth* of the reload time shaved down.

            • it won’t be able to shoot permanently anymore and snapshots won’t work as well either. aim time is rather useless as a stat anyway. Give a tank huge dispersion and aim time won’t matter at all.

          • Its a nerf, but imo a well deserved one. To be honest, WG could avoid all this shit by simply not introduce a paper TD with a potential damage over 2700 in 1 magazine, while unloading the sheels in 10 seconds.. its nature is unbalanced, and very situational. add the new map changes…the lins becomes more and more unbalanced.


            1: Komarin..? again…? still i have no idea how to play here now, they will rework again

            2:Sacred Valley: Yaay! loved that map, was a bit unbalanced, but not such a big deal. wonder how it will look now :)

            3:Cliff?! this is gonna be interesting, not only for ESL, tough was a pretty balanced map too…

            3:Sand River: my guess, nerf to TD positions… -_-

            4: Hidden Village: ybe they will make the map bigger? <3

            5:Erlenberg: kinda like the new Erlenberg, my guess (again) make the map imposible to play with TDs..

            5:Airport: please, dont tell me they have reworked the med positions near the center of the map..

            • Honestly can’t they just delete komarin? This is the 5th rework since it’s release, it never will be a good map.

    • Are you fucking kidding me. They nerf the only thing that made FV fun to play? Ofc u can still pen tier 8′s and really soft targets, but come on. It has mo armor, poor mobility, bad pen (after nerf..) who the fuck would actually pay 8k per shot for doing 400dmg every 26s? Yeah, gg Death star which no longer is one.

      • OMG, no more camping and gold spamming for TD noobs like you? I feel so sorry, they took away the only thing you could do damage with….

        • While I’ve had my share of OMGWTFWHEREDIDMY1kHEALTHGO moments (delivered by the beloved 183), it was usually because I was flanking or not paying attention to the back lines. Once the FV’s been spotted, it was never difficult for me to deal with it.
          Those who’ve used it can tell you about the plight of such a one-shot machine; it has poor aiming time, dispersion, reload, accuracy, depression, and armor. Take away the one thing that can allow it to do its job as a TD, and you end up with a garbage tank.

          Watch. Unless they MASSIVELY buff the mobility, accuracy, or aim time, this tank will be useless with its HESH. Considering the DPM for AP shells is only 2.3k, we’ll have another overnerfed tier X that isn’t a part of the problem.

          • Oh please, that tank is extremely good, baddies struggle to stay alive once spotted and considering most of the community is horrible I wouldn’t be surprised to be able to deal with someone once they’re spotted.

            a good player playing can consistently do well in that tank, the nerf is well deserved, yes i have enough experience with the tank to be sure of my opinion.

  2. - reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD

    Even though i have a crappy PC i dont like this :(

    I love the fact that FV 183 HESH got nerfed to oblivion though :)

    Oh and what about tier 6 rebalance?

    • Tier 6 rebalance schedule for 9.3. Apparently that’s the patch the KV-1S split is happening.

    • Yeah, if they’re gonna make only 1 tank per battle be displayed in HD then why even bother making HD models?

      • yeah, 8GB of VRAM on modern GPUs and you cannot put them in use…
        I cannot see whats the point anyway… its not like less textures is better performance…

        You either have enough VRAM to load the textures or you dont.
        if HD textures take 1GB of vram, and normal textures eat 500MB vram… and your gpu has 256MB memory, it will run exactly same (like shit) on both HD and non-HD… its not like non-hd textures will give you 5fps more…

    • they should remove that gun completely.
      All tanks should use exactly the same gun, have exactly the same stats… Hell there should be ONLY ONE GENERIC TANK in this game.
      /sarcasm off

      (im not 183 driver, i just hate the fact they are “balancing” vehicles that are unique in some special way… if you got oneshoted by 183 its your damn fault, you have been sitting on the ground exposed for too long, aim time and accuracy on that thing was terrible)

  3. Aufklärungspanzer Panther

    - reload time of 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 for turret VK 28.01 Ausf. C buffed from 4 secs to 3,4 secs

    15rpm to 17,6rpm ?
    why WG dont buff damage of Konish to 150 :(((

    • They don’t buff the dmg because it is a hard stat to the gun (all tanks that use the konish have the same dmg, pen ect.) the soft stats of a gun (aim time, ROF, accuracy ect. are different for each tank and are used to balance tanks. if you buffed the dmg it would change the dmg for other tanks that are currently balanced with the current dmg.

  4. - FV183 overnerfed. 230 pen would be okay for the FV4202 HESH (although alpha is what is really needs, not pen), but it’s simply totally useless on a tier 10 TD. It’s nothing but a worse JPzE-100 now (and people will whine about JPz E-100 next).
    - FV4202 gets a nice DPM buff, but it isn’t exactly what it needs. Give it a decent turret (on the same level as STB-1 at least) or a few extra km/h.

    • Yup.
      In my opinion, the whole idea of HESH as gold ammo with higher pen then regular is wrong…
      IRL HESH does not penetrate better than regular HE, it causes more module/crew damage. Why not implement it this way? It could be interesting if on high tiers you would actually have the possibility to knock an enemy out by killing all his crew rather than destroying the tank.

      • I quite frankly don’t give a shit about how it works in real life, but it’s 5 times as expensive as the regular APCR shells and has no advantages at all. On paper it boosts your DPM a bit, but the high risk is not worth it and in practice you don’t gain any DPM at all, because you have to aim much more carefully (= longer) due to HE penetration mechanics. HESH really needs an alpha boost on the FV4202.

        • I sense butthurt. Enough FV 183 bullshit, it is also very good tank with AP shells.
          Cry more you TD lovers.

          • I played 53% of my battles with medium tanks. I’m definitely a TD lover. Lol. FV183 is my 17th most played tank and I’ve had it since the week it was released. How much is that? 1 battle per day? Probably way less than that.

            And although it’s supposed to be OP the stats are perfectly in line with every other tank. The only thing that is exceptional about the FV183 is the potential frustration/fun.

            Also, we were talking about the FV4202′s HESH shells, not FV183. Learn to read.

            • Learn not to cry.
              Oneshoting enemy T10 is NOT normal.
              I don’t care how much played it is for you, you defend it cause you love to derp around with it, like everybody else. Everyone loves a op tank.

              • 1) I don’t love it, I just took it for a ride when I wanted to have fun on a bad day
                2) It was not OP (broken, yes, but not OP)
                3) I love Centurion, BatChat and E-50M.

              • A 183mm Shell hitting any tank, including Modern Chobham Armored tanks, will result in destruction of the tank hit.
                The mere concussion of the explosion would take the crew out either by killing them, or at the very least bursting their eardrums resulting in the tank being rendered useless.
                This is the 1 “realistic” feature this tank has. The ability to 1 shot opposition.

                • WoT is an arcady game if you know…..
                  realistic and arcady don fit together especially on hitpoint stystem
                  it creates unbalance factors and not very good gameplay knowing the moment you get spoted you will get either 1shoted or got unload from the WTF E100;s
                  you want 1shots???WT GF is there you can 1shot the can 1shot you

            • Actually, I was revering to the 183, but more to HESH in general.

              Put the realism aside – if HESH would be like normal HE, but with higher module/crew damge, it could be, in a way, a new kind of gameplay – each of your shots can destroy the enemy, while not necessarily taking away all his HP. If it was so, the British line would not be so borring.

          • I have NEVER been hit by a 183 that wasn’t shooting HESH. It makes the kv-1s / isu-152 look like child’s play. Aiming is for pussies.

              • Xensation shut up please, you’re making yourself look like a incomprehensible idiot when we both know you’re better than that, name another tank that does 600 damage even tho you didn’t penetrate that isn’t an artillery, Then name another tank with the same dpm as HESH shells on the 183.

                • yes it’s an overnerf but it’s better than nothing, they’ll buff it to around 250 pen soon.

                  or not, depends how it plays out.

                • Other ammo is way easier to penetrate with and it allows you to take risks, because you reload faster, have more ammo and don’t need to worry about tracks/spaced armor/not hitting 100% perfectly. Your comparison is just shit.

        • If u play it with AP it’s JG E 100, but worse in every way but accelleration, gun arc and, what, 11mm better pen on fv?

          • How fuckin dumb are u? U obliviously have not playd FV. When firing hesh u NEED to aim for weakspots. Is-4: u MUST hit it on the top of the turret or lower plate in order to pen, gl with that at 500m range.

    • So just use AP like everyone else. No more godmode holding entire alley/forest alone because everyone is shit scared to advance BS for you.

      • - People don’t camp because they’re scared, they camp because they’re hopelessly retarded.
        - People will still fear the 1150 AP damage and they will be worried about getting penetrated by 230mm HESH anyway.
        - “Use AP like everyone else”? The only thing that made FV183 worth getting over the JPzE-100 was the big random fun gun for derping around.

        • - People don’t camp because they’re scared, they camp because they’re hopelessly retarded.

          I call BS on that. In one of my E75 games because the last player on an enemy team camping the forest in Komarin was a Death Star, he lived for an entire minute after the rest of his team died because no one wanted to go in there to die last. We only managed to kill him because my platoonmate decided to sacrifice her tank to advance.

          - People will still fear the 1150 AP damage and they will be worried about getting penetrated by 230mm HESH anyway.

          Still better than tier 8s and 9s disintegrating from oneshots.

          - “Use AP like everyone else”? The only thing that made FV183 worth getting over the JPzE-100 was the big random fun gun for derping around.


          • 1. “You call BS on that” and then confirm: They camp, because they’re hopelessly retarded. Good story, thanks for proving my point.

            2. There’s no real difference between being down to 100 – 0 HP and 100 – 400 HP. Your battle’s fucked anyway.

            • 1. I fucking saved a match with 81 hp,got shot by a FV in my E-50 M if you don’t know how to play with low hp it is your own fault,there is a difference between being dead and having 1-300 hp. (And this kind of stories are all around if you know where to look.)
              Of course you can’t be dareful but you will live to kill the MF who ruined your game.

              And yet you still keep saying “They are not OP”

              2. What god damn WT E-100 needs is a nerf to reload per shot, 2 second is… How to put this…Damn fast.

              • 1.1) You’re still fucked and your influence is very limited, because the next shot is going to kill you. Being unable to take any risks makes carrying much more difficult.

                1.2) I was writing that from the average pubbie tards point of view and for them it makes no difference at all whether they’re dead or a oneshot.

                2) Yes

                • the fear factor is a valid concern of 183, in random pubs sacrifice can be useless if your team doesn’t react fast enough.

                  so many games i let the 183 kill me, while my team is still shitting pants and not attacking a reloading 183. only for the 183 to win the game, as it one shots my team one at a time.

        • FV183 has a turret and better mobility than jpe100.

          HESH also does not bounce; it will do damage even if it hit spaced armour(although not a lot).

            • LOL be serious here, <500? more like 600+, i have never seen a 183 do less than 600 damage to anyone who isn't a maus or e100.

              • Dealing something between 0 (ZERO) and 300 is actually rather common if you hit an IS-4, IS-7, E-100 and Maus without penetrating it (e.g. sides tracks).

        • - “Use AP like everyone else”? The only thing that made FV183 worth getting over the JPzE-100 was the big random fun gun for derping around.

          this… once there is fun tank to play, and worth grinding for, they will nerf it so it is same generic boring shit as everything else. why should anybody try to get it if hey already got 3 other TD’s that are the same in playstyle… ?

          1150ap damage .. idk, i would risk it 1v1 in full hp tiger I…
          it still takes 2 shots to get the tiger down, while its pen is enough and RoF might bring fv183 down while it reloads…

    • Personally 230 pen on HESH is fine for me, I normally use AP on my FV unless I’m going to be engaging targets close enough to hit weakspots <300m or WT of any kind :D 230 pen is enough to pen any weakspot and tanks with no armor still die in almost one shot. I don't think this will change how a good player does.

      I think this is more a nerf to the average bob who sits at the back spamming HESH because he knows it's going to do 600-800 every shot regardless of aiming, so he can do way more than his average damage without actually aiming. This penetration nerf will make the shell do much less damage if you don't aim it, (like 400). HESH should be situational spamming it across map should be weak so tomatoes can't be effective. On the FV medium for example I use HESH when I flank a tank and do 500+ damage a shot which is very nice. This is the same sort of thing.

      Same thing for removing a shell from WT, I don't think this will effect how a good player does at all. A good player will take a good position maybe fire off 3-4 shells and then back off, he won't stay spotted to shoot all six anyway. But a noob will happily suicide to get off 6 shots of damage because again it's way more than his average. Or he will do nothing all game until the end when he can spam all his 6 and still do damage, this just limits a noobs potential, which I agree with.

      The game has become very noob friendly, noobs only play arty or tds because they know they don't have to risk themselves to still do damage. Nerfing the potential they can do from the back of the map is a good thing imo.

  5. “RhB Waffentrager

    - 128mm gun reload time nerfed from 10,9 secs to 11,15 secs”

    Borsig is still OP.

  6. - FV4202 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9,3 secs to 8,6 secs

    6,45rpm to 6,97rpm

    FFFFUUUU, now Fv42 reload faster than my M48 :((((((

    • and even Leo 1 reload faster than m48 now :(

      Leo1 6,67rpm buff to 6,89
      fv42 6,45rpm buff to 6,97
      M48 still remain 6,82 rpm


      • Because Leo1 is way more difficult to play than M48 and FV4202 was just plain way worse. On the bright side, this makes STB-1 less powerful in comparison.

        • The Leo 1 was more difficult to play but it was still outright better than the M48A1.

          The M48 is, along with the FV4202, considered to be the worst tier 10 medium in the game. The 4202 buff is understandable but the M48 getting *NOTHING* is just baffling.

          • In the hands of the average scrub I don’t think the Leo1 is any better than the M48. In fact, the high speed and paper armor make it much more suitable for instant suicide tektikz.

            • leo has a far better gun then m48, fv and stb. its laser accurate, very high shell speed(almost no need to lead), very high pen, decent aim time. it also has excellent soft stats

              • 1) You need to lead anyway depending on speed and distance
                2) The tier 10 meds have all the same shell speed (makes no difference in practice, even if some may be something like 50m/s faster).
                3) Pen is all the same
                4) Leo aims faster than STB-1, yes, but not than M48 and FV4202 (more or less equal here).
                5) STB1 and M48 are the only “inaccurate” (still way above average) t10 MTs, so accuracy isn’t exclusive to the Leo1

                • pen is not the same lol. batchat, 121, stb have lower pen, russian meds are in between for pen at 264, patton/4202/leopard have the same pen at 268 and e50m has the highest at 270.

                  leo does indeed aim faster them patton and 4202. it’s not the same. as far accuracy goes leo is one of the most accurate tanks in game period.

                  the only thing i’ll give you is the shell speed is same for all except 121.

                • 1) “all the same” within a range of 10, because it makes no difference at all.

                  2) Dispersion penalties are more important than the raw aimtime stat. They’re pretty much on the same level overall.

                  3) Leo is more accurate than M48 and STB1, but other than that you won’t notice a difference of 0.1 or 0.2 at all.

                • E50M does have more pen but 121 has the best penetration potential because it shoots AP which has 5% normalization while the APCR has only 3% thus needing less pen to actually pen (sloped armor, well almost everything is sloped)

      • cry about STB-1 and not about those. Leo is paper thin and FV was a bit UP

      • m48 is a fine tank, i enjoy it, if they were to buff anything i’d say it would be the mantlet or the top speed by like 3-5km/h, nothing huge.

        I also agree with Xensation this time, other than the 183 he has a lot of valid reasons.

  7. 1. 50B gets a massive boost, good.

    2. Buffs for German mediums and Aufkl. Panther are cool, though I’m not sure if they needed it in the first place (I rock in the Leo 1 anyway :D).

    3. FV215b 183 overnerfed imho. I don’t have it (AT 15 atm), but I’ve never seen it as OP vehicle. That reload time and HESH being not reliable is making the tank very RNG-dependant.

  8. Very nice tank changes. FV215b 183 HESH is just overpowered with 275mm of penetration. 230 is still going to be enough to pen a lot of targets and to be honest I don’t think it’s going to change too much. People still have to aim for weakspots or flat surfaces with 275mm in order to make HESH penetrate, 230mm just makes it much more balanced.

        • then why use it over jpze100? how about you nobos just l2p and not giving your weakspot to the 183.

          • because it has better mobility than the jpe100, not as big as the jpe100, doesn’t have a terribly small arch as the jpe100.

            I’m sorry if you can find the only trait the 183 has over the jpe100 to be its 1750 average damage hesh shells.

      • Same as E-100 235mm pen is useless against tier 10 HTs right? You’re wrong, 230mm is enough for a lot of targets if you actually manage to aim.

      • Oooo, you won’t be able to pen most armored tanks in game from the front?! That’s ridiculous!

        • Yes, a tankdestroyer shouldn’t be able to penetrate anything but light tanks (and even then still aim for weak spots), right?

          PRO TIP: Tank destroyers are supposed to destroy tanks.

                • It’s about balance (not saying the FV183 and JPz E-100 are balanced to begin with), but making the FV183 simply worse in every aspect is pretty stupid.

                • lol i’d take the 183 with AP over a jpe100, the 183 is still better than the jpe100 other than the accuracy, armour and (maybe) the aim time while the 183 has more mobility, a better arch, a smaller target, better camo, more pentrate and more alpha.

                  i love how everyone decides a tank is worse than another just because it loses it’s broken aspect.

                  and exclude gold ammo from this.

              • Eeeh:
                -Better pen.
                -Better gun arc
                -Better cammo(because FV is not DAT huge)
                -Better mobility.

                • >better pen
                  No. Especially not if you think about JPzE-100′s gold ammo

                  >better gun arc
                  Irrelevant. It cannot sidescrape and if you get circled you’re beyond help anyway.

                  >better camo
                  But still shit.

                  >better mobility
                  But still shit.

                • + FV183 has a turret which is also a great advantage over Jgpz E-100.

                • it’s still a demm turret you can track and lead stuff at a certain point without moving the tank and going the whole presijure of turning stop aim bla bla bla

              • Play J100 and you will know the answer.

                Hint: camo+ mobility> >armor (I thought purples like you already know this)

                • paper TDs in general and especially FV183 because of it’s long reload and terrible gun handling are unable to take advantage of mobility anyway. Camo is still crap for a TD.

                • IDK, 9.9% stationary is crap? Sure it’s not soviet, but it’s on par with fat-medium. Still, 3X better than the J100; you can actually bush yourself in the FV
                  Mobility is definitely much better than the J100, not even close.

                  tl;dr: Just play the J100 and let the hate flow through you.

              • well, so people will play jgpz E100. Big fucking deal. You know very well that TDs ruin random games anyway. And in the CWs you can play the deathstar too, since you got support of your team. If all the players from the deathstars moved instantly into JgPz E100s, i would not give a single shit. Whats more, i would even welcome it, since the jageroo can manage in the front line so MAYBE people would not camp as much as they do with the deathstars. But in the end it doesnt really matter, jgpzs armor isnt greatest anyway with premium ammo in game :)

          • If tank destroyers are supposed to destroy tanks, and the game we play is called “World of TANKS”, why should I play anything else than a TD?

            • They are supposed to be capable of penetrating them frontally (unlike the shit you or whoever suggested earlier), not dominate the battlefield completely.

              • Then statpadd in Hellcat and get over the 183′s nerf already.

                Also, if JgpzE100 is that much better then play it.

              • Good, so you agree that they are now overpowered (since they dominate the game atm) – so why cry about the nerf?

  9. Oh wow my PTA has got a great boost in dps long overdue. Indiens gun was fine gun wise what it needs is to be faster IMO.
    Borsig nerf is too small
    And everyone seem hesh nerf coming now you can still do crazy dmg but you have to aim for weakspots or sides

  10. German tank changes

    Aufklärungspanzer Panther

    - reload time of 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 for turret VK 28.01 Ausf. C buffed from 4 secs to 3,4 secs

    Leopard 1

    - 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9 secs to 8,7 secs

    Leopard Prototype A

    - reload time for the 105mm gun in stock turret buffed from 14 secs to 13 secs
    - aim time for 9cm Bordkanone in stock turret buffed from 2,9 secs to 2,5 secs
    - reload time for the 105mm gun in elite turret buffed from 12 secs to 11,1 secs

    Holyshit, those are some serious german buffs. Special note for AFK Panther, never expect it, actually. It’s a nice surprise for me, really……….

    British tank changes

    - 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm

    Wow, bye-bye one-shotting IS-7. Now that’s one serious nerf for brits…….

  11. “Stug Ausf.G

    - carrying capacity of both tracks increased by cca 3 tons
    - vehicle became 3,14 tons heavier (SS: this is unclear)”

    The reason for this is that the current StuG B is at 21 tons,While the current StuG G is nearly at 19 tons.

    • WG mixed up the weights between Stug B and Stug G.

      I hope they do not forget to reduce Stug B weights.

    • Hellcat nerf probably in 9.3, assuming the KV-1S split is still happening then.

      i dont suck you need to control me properly

      ps: still im confused why people thinks that hellcat is OP? its so easy to kill. but T18 needs nerfed to total death, i would care that its nerfed to most useless tier 2 that even arties laughs at it it really does deserve that lol

  12. Soviet tank changes

    - SU-100M1: LB-1S gun reload time buffed from 6,9s to 5,9s

    Is that right? SU-100M1 has LB-1C elite gun. not LB-1S. just a mistake? or 100M1′s gun changed?

  13. 1 hesh nerf was expected, you wont be able do some of the usual pen hits like front turret of the maus/e100 and lucky hits like the jp e100 superstructure, but if rng doesnt troll you you can still pen a lot of t10 lfp.
    2 also the wts, i really dont see the wte100 as a big nerf since the aimtime is really low and smaller mags doesnt make the t57 less dangerous.
    3 mt buffs, really unexpected(leo performs well in the ru server)

  14. >- reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD

    Eww. So only we get to see a HD model of a tank we drive.. eww. Means models will look like SD models, expect yours, yuck. Horrible change. So we cant see other pretty HD tanks, they be SD models, unless you drive it..

    what a waste of HD model introduction

    • it’ll probably become an option. After all, who needs HD tanks @400m or through bushes where you shoot at silhouette anyway?

  15. Still no buff on the ELC AMX, yet it’s statistically weaker than most, though still damn fun.

    • Tier 6: play it like a TD
      Tier 7: play it like a slow firing E25
      Tier 8: play it like a scout.

      All the ELC tactics that you need, if you have the top gun.

  16. > – reworked following maps: Sacred Valley, Cliff, Sand River, Hidden Village, Erlenberg, El-Halluf, Airport, Komarin

    What the fuck is wrong with Cliff? Seriously?!

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  18. And borsig not nerfed anywhere near enough possibly they will nerf it further in later stages of the test when they realise it’s still op as hell

  19. reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD
    NO! Dont do this!!! hope its a setting for it!!

  20. “British tank changes

    - 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm”



    Gooooooaaaaalllll….no wait.
    Finally they nerfed the HESH ammo.

  21. Circon’s stream chat came up with the idea to introduce one more round in the AMX 50B’s clip as a rebalance measure. They should have done that. This aim time buff is rather pathetic. Honestly, .5 seconds aim time difference… who the hell is going to notice that???

    • It needs something that makes it worth it over the batchat. At the moment the only thing the 50 B does better is 1) APCR as gold ammo (good for gold spamming retards) and 2) more ammo (BC runs out of ammo fast). Not really worth it…

      • The 50 120 is more awesome then the 50B tier for tier wise, 50B is still nice but it misses something… extra shell is a noob idea.

            • It’s retarded gun elevation combined with the crappy generic french aim-time killed the fun for me.

              I enjoy 50B a lot more…medium-style speed/mobility, decent reload, decent burst, enough depression and not so “killing” elevation…plus, the frontal armour it packs…that armour is a noob magnet.

          • I can see you did not play Lorraine – too gud tank – mucho statpaddinho? Kappa

    • .3sec aimtime is retardedly slow for tier, but 2.5sec puts it ahead of soviet/German HTs and in league with good MT/HT.

    • SerB has little saying in WoT now, I believe (check out the previous FTR post, SS reminds us that SerB is now on WoWs)

      • Oh so there the stronK USSR tier 1 pre-dreadnoughts will be able to beat the crap out of Yamato and Montana class battleships.

        PS: Aurora will be soooo OP!

  22. French tank changes

    - AMX50B: gun aim time buffed from 3s to 2,5s
    (Now the tank can perform like an autoloader, not having to wait 5 seconds to get that reticle down, +1 for this)
    German tank changes


    - aim time for 9 cm Bordkanone buffed from 2,9 s to 2,7 s (Aim time was the only reason I sold this tank, new players grinding this line will love this tank. +1 again)
    - reload time for the same gun buffed from 7,5 s to 7,2 s (Already a fast firing gun, don’t think this was needed)

    Leopard 1

    - 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9 s to 8,7 s (This Could have been better. I am an average player and I feel leo is too situational. When one has the chance, this tank is deadly, but when things are not going ur way, there is very little carrying one can do)

    Leopard Prototype A

    - reload time for the 105mm gun in stock turret buffed from 14 s to 13 s (again could have been better, but any buff to this not-so-medium tank is welcome)
    - aim time for 9cm Bordkanone in stock turret buffed from 2,9 s to 2,5 s (Enjoy this one folks, those of us who have not free-XPed the leo 1, didn’t like this tank; most normal people, I am sure someone would come and say “you don’t know how the tank works…”. This tank is horrible unless not being played in a platoon… aim time buff should make things somewhat easier)
    - reload time for the 105mm gun in elite turret buffed from 12 s to 11,1 s

  23. “Object 263′s 130mm S-70A reload time buffed from 11s to 10,7s”

    Lol, one of the most OP TD in game and they buff it. But good for us, owners :@)

    • The 263 is really not OP IMO. Sure it has a good sniping gun with high DPM, but it has a lot of weaknesses. Such as open top which allows you to get insta gibbed by arty. Paper thin sides with ammo rack behind them. weak LFP that gets engine damage, poor depression and limited gun traverse. Did I also mention its huge?

      • Thanks to good traverse speed, thin side armor is just small problem. Gun work effectively on any distance and if you play properly on frontal armor in combination with sniping you will do huge damages to the opponents.
        LFP is problem, but still half of ppl trying to pene UFP and superstructure which saved me HPs many times. Plus most of vehicles in game have LFP like weak spot, so hardly to take it like argument.
        Theoretically it should has problem with arty, but for some reason, artillery fire is quite rare.

    • If it’s so OP, how come you only see it in randoms once in a blue moon? Especially compared to Obj. 268.

      • Overally it’s not well known TD and Its not one of that “omg i want that” machine. Personally I started to grind on it after three years of playing.
        But after i discover it i dont want anything else.

      • Because the overall line from tier 7 is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit … or at least hard to play for the average WoT player.

  24. Oh, so the FV183 is dead… Will shooting shitty AP now. Great…

    Srsly 45mm less pen wtf. At least buff the AP. Like that that it’s just a worst JAGE100.

    And in the futur ppl will complain they are too many armored TD in the game cause FV183 won’t be here to kill them anymore (or ppl will just play art to do the same thing.)

    I just don’t get it…

    • actually we like being able to kill TD’s like the 183 without being 1 hit and or killed at the beginning of the game from 1 shell. We are glad to kill the TD’s ourselves other than the waffle and 230 is still like 10 times as much as you need for that.

  25. 50B, FV and Leo1 buffs, oh lawdy lawd nice.

    Bit bullshit on the 183 nerf which makes the tank nothing special anymore, just play the JagdPz E100 then which has a snappier gun. Maybe they shouldve changed the damage per shot or something because this is just stupid… 230mm pen and 0.4 acc on prem ammo on a tier10 td, what the heck is that shit.

  26. I find it quite hilarious when you see the following pattern emerge above

    >Someone (Rightly) says FV183 was overnerfed
    >Someone who has no idea how the situation really is goes LOLOL CRY MORE TEARS OP GOLD FV
    >Someone presents facts as to why it’s an overnerf
    >Someone will then ask “So why not just play a JpzE-100 then?”
    >…they go silent and don’t reply anymore

    You can see this pattern a dozen times above, It’s hilarious.

    • FV183 haters are the same noob 183 are one shoting every day cause they show they lower front plate or frontal turret without moving it in order to get the shot in the space armor.

      I’ll get the JagE100 in the next 150k xp so i’ll make them cry even more with it. :)

      • Because it’s boring as fuck? The only thing that made the bushwanker tank enjoyable was the occasional LELELEL OHKO hit (and the OMG FUUUUUUU MISS).

      • So you’re admitting that it’s fine for there to be tier 10 tanks that are just flat out better than others and that’s okay because “Just play that one then?”

        Did it ever occur that people want to play the tanks they like in a game and that they should all be viable? That games are meant to be fun and not just about “Find best tank, use best tank only.”?

    • Why play Jpe100 the WORST tier X TD?

      FV183 still has a turret, much better mobility, better camo(because it has turret), and a huge HE round that does more damage than obj.261 without needing to pen.

      • Turret is irrelevant, given the aimtime and the massive distance it has to stay at. The camo is irrelevant, given it’s awful. See, the Jpz has armour to protect it, FV has absolutely none and can’t hide either, while having to spend longer aiming. It can’t get close because it can’t hold itself in a fight…but it can’t go far away because it’s hopelessly inaccurate. The Jpz wins at both those situations, while also having a better gun due to ROF, accuracy and aimtime.

        To say otherwise is like trying to claim the world is flat. It’s not even opinion at this point, it’s just cold hard facts that cannot be argued one way or the other. This nerf has simply shown that the playerbase isn’t interested in balance, only in whining until their classic tanks have no dangers or rivals in power.

  27. “added balance corrections for many tanks”

    does this mean there will be more vehicle changes or are the ones mentioned meant?

  28. My Jagdpanzer E-100 will shine again, now!

    I’ll rekt u with OP 420 pen 1050 damage

    • inb4 it got absorbed by spaced armor/ tracks

      Nah, play J100 in platoons of e100s and rape.

      • *always makes decent damage. For a 600 hp hit every shot it can penetrate is better than a bounce, witch is what the other TDs have to deal with.

        • 600 damage with 2 shots per minutes is not better than what other TDs have to deal with… especially because the FV183 simply doesn’t have enough ammo to shoot people for 600 damage

  29. Holy cow! Gonna be the best patch ever!!! :)
    I already see some butthurt TD guys crying, and hoping for more :)

    AMX 50B:
    - Actually, this 0.5 sec aim time buff is really not that big of a deal, I would also like to see some more camo.

    FV TD:
    - OMG, this is HUGE, guys, this is huge!! :) 230 pen is still enough for penetrating mediums or any lightly armored tank, but now you have to use AP for heavies! HAHA, I’m so glad I can’t even express!
    Anyway, comparing FV TD to JPZ is like comparing 50B to T57. What is the advantage over JPZ? Turret? Mobility?

    - This RoF buff is really nice, but some more speed would be awesome, as well.

    - This is a huge boost to this medium, and I agree with it, it needs it. Some more accuracy is really handy for this tank.

    I hope these changes will stay for live 0.9.2 servers, it will be the best patch ever!

    • An aim time reduction from 3 to 2.5 is a huge buff, IMHO – it changes the gun handling from painful to average.

      The gun handling was one of the major advantages of the T57. Now the 50B may have the edge over the T57 again, keeping its mobility and having APCR as premium ammo.

      Now the only advantages of the T57 will be slightly better but still weak armor and taking 1.5 seconds less time to empty a clip. I don’t think that this offsets the advantages that the 50B confers after this buff.

  30. FV 183 needed a nerf but not pen nerf. Damage nerf would have been much better.
    Now it will have (some) trouble dealing with heavies and heavier armored tds BUT it will still pen mediums with ease and still oneshot them most of times as those do not have hitpoints like heavy tanks. Mediums were the only thing fv was extremly op to and with this kind of nerf it will remain like that.

  31. Happy birthday, next tank who get nerfed to dead…bye bye 183 :( i will miss you…

    Next buff for the fucking russian bitch tanks…the highest dpm on t10 tds (obj263) get now more and more…

    Nice leopard1 shoot faster after that…

    Overall, wg go and fuck you in your fu**ing russian Wodka faces…next shit what they do…

    Ahhh and i forget, great…wt e100 get one nerf after the next one…pfff fucking company

  32. What? FV was not balanced on using gold ammo, and most of players only use gold on this tank. Deserve nerf.
    You know just when i saw this bulshit from Xensation….
    You know fucking purples already cant play with T54 without gold, with mediums without spaming heats, fucking purples you have knowledge of this game, you know maps, have brains,situtaion awarness, but from now youre become to lazy to use a bit more skill, yes with 270 pen on meds you simple engage Hts frontaly, and afcourse why to bother to much, we need 300 pen on all tanks for pew pew.
    Its realy shame to write this for such good player like Xensation, but…
    realy go for god sake and learn how to play then, if Ru unicums can show how to play and play good for tanks like FV 183 and E100 WITHOUT GOLD, and YOU CANT, then gtfo, watch ru streams then maybe “unicum”…
    I realy disapointed to reat such crap from such very good player.

        • 1) My previous message does not imply that (just to be clear)
          2) Yes, I do. It’s also the reason why I don’t play those tanks much. Gold ammo is too expensive and I feel like a retard using those shells.

    • Yeah that’s true that FV183 has a fucking mobility to flank the heavier tanks. Wow i see them racing over the map, turning, spinning.

      In the next patch they’ll make a sound wall effect just for this tank cause it is really fast and nimble we all know that.

      So ok, nerf the HESH, but where is the AP buff? Cause AP is still fucking shit with a unreliable gun dude.

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  34. 1. WTE100 “nerf”….riiiight…..still one clipping most tanks with a shot to spare instead of 2 and faster reload, only thing is that it can’t one clip a Maus anymore (and maybe an E-100). Other WTs deserved the nerfs.

    2. Demi-Chieftain buff is most welcome, now an even better hillfighter and sniper :)

    3. 50B buff – now I don’t have to aim forever for longshots and I finally have an advantage over Turd57 in something other than mobility

    4. German med buffs are most welcome, especially for Leo Pt. A. Indian was already a great tank, but the aimtime kills it.

    5. FV 183 nerf…….ouch. Jagdzer is now simply better. FV is currently random and broken (but not OP) and after this it’s just extremely random. They really should have compensated the nerf with better gun handling.

    6. Russian TD line buff is deserved, but not for the 263. My bro owns pubs with it, after this it will be the DPM machine Obj 268 was.

    7. M46 buff makes me love that tank even more, but still no love for the big Fatton? o.O

    And Xensation, believe me, E-100 is usable even without gold ;)

  35. Hehe! Here comes the pathetic legion of whiners…crying and yelling because their favorite shit was/is about to be nerfed.
    Deal with it.
    Shit happens.

  36. nice aufkl panther buff, now it’s a bit less painful to grind. other german buffs are welcome, along with the WT nerfs.
    patton is another tank i was going for, time to buy it.
    reload time buff is a good compensation for the low pen on t-44.
    if the HD rework means more fps, i’ll really love this patch. :D

  37. WG again and again prove they are not playing their own game and have absofukinlutely no idea what they are doing.

  38. Some people seem to miss this.

    “This list of changes is almost certainly not complete, so take it with a grain of salt.”

    So there could be more buffs and more nerfs. No need to whine about those yet. I’m personally happy to see the FV gold wanker ammo nerfed. And the Leopard PTA buff makes me even happier. Hopefully they will give it more buffs :3

    T-54 still needs nerfing and I see no mention on that. That HEAT is just broken with that DPM, armor and agility.

    Also I find it funny how you Xensation try to defend the FV 183. You admit yourself that FV and JPE100 aren’t exactly balanced. Why do you whine about the FV nerf and claim it’s wrong because “JPE100 will be much better”? FV nerf is a step to right direction. Just because they aren’t nerfing JPE100 yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a nerf. FV will still have that shitty broken alpha and ruin people’s games. Hell, simply AP shells in that tank are enough to cripple tanks way too much. At least now they won’t just go auto-aiming tanks like E75 and kill them with one shot.

    They could just remove all tier 10 TDs and mediums for all I care if balancing them is such a whacko job.

    • There’s a difference between OP (requires nerfs) and broken (requires reworks/rebalancing (i.e. make it as strong as before, but differently)). Those super huge alpha guns, invisible bushwanking TDs (before they got nerfed), tactical nuke artillery (before they got overnerfed) and the WTF E-100 are/were not overpowered at all, they are/were just plain simply broken. Simply nerfing them to the point they are useless will result in people moving to some other broken class/vehicle and abuse that. This way WG doesn’t solve the problem, they merely move it around.

      • But I don’t see how FV is useless after the HESH nerf. The tank is meant to be played with AP after all… 1150 alpha isn’t exactly nothing to laugh about with that penetration.

        I don’t see the point. The tank still remains usable.

        • Useable? Yes.
          Viable pre-nerf? No.
          Viable post-nerf? No.
          Better than JE100 pre-nerf? Yes.
          Better than JE100 post-nerf? No.
          Fun pre-nerf? HELL YEAH
          Fun post-nerf? No.

          • Yeah because easily one-shotting tanks without giving them a chance is so much fun. Now when you only two-shot high HP targets and one-shot low armored targets it’s just so LAAAME. I mean what’s the point in playing FV if it’s not “I push this button and the red tank dies”?

            I guess it’s time for you to find another hobby then. Just because you are a sadist doesn’t mean the tank should stay that way. I’m in for a complete rebalance of the tank, but for now I’m happy that we at least get this.

            • The FV183 is no better at anything than JPzE100 and the only reason why it was good was the fun factor. Take that away and you have a useless tank. That’s the only point I’m trying to make.

              • Well FYI, FV is not the only tank which is “inferior” compared to its peers.

                My only point is that one-shotters are fucking bad for this game and it’s a good thing that this nerf will reduce the problem. If it means that the tank will be unusable then good.

      • Good. Let’s keep the nerfs coming. Those PoS TDs deserved the nerfs. Also 268 is pretty decent still, Foch got hit by the nerf bat really hard though. Foch has some empathy, but not 268.

        Guess you are fan of “point and click” playing style?

        • this is an endless cycle. the nerf bat isn’t the answer to all the issues in the game. if WG had fixed arty instead of overnerfing it we would never have had a single problem with TDs in the first place.

          • If WG would fix the alpha problem we wouldn’t have this situation in the first place. It’s not all about arties. Though I admit WG did fuck up that one, like they do with pretty much everything else.

  39. GG WP Wargaming. You now officially destroyed every single British T10 tank… Well fucking done…

    Medium: FV4202: Great for T10 solo sealclubbing, terrible against capable players and in clan wars
    Heavy: FV215b: Great for T10 solo sealclubbing, terrible against capable players and in clan wars
    TD: FV215b (183) A worse version of Jg E100. Terrible for T10 solo sealclubbing. Don’t even mention CW…
    Arty: It’s not a tank.

    • FV183 was terrible for solo sealclubbing before as well and it’s been of no use in CWs either. FV4202 is okay in randoms, useless in CWs. FV215b is boss random stomper and can be used in CWs as well depending on maps and tactics.

      • I have friends who can do 10K dmg in that Fv. I get the whole troll thing, but I mean, if someone is good and uses that tank, aims and all, its ridiculously OP. When I broke the news to my friend that it got nerfed he said it wasnt op…. but couldn’t say it with a straight face. I mean, if every game is 6K dmg for a good player, aint it kinda op. You cant really do that with other tanks except the WT. Sure, its not the best td in the game, but its like the KV2, its FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from good, yet people play it cause its uber derpy. The same will go for this. Imagine if the KV2 had good pen…. just wrong. Plus come play on the NA sever and enjoy the 20 TDs per game…. make you love your meds -__-

  40. Xensation makes me wonder whether post count on FTR is part of the calculation for WN8 or something.

  41. Wow, I guess there’s only two things to do now.

    1. Hurry up and pad in my Waffentrager, since it’s now ruined by the .2 second reload nerf.
    2. Hurry up and buy an SU-101 now that it has machine gun-like firing rates.

    Seriously, I hardly see any 101s, wonder why that is.

    • Well, when I finally unlocked the SU-122-54, I was happy, and the reason is quite simple. First of all, the 101 fires quick, but it doesn’t pay off because of the low alpha and kinda “low” penetration – compared to other T8 TDs. And the rear-mounted gun is also a thing that I hate so much, because it automatically means shit gun depression. The armour can be well-sloped and so to say thick, but when you have to show your whole tank to shoot at a target, you are dead. But the 122-54 is awesome, so it was worth the efforts.

      • 26 sec reload dude? It’s the time of two shots of 268 which is more mobile, stealthier, more accurate, with trollish armour and which do 1500 damage when you do 1150 ?

        Oh no semi turret who fucked your aim when you move it for one degree yeah you’re right!

        • cmon… you can 2 shot most of the t10 tanks in this game (at least all Meds and TDs, also IS-7 and E5), and now you have to play smart, and so on… this thing has the highest alpha dmg in the game, and you want to have high alpha and high DPM?

          • JPE100 can 2 shot most of tanks in game too, and it can do it much better and more reliably than fv. So, your point is?

  42. Wow they nerfed that no depression igniting flamethrower POS WT PzIV? LELZ!!

  43. 50B buff is massive might be my next buy actually.
    183 nerf is huge and well deserved no more getting reliability penned and lose 70% or more hp shots
    disappointed that you still have to lick the Borsig to spot it.

    • The 183 nerf is bad. They need to buff its DMG for AP then. I agree Hesh was OP when it worked but that was only every 3rd hit which means every 6th shot. The other times it was 500-800 DMG tops.

      • Why would they do that? The whole point of this nerf is to reduce the damage output overtime as the clickers have to aim and maybe not 1 shot tanks for a change .

  44. - 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm

    Horrible. This already does not do well in many cases.

    50b Buff is great.
    m46 is already OP while moving and they should have just added M47 hull so it has some armor.

  45. Buffs and nerfs are good one, but one BUFF is missing, too bad WG cant buff Vk4502B.

    Is the new info what they do with this tank, or this old crap will be shitte, like now. There were rumors about Mause prototype, but nothing new since then.

    Too bad WG dont give a f*** about oldest tanks in game, with are UP on tier IX, and have non adventages. E75 is all round better.

    No info on russian forum SS about Vkb fatet in future ?

    • They don’t touch the VK 45.02 B for similar reasons they’re taking so long to touch the KV-1S, they have plans for it

      Though instead of splitting like the KV-1S, it’s going to be merged with the Ausf. A

      • it wouldn’t be too hard to just change a few numbers and make awful tanks bearable until they find the time to replace them completely. Hotfixing shit tanks like post-nerf AMX 50 B (was buffed again already), Lorraine 40t, VK4502A, VK4502B, KV-1S, Hellcat, FV4202, post-nerf Fatton (uncompetitive), IS-4 (uncompetitive since it was moved to tier 10), pre-buff E-100, Maus, etc. should take a couple of weeks, not several years. Their balance department is completely fucking retarded.

        • IS-4 is uncompetitive my ass. Since they fixed the front armor angle, it’s one of the most reliable heavy workhorses even in CW.

  46. So 1100 dmg per shot is shitty now is it? Sounds like someone is a spoilt little shit. People will still play 183 over jpze100 because it has a turret and can actually aim for those weak points and still do full dmg. Only gasp now it will take effort.The horror.

    • I kinda sorta agree with you…the 230 pen is more than sufficient to screw over ALL meds, I can’t really think of an exception off the top of my head….E-50 maybe, and the FV(183) can still one-shot them. The question now is, what if it’s against heavies, would it still stand a chance? I’d have to argue no, because up against especially German heavies, even aiming at weakspots does shit because even their lower plates exceed 230, unangled. Angled, no chance at all…

      For me personally, that thing is still broken against meds, but against heavies it’s almost crippled. Can’t make up my mind whether or not it got overnerfed, balanced or is still broken.

      • Well I wrote a long post about that, but I think youre exactly right about that. The fun in the FV is a lot like the KV2. People will play it to derp around and oneshot tanks. So if you want to go after tier 10 heavies, play a different TD. If you want to be able to oneshot half the team, play the FV. I think if it can oneshot all tier 9 and below, and everything but heavies, its OP. It needs to be balanced so the OPness against other types balances out with the UPness against heavies. Like my WZ120 still gets oneshotted from them, thats kind too OP. And still, if youre an FV, youll camp in the back, if you shoot a tier 10 heavy youre still gonna do 600 dmg on nonpens, and no hope of return fire from Camo and being so far away. Tds are still too overpowered in this game (however, I think just having any TD in this is OP, theyre meant to kill tanks, why wouldnt they be OP.)

  47. ePeen is now longer YAY!
    ePeen is now thinner AWW!
    ePeen now has more potent load YAY!
    ePeen now shoots faster AWW!

    Russian men will mess with your ePeen for fun and excitement all for free! Sometimes they pleasure your ePeen. Sometimes they hurt your ePeen. You can pleasure your ePeen a little bit at the same time as they pleasure or hurt it if you pay the nice Russian men. Sometimes the Russian men will hurt other people’s ePeen for your enjoyment and you can cheer in joy :D It is most satisfying when those that have been slapping you in the face with their unnaturally huge and potent ePeen for far too long now get their ePeen twisted and snapped in half. It is also fun to laugh at the toadies with very little ePeens that the Russian men kick continuously and never pleasure.

    You are all sadists and masochists that enjoy fucking each other while your hosts either hand you handcuffs or dildos or put a ball-gag and anal plug in you to parade around and the only control you have over the process costs money.

    The most depraved and stupid amongst our populations are handing our wealth to the commies willingly. The unemployed and invalids should recieve food stamps instead of money in order to lessen their ability to fund the enemy.

  48. Why are so many people complaining about the FV nerf? Yeah, I get it, can’t pen all the heavy tanks anymore, but isn’t it OP in the first place. Sure, if you go up against an Is7 you cant reliably pen it for 1100+ dmg…. but its a tier 10 heavy tank. Boo hoo if you cant take half the health of a tier 10 heavy tank… its called heavy for a reason. Also, the game isn’t comprised of only tier 10 and only heavies, theres still going to be basically every medium you can oneshot, and all tier 8-9. Yeah, you gotta aim…. but what noob doesn’t aim? If an FV can oneshot half the team, and still do the same damage as a heavy tank in most cases to the tier 10 heavies, then why is it fair? Sure, doing 400 dmg with a long reload is bad, but youre not brawling. So this nerf… its quite good in my opinion.

    PS not whining about FV overpowered in general, just how so many people see an FV nerf and then try to justify it being bad. Yeah, itll be less fun to play, but more fun to go against.

  49. Hope the M46 Patton buff is true, then it will be a good and more competetive tier IX Med again:-)

  50. Veeery interesting :)
    Good news about all the buffs, as I will grind to and play all of those tanks in the near future.
    But OBJ 263 could be even a little OP after this.
    Those nerfs to waffles – I don’t think it changes a lot, they will still pwn!
    And poor FV 183 – if it hits live server with that nerf, in pubs it will be forgotten soon, as the strong and fun side of it will be gone.

  51. All I have read from this thread:

    50B aimtime buffed
    Leopard 1 reload speed buffed.

    Hell yeah!
    The aim time was the only real issue of the 50B and the RoF buff of the Leo is huge IMO…that RoF with it’s laser gun…I might as well start fapping right now, since it’s the tank I enjoy the most…

  52. To summarize FV nerf.
    Now it will be weaker than E4 TD in mobility/dpm/armor aiming time and best pen 310. no heat or apcr.
    So in clanwars it will be even more worthless.
    And random ? No reason to. It still can pen 8/9 tiers in 1 hit.
    But any 10 will eat him.
    230 mm with NO normalization like ap from E100 cannon = almost sure bounces on 10 tiers.
    this will be able to bounce/non pent hit, off hatches if not placed directly in middle -.-

    So… play only on standard he. Derp from behind.
    12 * 600 average dmg = 7000 potential splash dmg. Even more on WT not op td line.
    Gotta play more on my FV until i will have it rust in garage. Like Fosh 155.

  53. Leo1 should probably be boosted slightly more to around 7 rpm.

    Good hesh pen nerf, thus it will only be especially effective vs lighter armored vehicles such as mediums.

  54. AMX 50B should have one more shell in ammorack like as med BC25t, becouse later to game add T57 and everything it has better to AMX 50B. The french HT hase only better engine but rest off stuff is worst.

    Aim time do not change to this tank, i drive it and should have
    1. one more shell in ammorack 5 shells reload time 30-35s (now 4 shells reload 30s, and T57 has 25s)
    2. reload time between shell drop to 1,0 – 1,5s (now 2,5s, and T57 has 2s)

    WTF the T57 isnt top HT in US tree it was add later but AMX 50B it top HT french tree.

    What u think ?

  55. I can see most TD players crying that FV is now worth shit. For these guys I can only say
    There are couple of other OP tanks in the game like WTE or any soviet t10 medium, so go and take one!
    But be warned: if you take mediums, you will have to move your tank! You can do it by pressing ‘w’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘d’, just in case you forgot it due to the campfest you did with your FVs.
    Good luck guys!

  56. 12,8m 5 shot clip still pumps out 2800 dmg/clip so good rolls and some engine fires and you can still 1 clip a Maus

  57. Pingback: Update for patch notes 9.2 | Clan Pack wot

  58. “- 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm”

    if they actually will do that, it will render the tank a useless POS.

    I was thinking to buy 20’000 gold about (300 USD) to buy the 183, BUT after reading the above I decided to wait.

    Cos if they do nerf the only one good thing the tank has going for it, it just wont be worth buying anymore.

    Its a one trick pony and if they take that one trick away its got absolutely nothing left. Better save my money.

    I’ll wait until the patch until I’ll get any gold and pay one more cent to WG.