Australian Archives IX

As always, courtesy of Vollketten (US Server).

This is another of the Australian projects, that are actually quite interesting and could work in real life. It’s called..

Murphy High Speed Tank – with a flamethrower no less.



Vollketten’s render of the vehicle




Comparison with Matilda








21 thoughts on “Australian Archives IX

  1. The aussies seem to have lots of “interesting” tanks perhaps they could appear after the EU tree … 2020

    • Flamethrower tanks sucks in other tank games too, WoT does not need them.

      • All other games do flamethrowers wrong. They take the name to literally, flamethrowers are more like liquid death than shooting flames.

        Aus tanks do look cool (there’s even a dual barrel one) but they likely be part of the uk line along with canadian tanks as part of the commonwealth.

      • Creativity wins alot. and if the tank hits at over 90 kph yes i would love to have that tank. gotta get close in order to hurt another tank id like it 5-10 damage a sec gotta get in close in order to light the tank up f-yes id love to have that tank in. id call mine the dragon!

      • It shoots burning liquid over a target – hit the vents and its gone.
        Problems is to get close to target.

      • It does say ‘and’ a machine gun but the turret is only big enough for one. A suitable MG giving modest AP ability would make this vehicle a lot of fun.

    • Don’t think even then. Tanitha and the Chieftain confirm that the Sentinals are out of the British LL branch but one may still appear one year as a premium maybe…..

  2. Oooh, a Covenanter sized tank with a very short range gun firing a stream of liquid death? Gimmie!

    • Its very small. Much smaller than a Covenanter and capable of 100kmh. What’s not to like?

  3. 60 MPH! Pz1C , hmm, 96 sounds better. Sniff some ass and set it on fire from 20 – 50 metres.
    Smaller than the UE57, fully trained camo crew. Even after all the map changes, this could be a very interesting LT even with an MG.
    Serious butthurt and pubbie tears will be the reward of this little insect…

    • Id give my left testicle for one. not jokeing xD id love it. balanced out by range and you HAVE to get close in order to kill targets? love it. thats the challenge id love in a tank. i remember that tank from battle tanx global assult. that flame thrower tank so derpy so dangerous lol and so fast idc if i got into teir 10s with it xD idcmake my money scouting and hurassing arty and other tanks

      just like in my t50-2 XD