Munster Tanks in Motion

Hello everyone,

this was posted on Yuri Pasholok’s blog – pretty interesting video overall, but the really interesting part starts at 6:40 – StuG III, followed by Panzer III and Panzer IV (and Kettenkraftrad :))


12 thoughts on “Munster Tanks in Motion

  1. Imagine putting the Pz.1C’s gun on a kettenkrad and having it for a T4 scout with pretty much no armor, but wicked top speed & epic camo rating….

  2. I remember when my National Guard unit got their first tank for the armory (a M60A3), and the lowboy couldn’t make the turn off the main road. So we unloaded the tank and drove it the rest of the way. Problem? Since it was mid-July and around 100° F outside… fresh asphalt roadway…. we left a trench in the new road, especially when turning. We never got a second tank at the armory.