Straight Outta Supertest: “Light” T-54 to be Soviet LT8

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

it seems that Wargaming made an unusual step. You know about that tier 8 Soviet premium “light T-54″? Yeeeeea… so, the developers kinda are deciding not to make it a premium, but a Soviet tier 8 light tank, following the tier 7 “LTTB”.

To that end, they

- seriously buffed the ground resistance (as in, reduced it)
- buffed the engine from 520 to 700hp (22,85 hp/t) (maximum speed is still 58,7 km/h)
- buffed the hull traverse from 44 to 50
- viewrange buffed from 385 to 390
- hitpoints reduced from 1300 to 1200hp

There are some smaller changes as well. These are of course only preliminary. Now, that’s a turn of events :)

Edit: its guns are going to be various types of D-10T, it will be unlocked from LTTB and will lead to T-54, its XP price is roughly as much as other tier 8 light tanks.

97 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: “Light” T-54 to be Soviet LT8

  1. Now i can finally say this: I WAS RIGHT :D

    I knew the whole emphasis on the LIGHT T-54 meant something.. And I was right :) I was actually thinking they would make it a premium light instead of medium tank, but this becoming a tier 8 scout tank? Would be a good counterpart to the WZ-132.

      • We will see, what I meant was that WZ is the only tier 8 light besides the AMX 13 90.

        Not to mention since Light T-54 is not premium, WG can give it different cannons if they want..

      • Superior because of 10 more viewrange?

        Going by the earlier numbers, Light T-54 has actual armour and good 100mm gun(has somewhat okay dpm and firecontrol).

        Before anyone mention size; they are very close.

      • 132 is not superior, if LT-54 is introduced as it is, it will have more HP and MUCH more armor then 132, in exchange for lower penetration and top speed

    • The emphasis on “Light T-54″ does not mean what you think it means.
      This vehicle was not designed as a light tank, and it is really bizarre that WG is thinking of making it a scouting vehicle.

      It was a simple measure to try and get the weight down to address some problems with the transmission or suspension that the original run of T-54′s suffered from. It was still intended to be a medium tank/MBT, *not* a light tank. The project was dropped after the mechanical issues with the standard T-54 were resolved.

  2. How would it be balanced against the WZ-132 then? Oh wait, i have almost forgotten – (soviet) commies should have best tonks.
    1200 HP? dat armor? fuck my life.

  3. Yeah a tier 8 light with such a stronk view range.It will suck at spotting it’s granted.

  4. This would be quite comical if they actually implemented as a tier 8 LIGHT TANK. Historical inaccuracy suits WG better anyways :D

  5. Well WG just shot themselves in the foot and lost a bunch of money…

    Good work WG, 1 step sideways, 2 steps backwards as always.

  6. …… ******** give as t8 med USSR prem !!!!! omg WG i only hope they are not leaving the idea of t8 prem med for USSR

  7. If they would buff T-50 it could be tier V scout. So we can have full light tank line. And T-50 would come from A-20. Nowday’s T-50 crap.. worst tier IV scout.

    • agreed at t-50 sucks. i still see them alot. people is drunk? seriously, what that tank can do? it cant damage, it cant scout. even arties laughs at it. it needs massive buff.

  8. Well that sucks, i was finaly hoping that we get a true Medium premium tank (not a Heavy that is a medium (FCM) and not a medium that is a heavy (SP))

    And before anyone says that T-34-3 is a medium – it sucks at being a medium with that gun and cant be played like a true medium tank.

    • Somebody need to pay for the game so the poor fucks like you can play it for free.

    • somehow you can’t get your head around the fact the people who were getting excited about a tank that they have been waiting for for a long time were let down b this news?

  9. As a tier 8 light, its not going to be worth it. Sounds like its going to be fucking garbage. It has the same size of a T-54 with even worse armor, worse view range than other tier 8 lights, worst top speed, with garbage Idiot gun for a tank that pretty much tier 9 matchmaking. Yeah, what a massive disappointment, I was willing to buy it the day it was released as a premium, but as a fucking light tank, no fucking way.

  10. Stupid decision, IMO. Doubt it will be better than WZ-132, and the USSR tree desperately needs a higher tier premium medium. Matilda IV is fun but not very efficient, and it also doesn’t fit the actual Soviet playstyle…

    • The WZ132 is shrunk down in size, this tank isn’t its the same size as a T-54, except its armor is completely useless at its tier range. No to mention lack of gun depression can be a real killer for a light tank, lights need position flexibility much more than medium tanks do. Not to mention its slower and crappy idiot guns for tier 9-10. Screw that.

  11. a WZ-132 russian version! still is good to know it might be in the tech tree, probably had no other tank to put as a t8 scout!

  12. since these new tier 8 lights seem to have much higher hitpoints than my wz-132, i hope that means the current tier 8 lights are getting their HP buffed when these new ones come out.

    • It has more hitpoints because its much bigger than a wz-132. This tank is the same size as a regular T-54 with much inferior armor, armor that is now useless at tier 9-10.

        • wz-132 is also virtually the same size as a T-44 medium tank, so it’s not exactly small.

        • If I’m not mistaken, RU251 is based on a Leopard prototype hull. So it’s pretty long and wide, they just lowered the silhouette by putting a smaller turret.

  13. Hmmm…. so, there is the good old T-54, the tank that’s pretty much the most overpowered broken ( and don’t start saying it’s balanced, and it has low pen with AP, stuff like that. we all know how most of the T-54 players use the tank and with how much HEAT… ) vehicle in the game, leading to 2 tier 10 tanks. The only thing that some people didn’t like about it was the line leading up to it, cause many players just simply hate the T-43 and T-44. Guess what… now there will be an other way to get it, and seems like it’s gonna be decent enough, at least on t8.

  14. Well, this was bad news.
    I have waiting years for a soviet prem-med, so i can train some crews.

    Don’t gonna buy it now, i don’t have any light crew i need to train.

  15. i sincerely hope it changes back…
    but that is probably just setting myself up for further disappointment.

  16. This is literally most retarded WG idea so far. Many people were w8ing for that tank(including me) and now they tell us screw you prem medium is light tank because we say so! First that tier 8 german boring prem panter, now this. Maybe WG really dont want our money?

  17. I don’t get people. At first they cry that WG are evil capitalists squeezing them for every penny, now they are crying that WG is retarded for not letting them give money.

    God bless companies that do not listen to fanbase often, otherwise they would not get anything done.

    • money? no no, we want to use the gold we got at CW’s on something useful… and a tier 8 russian med tank is something interesting to train crews.

  18. Excellent news, I hope its (turret) armor doesn’t get reduced, it will make interesting addition to t8 LTs, LTTB’s model seems like some kind of clone/copy of T-50-2 trash (maybe xp sink?)

  19. Does this mean that new russian scouts will start with Mt-25?
    mfg eX
    PS: sry if that has been posted before, but i didn’t see it mentioned anywhere.

    • Since LTTB has been downtiered to tier 7 (was first considered as tier 8), I think the obvious place of it is now after MT-25 (when considered for tier 8, it was said that it would follow T-43).
      Light T-54 should now follow LTTB.

      MT-25 – LTTB – Light T-54

      There is no more real light branch in USSR tree. It’s quite a mess since they have removed rocket propelled T-50-2 to replace it by MT-25 that is based on KV hull (hence following KV line at some point).

      I’m quite happy with this decision because it ends the line (this is clean). But I recognized that t8 prem med is a long awaited tank. Maybe they have more potential candidates as meds than they have for lights, that could explain that twist.

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  21. OMG I wish we could sell tanks in game to others. I wonder how much my T59 and Panzer2j would go for.

    Wait so now was there any news on a replacement prem tank?

  22. I dont know why you see it as a bad light… T-54 camo is not bad, add the light bonus and camo training (a must have in scouts) with a 175mm pen gun and a VERY GOOD armor for a light… as pasive scout doesnt looks bad and with his armor could be a counter scout tank and a good “heavy light fast” support for meds.

    Like the last scouts this looks like a fighter scout but with better armor to stand… in the end armor only helps him VS lower tiers or in RNG situations but sure tier 9-10 meds are going to rape him in same way his tier 8 brothers.

    PD: maybe now i find more problematic the T-44 situation… in 9.3 is going to be very very obsolete, they need or buff T-44 firepower (pen, accurancy and rof or damage per shoot) and mobility or they need find a tank to send T-44 to premium area as is now with a less engine maybe.