- the info about Tanitha being in charge of WoT wiki is obsolete, he no longer is (for quite some time apparently)
- it’s possible that the “supertest leak” policy will be revised. Tanitha:

“However leaks do happen, and then are announced on other websites without the accompanying information/facts/reasoning/purpose/disclaimers/etc .. this situation isn’t ideal so we will be revising the current “leak” procedures in the short future. It will be my aim in these discussion to attempt to aim at having ST leaks channeled to our players through our official sources (forums) so we can include the required associated information with the leaks. Instead of the leaks sometimes being being accompanied by misinformation and speculation when released unofficially.”

(SS:  I think everyone with half a brain knows that the supertester data are preliminary and instead of revealing how exactly the vehicles will behave, they basically only reveal the direction Wargaming is thinking in and sometimes the visuals of a model (which is unlikely to change further unless there is some serious problem with the model). Personally, although what Tanitha suggested is quite interesting, I very much doubt anything will change, since he will run into the same obstacles as others did for years before him – “we can’t release info that will change”)

- no plans to return Type 59 to the shop
- tier 9 premium tanks – no such plans

(SS: one more note about this info from Tanitha – where he works as a Wargaming representative, I need to interpret his data. In the past, he asked me specifically to include words such as “maybe” and “unlikely” in the translations – here, he wrote that tier 9 premium tanks are unlikely, but I know for a fact from RU forums that that will not happen, because RU players ask such stupid shit every now and then, hence including “unlikely” in the transcript is counterproductive, as it actually leaves players the impression that there is a small chance of that happening (there is not) and encourages them to ask this stuff further, even though game developers have repeatedly states this will not happen).

- Tanitha, regarding the Type 59 not returning to shops: “There will likely however be similar tanks up for sale later this year though.” (SS: T-54 Light)

And from Storm:

- from 9.3 onwards, there will be more HD tanks per patch, since the outsourcing finally started working
- alternative hulls will definitely not come this year
- Storm explains why alternative hulls will not come this year:

“Internal art department is too small to produce models of such complexity. We had to find an external company for outsourcing, give them test models, evaluate the test results, then we found out they suck, we had to find another external company, then tests again, then we had to give them their tasks, then the schedule was pushed several times, then there was a lot of rework and corrections in the models, then fixes again, work optimization, training etc. All this took several months and this process is still not finished.”

- 9.2 will bring many smaller graphical fixes (regarding the way the models look)
- 9.3 will bring cca 18 new HD tanks apart from the new regular tanks
- the turret turning sounds are intentionally quiet – when the developers tried to make them louder, they started to be annoying
- FV215b (183) “will do fine in 9.2″
- the WT E-100 changes in 9.2 concern only the 128mm gun
- KV-1S will be split “later” (SS: as in not in 9.2)
- there will be no compensation (free stuff) for WT E-100 and FV215b (183) nerfs
- interestingly enough, the light T-54 is now being tested as a “light tank” for some reason (SS: probably just some test thingie)

42 thoughts on “10.7.2014

  1. - the WT E-100 changes in 9.2 concern only the 128mm gun

    File this under “Duh” … who actually uses the 150mm one? Probably one of the worst “upgrades” to waste exp on ever.

    • In fact, after the “nerf” (which is a buff after all), people will start using the 150 with golds

    • Along with

      - there will be no compensation (free stuff) for WT E-100 and FV215b (183) nerfs

      I believe our players are stupid.

      • its mainly the russian players(individuals) who ask the same stupid questions over and over again(like the tier 9 premium thingie)

        • The Russians are the only ones asking questions only because the European and American players can’t ask questions at all.

        • Probably because its mainly Russian players who get to ask questions. You are naive if you think EU/NA/SEA/Whatever players wouldn’t ask the same stupid questions over and over again given the chance.

    • there are many playes using it (150mm) just for the HE spam on other WTs and some times they end the battle with 0 dmg :D

      stronk siemkas !

    • nah its a needed upgrade.
      you need it for elite status, so you can train your crew faster and be able to convert xp.
      this is needed among players with enough money and/or skill. (not including me for both reasons)

    • even if you aren’t interested in using the 150 mm gun on the WT it is still nice to unlock when you can because of crewtraining. I prefer the 150 mm gun on the WT E100 just because of the nice alfadamage and I barely use gold I only use gold when for example an E100 or a Maus stands hulldown in front of me or another heavily armored tank but mostly I just fir AP

    • You’re wrong, the Damage and DPs of 15 cm is tremendous, I always play it on test server without gold ammo and I enjoy it alot

    • ” who actually uses the 150mm one? ”

      As strange as it may seem to a logical mind, I’ve seen a few 44-45 % players who managed to free XP their way to the WT actually use the 150 and to top it all, these players were not using gold rounds either. You can easily imagined what “useful assets” these “Waste dad’s money” players were to the team

    • Not with gold, this gun ( 150 mm) is awesome in game against MTs with the 950 alfa, but you will need some1 to stay close to u and guard u. But if lucky u will 1-2 shot all the enemy meds. However, as many pointed, the “nerf” is actualy a buff, since it will reload much faster at the cost of just 1 shell in the container..

    • Nah, the worst “upgrade” for a tank in WoT i can think of is the Elite turret for the Jumbo Sherman. Why would you sacrifice 150mm all-round armor ffor a gun thats not much better than the one you can mount on the stock turret (still sticking with the M4 105mm derp though)

  2. They keep rolling that KV1S split back…it makes me think they don’t want a bunch stat-padders to wet their pants and go play WT.

    • Obviously they are also planning to add the 122 mm M62-T2 for the KV-1S and the IS. And they will also nerf American and German tanks to the point of being unplayable.

      They also have Joseph Stalin cryogenically preserved in their basement with SerB offering little polish children for sacrifice.

      Keep your shorts on, the game will not become the best damn thing in the world when the KV-1S gets split. And its not the end of the world that the split is delayed. They’re not about to drop everything and appease every tomato in the game. It’ll be done when its done.

  3. If people think that the 150 sucks, then you should never ever get WTE E100. 150 rocks with HE. This simply shows ignorance of people who simply keep their heads buried in the sand. Only really annoying thing about 150 is its accuracy.

  4. - KV-1S will be split “later” (SS: as in not in 9.2)
    I can imagine what reactions will be when it FINALLY happens :D

  5. I hope the “light” t-54 ends up being a medium. If not I give up on my tons of soviet medium crews that need a better than Matilda tank.

  6. - interestingly enough, the light T-54 is now being tested as a “light tank” for some reason (SS: probably just some test thingie)

    They still need a sovet light tier 8 since the other thing got downtiered.

    There goes the new premium tier 8?

  7. WT E100 ‘nerf’ is more buff than nerf, who agrees? My opinion: totally buff. 1 shell only prevents getting clipped while driving E100/Maus, i didnt even mention overbuff for on-the-move accuracy and -6 sec reload = less time to karma this unbalanced td = big buff…

  8. YOU CAN ALREADY DOWNLOAD 9.2 Common Test, download any public test and then it’ll start downloading the 9.2 FILES!

  9. If the KV-1S is going to be split, I am going to buy it again. It will be great for profits and also great for testing out the new KV-1S and KV-85. I think the tier 5 KV-1S will be used more than the KV-1, as it is faster and has the same gun (that 85 mm on the KV-1S ATM will probably be the top gun on the tier V KV-1S).

    As for the KV-85, I am really curious, because I expect some suprises somewhere, like KV-1 armor. For the tier V KV-1S I expect maybe a suprise in the guns, but not much more.

    Anyhow, the removal of the current tier VI KV-1S will be quite interesting for seeing 2 new vehicles with pro’s and con’s from the old KV-1S.