9.2 – General Feedback

Hello everyone,

well, the patch 9.2 is here and it’s time to gather some feedback. The thing is… there is not a whole lot going on with this patch. Not from the things that can be thoroughly tested anyway. There is the Stronkhold mode, but last night and today morning there was noone from my clan to play it and even if there was, there is not much to say about it that wasn’t already said.

Some vehicles got buffed and nerfed and some had their armor changed, which can be seen here (not a complete list, I will gather the other changes when the data is available). Then there are the new maps, including the reworked Prokhorovka – they warrant a separate post and I’ll get to it (although some the main changes were leaked already – Sacrad Valley, Cliff, Hidden Village).

So, what’s left… general impressions. Overall, this patch did not reduce my FPS from 9.1, so that’s good. I even think some of the effects were optimized, I am having a bit less microlags, so that’s good. The only odd thing is that the new Prokhorovka has some smoky areas, that appear smoky even on low details. When I was testing the map last night and entered one of the smoky areas, the FPS dropped a LOT, but as I looked for feedback on this issue on RU forums, I haven’t seen anyone report this issue, so it’s hopefully not universal.

One thing that was introduced is the new “foliage transparency” toggle in visual graphics. I am not sure what to think of it – for me, it did increase the FPS (so much for “defoliant mods do not increase FPS”), but I will leave the judgement up to you – check this out:

Default setting (transparency turned off):


When turned on:


The “off” version simply removes the extra leaves from the model, looks useful. When you hide behind a fallen tree like this:


Transparency turned off (default) in sniper mode:


Turned on:


Apart from having some extra eye candy, I don’t think there is any reason to actually turn this transparency mode on, because as you can see, it is certainly not helping your situational awareness by introducing blobs of colour into your sniper mode. And since it you won’t be looking at leaves when you are trying to hit your enemy in the sniper mode, I do consider it a bit pointless.

Oh yea, and there are four new HD models – the StuG, IS, SU-100 and Churchill I and they look pretty good, will post pics when I have reasonable HQ screenshots.

29 thoughts on “9.2 – General Feedback

  1. Still worried about the VK4502B and the fact that some players have said that it’s the same deal as the E3, you flank it.
    Issue: It’s a tier lower, and also has a turret.

    Edit: If you go into the ASAP 9.2 video, can’t you screenshot those displays of the HD tanks? Or are they too low quality?

  2. VK 4502 B now has better front than Maus thank to bettter slope, lol

    • Its also seems to the only german tank without a lower frontal plate that is weaker than the upper frontal plate..

      • Apart from the VK 7201 (I think that’s what it’s called?), the T10 german heavy that was given out as a clan wars reward.

      • E-75′s like that as well in terms of raw thickness (but its sloping is worse than the upper glacis).

      • I said its front armour is now better than Maus, not side or top

  3. I see in the patch notes WG are not sure if they like the visual improvement of the SU-122:

    Visual models of the following tank models improved: ISU-152, SU-122?, M18 Hellcat, M3 Lee, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Tortoise, Black Prince, Conqueror Gun Carriage, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D, Sturmpanzer I Bison, Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) and Type 4 Chi-To.

  4. huh? I thought all info about the killrings was secret. What is this then? Which tooltip?

    Average damage percentage for the Marks of Excellence that are displayed in the tooltip have been changed from maximum to current.

    • Service record>Click tank>Awards>Hover mouse over MoE’s

      Right now it gives you the highest % ratio you’ve had instead of your current % ratio. For example you could work your ratio up to 64% then go on a massive losing/fail streak but your service record would still be showing 64%. Which is fucking useless because it gives you no idea how much work you need to do to get back to where you were.

      TL;DR it’s nothing to do with the formula, just the display of your current MoE %

  5. I think one advantage of having the transparency on it knowing if your in cover. It’s off you can’t see the bush being in front of you so you may actually be sticking out of the bush but not know it. With it on you can see the bush in front of you.

  6. The server may be unavailable, or your network connection settings may be wrong.

    I am not in a clan, is that the problem maybe?

      • Hello,

        The test server is indeed not available currently.
        The maintenance is exptected to be 5hours long.
        We keep you inform of any futur changes.


  7. I was on Test server to make clan but:
    Your profile information has not been updated in the database. Try again later or log in to the game client.

  8. Tbh i dont see that much of a difference with the transparency off. I thought you could see stuff when looking threw a double bush or something… Wouldnt even know they changed something if i didnt read the patch notes

    • Try hiding behind the bush – instead of bush turning transparent, it will disappear completely.
      I’d rather know that it’s there so I set it back to normal…

  9. On the test-server, I’m in a clan called [JDQW] or something like that and I’m the only member of it… On live-server I’m in [T-D-U], is this a bug or did WG let me try being a clan-commander?

  10. The VK4502B feel really great now. I dueled an other VK45 and even with gold shells it’s not that easy to pass the armor. I really like the new one.

    And tested the FV183, didn’t notice a change cause all my shells crashed into spaced armor like 90% of the shots, so only HE damage. Test in progress.