Verkhnyaya Pyshma Parade, 9.7.2014

Thanks to iBeNoob for this one!

Hello everyone,

a column of historical vehicles passed through the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma in Russia. I think most need no introduction. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Verkhnyaya Pyshma Parade, 9.7.2014

    • Probably a polish collector went there to show off his sweet ride, since a t-34 is a t-34 regardless of what it has painted on the sides. That’s pretty much the raison d’etre of those parades anyway.

      • T-34 Rudy
        Well, or red. This is the legendary sign of the tank the Polish Army.
        Fought for the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany

  1. Why was SerB in SU152?! Oh wait, no, that was just another russian drunk-looking hobo.

  2. Wow a motorcycle with a side car mounted mortar. We should all take a moment and consider how awesome that is.