9.2 Test 2 Patchnotes

Source: EU forums post

Changes in version 0.9.2 Common Test 2 vs. version 0.9.2 Common Test 1:

- Armor of the frontal section of the roof of the second turret for VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B increased from 40 mm to 60 mm.
- Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s.
- Minor bugs in damage boxes for T32, IS, T54E1, M8A1 fixed.
- Minor bugs and defects in visual models fixed for the following vehicles: M18 Hellcat, T-34-85, Pz.Kpfw. III, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A, StuG III Ausf. G, SU-100, Churchill I.
- Models and textures of all vehicles in high-definition quality (HD vehicles) reworked for better display when graphics settings are set to medium or low.
- Some visual defects and errors fixed for the following maps: Fire Salient, Kharkov, Erlenberg, Sacred Valley, Sand River, Hidden Village, El Halluf, Cliff, Winter Himmelsdorf.
- Komarin map is unavailable for high-tier battles (available for Tiers I–VIII only). This change was not implemented during Common Test 1 by mistake.
- Ruinberg on Fire map is unavailable for Team Battles.
- Some bugs and defects in the Strongholds: Battles user interface fixed.
- Display of players’ nicknames whose vehicles were destroyed in team lists at the sides of the screen fixed.
- Some bugs during battle playback fixed.
- Red lines at the junction points of landscape textures, that appeared when using the old renderer with antialiasing on, fixed.
- Client hanging-up when loading a battle in rare cases fixed.
- Sounds of vehicle explosions made less loud.
- Items of the context menu of the tank carousel in the Garage changed to be consistent.
- Some defects in auto-detecting graphics settings fixed.
- Changes to the effect of ammo explosion made.
- Some effects of shells hitting various surfaces reworked.
- Bugs in the order of switching between allies in the Postmortem mode fixed.
- Issue when some players could not log in to the Common Test servers fixed.
- Minor interface bugs fixed.

159 thoughts on “9.2 Test 2 Patchnotes

  1. - Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s.

    Oh my, that is not historical…..


  2. So, WG saw that by reducing the reload of the 12,8 on the WT E100 to 52, they gave it a buff even if it lost 1 shell, so now they really did nerf it?

    • They should compensate the loss of the shell by nerfing it’s HP pool as well. Because fuck the cancerwaffen.

    • Fair? Are you kidding me? Was it balanced before in your opinion? It can still kill most tanks in less than a clip and still have damage left for damaging another. Tanks like this should be removed from the game completely.

    • i like reading those coments where kids cry coz they cannot deal 4k average dmg per game anymore… :-) maybe they will begin to play tanks that require skill, not tanks like “click, click, click, dead Maus”…

        • Well carramba is not a kid but he acts like one because nerf was needed. Still 5*560 = 2800 average dmg on clip. Pretty much click,click…..click anything in game is dead except low /average rolls on MAUZ.
          However Borsig should receive additional nerf aswell.

            • Do you think I didnt tested it? Oh cmon test server is available allways so tested against 15 T10 and man…. I was like a beast. 6k dmg in bad games and WTs in platoon? Used HP as a resource while killing defendless enemies. 2 sec shell reload? It was massacre. NO SKILL. 3360 potentional clip damage when I tried it. (so 6 shells) Next time dont argue if you dont have required experience or when you just tunnelvision.

                • No comment like you are testing vs T8… piss off and try to improve your ingame performance / knowledge instead of this “I am the only one who tested it”

                • you’re a fucking idiot, the wte100 gun is broken, doesn’t matter if it’s op or not the gun was broken the gun needed changing or nerfing.

                  it’ got that nerf, it deserved it and needed it and yes i fucking have the tank you retard. get your dirty tomato face out of here.

            • i played the FV304 and that was a fun tank not OP but that’s getting a nerf the Waffle needed the nerf more than the 183 getting clipped in a Maus sucks the Maus only real strength is the 3k hp but when that is destroyed in a clip it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks that’s OP you can clip two tier 8 heavy tanks but you can’t in a 183 so OP and the 183 doesn’t have any armor to go with it just like the Waffle

        • You are soooo annoying… not having vehicle on live does not mean nobody tested it. However saying it was not OP is just sick.

            • Wow. You are an ignorant asshole.
              These guys do have experience, obviously more than you do.

            • tank has it’s limits and is easily killed by artillery, most people know where to pen it.


    • They were crazy when they implemented this piece of **** :P
      For once, gj wargaming. One less op tank.

        • hey carramba. As far as the new TD line, i have played it up to Rhm borsig. And i have to say, the tanks, up to sturer emil are very imbalanced, especiall sturer emil. in 4/10 scenarios you are totally useless, but in those 4 you can do 2k damage with ease. then i got my borsig…damn its such an OP tank. second game, 11 shots fired and 8 kills. but again, it depends of the map and the teams. in most of the cases you HAVE to camp in those tanks in order not to die, and in most of the cases you are useless imo, since you can hardly coordonate with your teammates in randoms.

          As far as WT e100 goes…its imbalanced as hell. sure, implement a tank bigger than maus, with a 5 sheels autoloading gun with avg damage of 560 per shot, but with no armour at all…

          For WT players, as far as i know (didnt drove one myself exept on the ts) its very frustrating to play it. you come out, click click click, and probably you lose at least as much HP as you did to the enemy if you are spotted. WT is just a game breaker. frustrating for the drivers (since you are very dependent of your team, map, etc) and even more frustrating for the other players since you just cant bounce one shot. even if you do, there are still 4 more coming…

      • they aren’t all op but

        borsig is op
        the wt auf pz IV is absolutely amazing and no you don’t need to camp in THAT tank.
        wte100 is ridiculous, need to create the situation yourself and you cannot expect everything to roll into your hands but the tanks absolutely ridiculous and using it wisely = you can push with it and break peoples faces in.

        but judging situations is hard, map awareness hard, timing hard.


        the wte100 isn’t overpowered but it’s definitely broken and imbalanced which means nerfing or changing needs to happen.
        carramba is just a retard who can’t play this game properly the fucking idiot

    • Go 15cm after the nerf. See how it works (i havent tried it yet on the WT E100 only on E100). If it does not wortk i will put it next to my 183 in the trashpile of the garage togheter with my VK3601H

    • So? I have to reload for more than 75 Seconds in my BatChat 155/58 with BIA and coffee, for just 4 shells, which have not even close as much penetration potential, aren’t fired with laser accuracy, >1 flight time, aren’t homed in with minimal aim time and do have a 6s delay between shots (longer, if you want to fully aim in). Live with it.

      • Becuse firing from a safespot behind cover/other side of map is the same as being in someones line of fire to do dmg?

        • As if TDs are always in the line of fire and weren’t half a map away, unspotted, undamaged, unbothered.

  3. - Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s.

    Oh God. Looks like I’ll be doing what I did with the Foch 155 and selling on patch release day.

  4. Finally common sense has come back to WG people. I`d nerf it even more. Say 65 seconds, but the problem is not reload speed but aim speed and dispersion (or lack of it). That is not normal that Waffel can turn turet and shoot immediately without spending a second to aim. If that could get nerfed then finally that broken tank could be almost balanced.

      • In app. 250 games I have nearly 4k avg dmg/battle.

        Even the worst tomato braindead donkey can do at least one clip averaging around 2500k dmg/battle.

        What is NOT OP about it?

        Also this waffenbullshit cripples the gameplay by making people camp. WTEs camp because they are paper, the other side camp because there is a WTE.

        HOW is that good for WoT gameplay?

        • THIS^^^^^

          Exactly, this.. The WT is a cancer to this game because it just ruins the gameplay. They promote camping to the extreme. Wt’s camp because that is their thing, in turn the enemy team camps, because who wouldn’t like to get reduced from full HP to 0 by a WT in a matter of seconds. LOL.

          That tank is just bad of the game. I don’t care that it takes patience to play it well (well some say patience, i say menthal retardation), that it is much harder to carry games in it then some other classes, all of that is irrelevant to me when this tank in its current form just destroys the game. It is a bad influence on gameplay.

    • May I suggest you the following nerf?
      Turret, which moves only 1 degree, cannon is fix. Speed decreased to 10 kmh, turn rate to 6 m/s. It would have only 2 shells in total, and i shell loads in 120 sec and does 100 damage with 99 penetration. Hm, would you like it?

    • Actually you have to take the autoloading time into account as well so that would be 58 sec rld + 4×2 sec autoload = 66 sec complete loading time which gives you 13.2 sec of reload per shell. Pretty balanced I’d say.

    • 11.6 per shell too fast?
      GODDAMN JAGDTIGER RELOADS 11.4 SECONDS. So WG must nerf jagdtiger too? Jagdtiger is really op..no.
      This pretty much makes jt better than wte, it at least has some armor-..
      Also, wt pz iv reloads 10.9 s with SAME GUN, one tier lower.

      • Does JT and wt pz4 have 2800 burst damage in 8s? No,it doesnt. You just proofed being braindead tomato. Well done.

        • I replied to a guy who said 11.6 seconds per shell. We were not discussing burst damage.
          So you have pretty much just proven that YOU are braindead tomato…

          Wte has pretty insane burst damage, that is true, but any skilled arty player can and will take it out while it is unloading its 6 (now 5) round clip. I killed many wts like that.

          I actually dont give a fuck about 128mm on that thing I roll with 150 gold every now and then just to troll people. Its just that wg will ruin every single tank in game if they continue with this “balancing”

  5. I’m thinking they will release maybe one more public test or two. Any news on 9.2 not test update?

  6. Stop whining about WT auf E 100, if you don’t know how to play against it, find another target. 58s for 5 shells is not fair enough even when they nerfed other stats of this tank.

    • lol find another target, by then you are clipped.

      But I love using my ST-I and T32, those idiots try to autoaim through my turrets, and then rage when they do nothing. Then I pump HE rounds into their turret, just to watch them wither away.

    • There’s a tank in this game, that reloads for more than 75 seconds for just 4 shells and has none of the advantages of the WTE-100 and is inferior in every single regard. The drivers of those don’t moan and bitch like you flavour-of-the-month-chasers do.

  7. - Komarin map is unavailable for high-tier battles (available for Tiers I–VIII only)

    Good reason to play tier X.

    Could they make it I to III only. Then I would rarely have to play that woeful map.

  8. - Armor of the frontal section of the roof of the second turret for VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B increased from 40 mm to 60 mm.
    What about frontal armor? How are we supposed to pen a 200mm lower plate @ 45 degrees without gold ammo?

    - Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s
    They should stop trying to fix the unfixable and replace this Star Destroyer-like abomination with something that isn’t made up http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/22/building-a-tier-x-hellcat-waffentrager-panther/ FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME ALREADY

    • What about frontal armor? How are we supposed to pen a 200mm lower plate @ 45 degrees without gold ammo?

      You will use it anyway because its always like “OMG E-100, load gold ammo, OMG Maus, OMG VK 45.02P Ausf (B), OMG E-75. And all of that before the battle even starts.

      • VkB was UP – now its “OMG HOW TO PEN 200mm?! #FUWG#IQUIT#YOLO”.
        Rarely you would see VkB driving around. Way more E-75s.

        • And yet people used gold ammo for it anyway. Now it has a reason and it can ricochet something. I have E-75 now and people use gold ammo way more than they should. And often they bounce anyway because they don’t even try to aim. I look forward to VK and even more for Maus. Even when I already know that it will be like gold ammo magnet.

  9. when will they finally realise that all they would have to do to SOMEWHAT balance out the WTE100 would be to give it a longer magazine unloading time, as in higher time between shells. The extremely high reload time over all makes it a stupidly unflexible tank. Its pretty much forced to camp and wait for lategame oportunities. I dont even like the playstyle how it is right now and after the patch it will just be unplayable for my playstyle. Probably going to sell it too.

    • I’ve only had 8 battles in the WT e-100 so far, averaging 1694 damage per battle. I suck even worse than the average scrub with this tank. But you’re right, it’s so unflexible, only good for extreme camping. I’ll probably manage my 1st mastery badge somehow and then abandon high tier german TD’s. Go russian stronk TD’s.

  10. VK45B is now kind of overpowered…. A skilled driver could already be really good, now its frontally immune to:
    260 pen AP (5 degree’s normalisation)
    (270 pen APCR) 2 degree’s normalisation
    285 pen vs HEAT (turret face can be penetrated, but hull is immune)

    Turret is face is now the weakest point of the tank from the front.

    Cupola shots and the Bow machine gun can still be penetrated relatively easily, but if you sidescrape correctly and from the right angle you can hide these weakspots.

      • “ProtoMaus” most likely, since the “Minimaus”/”Micromaus” is the Panzer 38H (f).

    • It deserved to be buffed. This tank was such a pain to play. Now its still slow with no side armor and bad mobility. Only moron will fight it frontally anyway.

      • well, we got plenty morons in the game who going to load the composit and heat ammo and still bounce off, and then you are going to see some new forum topic “vk45b is op” :D

        • It really deserved to get buffed. Before patch 9.2 it was arguably the worst tier 9 heavy. At least now you have a reason to play it instead of E-75. Less flexible than E-75 but superior armor.

  11. - Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s.
    Thank you :)
    - Ruinberg on Fire map is unavailable for Team Battles.
    Why? :P

  12. - Bugs in the order of switching between allies in the Postmortem mode fixed.

    Maybe now it won’t take 14 clicks anymore to cycle between the remaining last 4 tanks. It was like WoT was skipping the one tank you wanted to follow on purpose.

    • You can always hold CRTL and click the tank you want to follow in the team roster on the right/left.

    • exactly this, I’m still gonna play it and wreck noobs/harvest rage. Minus one shell is not a problem at all for me.

  13. Komarin is actually one of the better maps after the last rework, promoting creative gameplay (unlike recent corridor maps)… gonna miss it in t9-10.

    • Yep gonna miss a load of invisible TDs camping in the corner forest all doing 800+ damage per shot without even being spotted as they kill anything stupid enough to actually attack.

      • If they camp the forest they will not be able to support their team in a push, thus they will lose.

        Besides, the forest was nerfed hard in the recent changes.

        Anyway, if anyone is stupid enough to advance on a pack of TDs they deserve to die.

        • The problem with that logic is that the OTHER team’s TDs are doing the same thing, and thus, neither team advances, resulting in a stalemate (although it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as it used to be)

  14. They should have left the 6 shells and all the other stats but nerfed each round dmg to 490 or even 440. It would be unique stil lwith great amount of shells and accuracy but the 560 DMG is relaly the problem IMO as it hits for 600 all the time and that was to much. TBH this is why the T57 is easy to beat the T57 you might eat 2 shells killing it and lose 800 HP where a waffle kills 1200 HP. [And since it can fire faster fully zoomed more like 3 shells] So one leaves you with 1200hp left while other leaves you at 35-40% or 800 HP in 2k hp vehicles…Huge difference.

    So let it be a laser spitting 6 round doom gun, but make sure its much less DMG.

    400-440 DMG is much more fair.

  15. It’s funny how 90% of people whining about WTE100 are the ones who doesent have it yet.

    • why would I wanna get a boring tank to play? I “whine” about it, because its gamebreaking and encouraging camping, which is never good for gameplay. I give no shit whatsoever how “hard” is it to play. Every tomato camping in the last corner right from the start of the game can one-clip you if you are trying to be agressive and actually play the game.

      • It is not gamebreaking unless you are a complete retard with tomato stats and a situational awereness equal of a braindead hamster.

    • Well see how fun meeting one when driving a heavy.
      Click 6 times – 2~3 dead T8; 1.5 dead T9; 1 very dead Maus.

      Fun? Do I need to own one?

      • Because you totally have to own the tank to see if it’s OP or not. Seriously. STFU

    • Interesting thing for you. I have it. I have around 250 battles with it averaging 4k dmg/battle and I still whine about it.
      You know why? Because it is only tank for retard campers, extremely boring, extremely OP and destroying healthy active gameplay. This bullshit tank can only punish people who are trying to play active.

      Is it good for this game? NO, it only gives power to complete donkeys who botted their T10s.

  16. In the end , the whiners always gets what they want.

    They killed the arty , they killed most of the TD’s , and they are about the kill of the rest that made it passed the nerf hammer the first time.

    Soon on World of Tanks , 15 vs 15 mediums every game ! And then people will start complaining on their speed and DPM.

    Jokes on you noobs.

    • Waffencancer should never get implemented in first place, same as british t10 TD. Maybe even something like 57 heavy with 2 seconds between shots or t8 brokenmetal.

    • Hm. How do you explain the fact, that 90% of T10 random games are made by like 2-4 arties, 4-8, TDs (suprisingly even the nerfed ones) and only the rest are HTs, MTs and LTs?

      Yeah, because MTs are sooo stronk and tomatoes are so good in them.

      GG, was close moron.

    • I didn’t know the 13 75 was a ridiculously OP tank on par with the waffle.

  17. People really don’t like having to think outside of the square. Anything that stops their only tactics from working must be removed. Poor people, thinking must be very painful for them.

      • Exept you can’t do that. It is a difficult tank to handle as it lacks anything that even resembles gundepression. a minimal bump in the road and you can not fire on anything but birds.
        And it is HUGE not to mention that almost every shot in the turret kills the cannon.
        They should just give it some turret armor and remove the autoloader and change the gun to a TD gun.

      • Or, and here’s a very difficult thought for you, you could work out how to beat one without dying. Are you so stuck in your ways that you can’t work out how to beat a Waffentrager? It’s not hard.

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  19. And now all the players will play with full CLIP on WT E100 even it has 128mm or the other gun … and it will make damage and it will get crazy all the WG devs for this SPAM GOLD use and that is what I will do, because WG does not think that GOLD AMMO is much more important that nerfing a tank. I will give a shit about RAGE against people that use GOLD AMMO and i will put FULL GOLD AMMO on WT E100 because the tank is a shit tank and at least I can do damage before I will go in the garage.

    • and the stupid fuck people that think a MAUS will die from a 6 CLIP shoots form WT E100 is a stupid fuck retard player … on one hand when you are at 400-500 m from MAUS target you will get at least 2 maybe 3 non penetrated shoots …. and if you are spotted you will go prematurely in the garage for choosing a different tank… on the other hand the tank needs GOLD AMMO to penetrate the MAUS from any position … and the people will use GOLD AMMO always

  20. - Magazine reload time for the 12.8 cm gun for Waffenträger auf E 100 increased from 52 s to 58 s.

    Uhhh…..what the mother fuck?