Saumur War Machines

Thanks to Rasta_knight for this one.

Hello everyone,

a few short videos from this year’s Carousel event at Saumur, where various armor is displayed for public and shown in motion.

Panther I


Tiger II



Jagdpanzer 38t



French Leclerc tank


18 thoughts on “Saumur War Machines

  1. A fetish for tanks, a new genre coming soon to pron site near you!

    Vrooom, vrooom, Kaboom!

  2. The road is completely destroyed. I take it that these WWII tanks don’t have rubber pads to protect the road from the tracks?

  3. The Second vehicle in the Tiger 2 Video, was that a Nebelwerfer auf Sd. Kfz. 4/1 “Maultier”? Just curious.