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it is sort of “fashionable” to bash the Polish players on EU servers as bad, but the truth is, there is absolutely no proof anywhere that Polish players are worse than other players. There however is a proof that there is a LOT of them. Recently, World of Tanks was mentioned on Polish TV Polsat news (from 1:55 on):



There, Polish WG employee Konrad Rawinski states that there is over one million registered Polish players on EU server. Well… that’s a lot of people. It’s a damn shame there are no Polish tanks in the game since it has such a large audience here, but you know what? I think there will be some. Hopefully next year.

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  1. European, italy, new heavy fench line, polish. So many yet no time cause of HD and havok. Coming soon(TM)

    • I want:
      - Euro tree with Czech, Italian and Polish branches.
      - UK branches: to Vickers MBT, LL-line with high tier TDs (announced line to Sherman Firefly and then TDs to Conway), australian Sentinel AC, canadian Ram I
      - French branches to AMX 30, AMX M4 1949, low tiers tanks like: G1R, G1L, G1P Poniatowski, AMX Trackteur…
      - new maps
      - return of Confrontation
      - return of Port, Dragon Ridge…
      Havoc and other addons are less interesting for me.

      • @SS, when do you think Havok, the new motion phisichs and spotting mechanics will come? Should we expect them to come in 2014..?

  2. Modafockin Witcher 3.

    Damn, February, you aint here fast enough!

    OT: Im not suprised. Eastern Europe, the stronghold of PC gaming is also WG’s biggest fortress :P

    World of Tanks is the ONLY game that has regular commercial in Bulgaria… probably since ever.

  3. both the clans STRNK and ODUIM break the stereotype of : all polish players are shit .

    not all , but most of them . and they are not shit , they just play for fun thus having bas positioning and decision making .

    • Don’t forget about all sbp clans one of the oldest on server and also very

    • not all , but most of them

      Not “most of them” but “the same % of any country players” because stupidity is international. There are lot of Poles in various well known clans, there are a lot of good Polish clans and teams. Last but not least a lot of good Polish players have nicknames without “_PL” and people have no idea that this one is from Poland.

      Of course a lot of games still begins with “Siemka kto PL” but I see a lot of “Deutsch sprachigen hier?” or “NL?”, “FR?” etc. All these questions are as dumb as “kto PL”.

      • I’m from Poland, I’m an average player, and I keep being offended by that stereotypical thinking half of the WoT community is presenting about polish players.

    • WELL, most of germans are shitty, most of czechs are shitty and so on and so on. Thats how it is, always the majority MUST be shitty! The majority can drive a car, but only few can race in a F1 car. Simple as that. Sad thing – even when I carry my team 1 vs 6 and end up with a kolobanov medal I am still just a “polack noob die”.

      Does everyone hate poles, because its trendy?

  4. That’s insane. When you compare the population proportions, that would be the equivalent of 10 million users in the US alone.

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  6. Actually, I think that the fad of Polish player bashing has mostly died out, it’s mostly about “tomatoes” these days after XVM became prevalent. You can still hear some stuff, but there’s way less of it than it used to be.

  7. I never heard any nationality based insult in the game exept of insulting poland and polish players (in freq of few times a month), and when one will start other will follow and insulting coments are multiplied.
    To be honest it feels like a “muthafuking” racism

    Question: If you hate some country just like white racist hate blacks how is it called…- nazism?

    • And thats all we expect…We dont want made up tanks from Serb research bureau.

  8. It’s good and well but.. when will 9.2 finally hit the servers? I thought it would be this week.. :(

  9. In “POland” almost every young male plays games. Some play more, some play less, but it is hard to find one that doesn’t play at all.

    (capital “o” in POland is intentional)

    • That kind of goes for just about every place rich enough to afford doing so. The only question is, which games are being played. WOT is clearly a more popular choice in Poland than it is, let’s say, the USA.

      • Id say League of Legends is the most popular game here. World of Tanks is very popular here too but generally “true” long time players are older people while kiddies and teens prefer LoL and Minecraft (if you think siemkas are bad you have yet to meet rabid LoL/Minecraft fans from Poland).
        CounterStrike is a classic here. From MMORPGs many people played (and some still play) Tibia and Metin2.

        • We only produce teams like SIMP and Fulcrum gaming….

          As a whole the reason WOT isnt so popular is it really is kind of a ghetto game. Graphics suck and good computers play it shittaly.

          I love WOT, but as a whole if they re-did WOT for good computers NA server would be x4 as big.

  10. Really surprised at this news.I didn’t think their was anyone left living in Poland seeing as they all live in my Fing country.

  11. It’s easy to explain why Polish players are considered as bad and bashed for it: since they’re a quite big number, there are a lot of players that are bad AND polish at the same time; most of the times you find the chat filled with “kto pl/siema/kurwa” or other words written in a language that is clearly eastern European, thus it’s easy to make the correlation between these things.

    To give a counter example, let’s say hypothetically that most of the italian players are tomatoes. Since the Italian playerbase is small you won’t have anyway a significant amount of players that will perform badly AND fill the chat with Italian words, so nobody will correlate the being bad with the being Italian.

  12. Im from Siemkaland, and I play on the NA server, and I’m quite sure there is a large playerbase on NA server. We just prefer to be hidden ninjas. We don’t yell like faggots “HUR SIEMKA KURWA JEBAĆ KURWA EEEEEEEE”. We just play.

  13. Polacy plague is the most annoying thing in this game.
    But in WT you have the same shit. 9/10 teamkills at start is polak. (PL in the name)
    F2P = Polacy plague. Take 50€ for a game and they are gone.

  14. The only reason there would be so many bad Polish players is because of Sturgeon’s Law:

    “90% of everything is $#!+.”

    So if you have a LOT of players from a certain demographic, that makes for a large number of bad players.

  15. I for one would like to state that I find the prevalent bias against polish players, according to which they’d be bad players, to be greatly exaggerated and generally undeserved.

    The Turks are far worse.


  16. I want more canadian tank like the ram 3 inch and the ram 3.7 inch and grizzly and grizzly firefly even though they are copy’s of the m4 I would buy it