- Storm on gold shells for credits: “We collected statistics, thought about it and decided not to do anything for now.”
- a player suggests making T-62A turret armor similiar to the T-62 one. Storm: “And can you find data for T-62A?” (SS: as in, they are apparently not identical)
- game has FPS drops on high-end computers? Veider: “What do you mean by high end? I have I5 4430 + GTX 770 and no drops”
- game freezes during battle loading are caused by faulty/obsolete mods
- Object 277 and 770 will not be implemented (too strong)

45 thoughts on “26.7.2014

  1. - Object 277 and 770 will not be implemented (too strong)

    Can they come up with a legit reason as to why these tanks should not be added?

    I mean “too strong” didn’t stop them from destroying the game by adding all those T10 TDs.

      • True but that doesn’t stop them from doing it over and over again.

        After the initial batch of T10 TDs they still thought it was a good idea to add the 183 and waffle. God forbid they show HTs some love for a change.

        • So you WANT them to introduce unbalanced tanks so that everyone whines about it being OP and then have it nerfed?

    • You can even go older than the tier X TDs and look at the IS-7. That tank has caused WG much frustration in their attempts to balance it

  2. game freezes during battle loading are caused by faulty/obsolete mods

    i have no mods, and i lose 10+ seconds out of the start of a battle!

    but it’s better i used to lose in some 45 sec -1.15 min

      • Same results I’m using 2x SSD in RAID0 that is the double of bandwith of 1 SSD, game still has fps drops check my message down.

        • ssd’s in raid0 for 99% of people is a complete waste of ssd, you’ll notice no difference from just using 1 drive. & i’m loading the game from a regular sata drive & i’m always on the map before the 30 sec countdown starts.

  3. The programmers of this game sucks is know they will not recognise the true about 0 optimization and FPS drops.

    I have a AMD A10 6800k overclocked to 4.8GHZ per core that is a total of 4.8×4=19,2GHZ of power!!! plus 16GB DDR3 @ 2133mhz and ATI R9 270x overclocked, 2xSSD in raid 0 (700MB/s of data bandwith!!)

    At the first time the game runs 80fps but sudenly it drops to 20-30fps at max…. and I have to reset the game in order to recover fps, conclusion is that the game generate garbage on memory or have a lot of memory access…

    Under this conditions the gpu is always 40% not more and cpu 40-50%, but game runs slow , conclusion is that the game is making I/O operations then the cpu is waiting for the data (maybe unaligned and random ram access??? no blocking or nothing?)

    • Or you are throttling, either from heat or from voltage drop.
      Also that 40-50% cpu means you are maxing out 1 core, (change the affinity of the game to one cpu and it will be 100% on that one.)

      Also thats not how you calculate processor performance… you don’t have 19.2ghz of power, its possible 3ghz i3 will match you in games…

    • 1. AMD A10 is garbage, no matter the frequency. Any sensible gaming Intel CPU will be roughly 50% faster even at STOCK clocks – http://s30.postimg.org/e5onmczf5/20140425062303a0drp616dvj6ve54.jpg

      2. Running SSDs in Raid 0 is nonsense. You get most of SSDs benefits through better acces time, which you dont improve by raiding, so youre just wasting space. Its pretty much only boosting sequential speeds, which is useless.

      3. I had absolutely no issues with the game slowing down randomly, like never. Try downclocking your CPU and GPU and see if it helps. Even though WoT is not particularly hardware demanding, it cas still crash a computer you might have thought was stable. Happened to me even after running Heaven or Crysis 3 / BF4.

      I agree the game is poorly optimised, as it still does not support multi-core rendering. However, AMD CPUs are REALLY bad for gaming at the moment, Intel just rules with its effective architecture and very high IPC.

    • Rofl, just rofl…

      Stop overclocking, check the temperature and voltage of working components and try to optimize. I have a similar (in component performance level) setup and the game runs without any FPS drops at an average of 80fps.

    • Guys are mostly right.
      SSD in RAID0 is useless bullshit, overclocking that cpu and seeing that it runs on 40-50% is a waste of lifecycles of the cpu and gpu (if that’s overclocked too).
      Remember AMD A series have integrated gpu along them, so check you are using your R9 instead of the integrated gpu itself (I would say try to crossfire them, but I doubt wot supports that feature).
      Check also if your SSD is overloaded due to external applications or by the loading of heavy (REALLY HEAVY) mods (seems strange but worth a try).
      Wot probably uses just 1 core of your CPU, so as other guys said, try to stick wot affinity to 1 core only, and\or moving all load of external resources\programs like os etc to other cores.
      As last thing, if you see that cpu peaks\spikes without overclock with this method is below 100% you don’t fucking need to waste your cpu burning it.
      These are my 2 cents, I’m not an expert, and if something I said reveals as wrong, I’ll apologize.

      • Completely agree, ssd’s in raid0 is for people who has no clue what they’re doing & just want to sound cool on the interwebs. Or you might be the 1% doing some really heavy video/audio editing but i doubt it.

        Oh and “4.8×4=19,2GHZ of power!!!” gave me a good laugh.

    • If you have problems, firstly update all your drivers.

      So you say is that your gpu never gets fully utilized, then its probably your cpu. WoT is very single core performance dependant, because of almost no optimization regarding rendering submission.

      Your CPU is very weak, if you can not afford a better one, you have to switch to the old rendering mode, which is not as demanding for the cpu.

  4. People are requesting to replace the is7 with the object 770 but it’s too “strong” then why dosen’t wargaming buffs the is7 to its real gun with an autoloader or its real speed…..?

  5. I have mid-range system 4770S, 660TI and no SSD, WOT load around 10sec. Running WOT at max setting except grass since is blocking sniper view too much, my FPS stay around 50- 80.

    and not to mention I have only 1 92 mm exhaust fan ._.

  6. - game has FPS drops on high-end computers? Veider: “What do you mean by high end? I have I5 4430 + GTX 770 and no drops”

    Well, I’ve got an i7 running at 4.4ghz, a GTX-770 and 24 gigs of ram, and guess what? I get FPS drops too.

    - Object 277 and 770 will not be implemented (too strong)

    Still hope for the Object 279!!!

  7. - Storm on gold shells for credits: “We collected statistics, thought about it and decided not to do anything for now.”

    We will ignore imbalance as long as we can because MONEY.

        • ^^Exactly. I believe this is the strat for releasing OP tanks as well. Anyone who spends money can use convertible xp to purchase the OP vehicle on initial release, play before any corrections are applied, and reap the benefits.

          Those that grind (for free or simple premium account) to get the vehicle are less likely to enjoy the benefits before the patch fixes the ‘mistake’. This has happened multiple times to my friends and myself: the tank is nerfed as we reach it. It seems like just a semi-clever marketing tactic to me, and it’s getting old.

  8. Pretty sure theres a T-62A at Bovington outside any of the buildings… Think it’s Egyptian but couldnt really tell. Definitly had a rifled barrel though… And i know Bovington has a T-62 as well so you could always compare those two…

    Also for Computer specs I have myself a GTX780ti across 3 x 1920×1080 screens and an old i7 2600K all at stock speeds with fps at around 70 -80 with no probs… All on a Sata 3 HDD as well. Only issue i have is internet ¬_¬

    No FPS drops either.

  9. All these super computers having fps drops ffs…… Me playing with AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.21Ghz (Dual core), ATI Radeon HD 4300 Series (1024×782 with most games, but I can play WoT with 1248×1024 if I just had screen that would support that much pixels…), around 3Gb ram and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.

    Avarage fps is around 15fps? max 35fps, min 3fps. All with low res mod

    and ping is around 130

    • I see, you have some sort of fetish as your torturing your self gaming on that thing ?
      I almost threw and old i7-920, mobo, case, psu & 8gb ram out to trash 6 months ago, luckily i found someone who wanted to buy it for 134€.

  10. I have a i73770, with a 7870 gpu and a ssd. I run 50-80fps..depends on the map. It always runs smooth though. Have never had any problems with wot or xvm and gnomefathers..knock on wood

  11. Hope all these guys with high end computers arent runny cheap crap ppwer supplies.

    • Really? PSU (even its important to not buy the cheapests), but it isnt because the Wattage, but preventing it from destoying other components, you propably dont know how PC works, if the components “want”/need lets say 500W, they will get it or the system will crash…

  12. “game has FPS drops on high-end computers? Veider: “What do you mean by high end? I have I5 4430 + GTX 770 and no drops””

    I don’t believe him. Framerates are unstable as hell, because their rendering code is realy bad.

    “game freezes during battle loading are caused by faulty/obsolete mods”

    Its not the first time, bad behavior of the game was blamed to mods, and later the source was the game it self.

    • I believe him. He doesn’t have a truly “high end” computer, and he’s probably aiming for 30 FPS.

      Just because a game runs fine at 30 FPS doesn’t mean that, even with a system ten times more powerful, you can run it at 60 FPS. Bottlenecks in the code can mean that the game simply can’t make use of all that power.

      WoT looks to be very poorly optimized (or not optimized at all) for high frame rates.

  13. “game has FPS drops on high-end computers? Veider: “What do you mean by high end? I have I5 4430 + GTX 770 and no drops””

    veider, what is your minimum FPS?

    it has to be min 50FPS for smooth play. others sucks…

    i’ve tested game max settings on i7- gtx780 -sdd -16gb 1600hmz ram, and still min 45FPS.
    Crysis3 max settings min 53FPS,
    Your game have better graphics than Crysis3? Good optimisation in WoT really…

  14. Veider is full of crap, i run a i5 4670 & gtx770 and have seen drop after drop with successive patches. Typical ostrich behaviour from wargaming staff…nope nope no problem here. Hence why no more spending from this former customer.

  15. rofl, love the ignorance, way to invalidate everyone’s opinion Veider..

    I personally, had an almost perfect time with 8.0, however with the latest few patches it has turned into terribleness

    reinstalled win 8 64 bit 1 week ago, just to see if a fresh OS could make Wot itsy bitsy better, along with ofc latest nvidia drivers, direct x, framework 3.5 (with 2.0 and 3.0) and framework 4.5 and 4.0, along with sound-drivers and all the rest of the normal, even updated my bios to 4901 rev, now… ofc, this was all just a complete waste of time, as the game still had stuttering out of hell and shit fps drops at places that usually before these patches had a semi good to good fps stability

    Asus rampage IV extreme, fitted with i7 3930k (6 cores hyperthreaded), overclock is auto @ 5.0 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 690
    Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 Mhz 8×4 (32 GB) ram
    Corsair SSD Force 3 (550mb read, 510mb write)
    / best ISP and speed that can be attained in my city

    I have latest corsair drivers and no issue with temps(cpu and card), now, im not expecting perfect fps, considering its wargaming, but i do expect 60fps steady at lowest settings, and im not even getting that, to be fair while the higher settings do provide lower fps average across the board there are still random fps drops At any and all settings, i guess one of the few things they are working on are support for more cpu threads that the client can use but when is that gonna happen ? XD
    Im not expecting much but i just came to say that not all medium to semi high end spec users are having the bare minimum of stability with their game..