Straight Outta Supertest: T49 Light Tank


Three words: told you so :)

152mm gun-launcher (the weapon used on Sheridan, just without the option to fire Shillelagh missiles) in the XM551 (Sheridan prototype) turret and T49 hull.










Hitpoints: 1100

Top gun: 152mm Gun-Launcher XM81
Penetration: 76/152,4/76 (HE/HEAT/gold HE, gold HE shells have larger blast radius it is assumed)
Damage: 910/700/910
DPM with HEAT: 1825
Aim time: 4s
Accuracy: 0,6
Depression: -10

Hull turnrate: 44
Hp/t: 24,74
Weight: 22,234 tons
Viewrange: 400

181 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T49 Light Tank

        • ^^^ Agreed, in its current form it is like a KV-2 minus the armor and on a hellcat.

          WG must find a way to balance this vehicle otherwise it will be another one on which players will spend a lot of time grinding and the tank will get nerfed in the next patch (like what they did to the WT)

          And nerfed it will be because it is not soveeejet Stronk

          • Oh stop peddling the “they nerf non-soviet vehicles” it’s bullshit.

            WT was OP as fuck and you know it, it doesn’t matter whether it was soviet or not. The soviets haven’t recieved any new tanks in a while, and the whole SU-101 line is shit except for the tier 10.

            • Because everyone wants a su152, not a shitty su101. Oh and did anyone remember how many times they nerf tiger1? I lost count

              • Its notable that in the class of sniper heavies at tier 7, there are two vehicles of the Tiger 1 and the AMX M4 45, and the Tiger quite heavily outperforms the second one.

                • Well my AMX M4 is even better than some of my tier8 heavies statwise… And Tiger is fucked up with 90 battles pre 8.8.

    • I second this opinion! Also, I want a RU251. I think these two tanks may very well get me interested in scouting lol.

        • yeah, that’s what they did with T57 arty and T57 HT. i’m totally calling it the sheridan though, as a cool nickname :3

          • The two Chi-Has are in different nations’ tree so that’s why they are left with same name

            In the US’ case, it will be confusibg to have teo vehicles with same name because they are in the same tree. most likely it will have a suffix like the relation of T57 and T57 Heavy, or T1 Cunningham and T1 Heavy

          • They don’t, actually. The Japanese one is “Type 97 Chi-Ha”, the Chinese is “Type 2597 Chi-Ha”. China version has a larger number.

    • As said above, the tier 5 td will probably remain as “T49″ while the new light tank will probably become “T49 LT” same as with T2 Light tank and T2 Medium

  1. Can i have one immetedially? Take gold and silver and give me one of these now!

    • Buy yourself a chaffee; being a tier 5 in tier 10 games means that if you deal ~1k dmg you can get 1k xp.

      The chaffee is the best xp printing tank hands down

      • Chaffee is good at XP if you play well, but the Churchill III is always good at XP. It’s the only tank I know of that has a positive XP modifier.

        • For some reason, the T29 gets good XP values as well. My max XP ever achieved has gone from Chaffee to T29 and back few times. Because I don’t run premium account anymore it still shows the Chaffee but in fact the highest is in T29 with about 150XP more (2884). I got it in nothing but tier 7 tanks battle, full of heavies on both teams, done 6k damage and got a top gun.

  2. This thing will fuck waffentragers and arty so hard! Can’t wait to punish those camper morons with this beauty. 50k xp on Chaffee ready with extra 200k free XP.

    • dude imagine what this will do to AMXes and Lorraine! If you think that a 13/90 can screw you up, as long as it recieved one shot before that it’s BOOM and it’s gone. And that’s HE shells, with HEAT this thing can cause some serious trouble in the rears of IS-3s and the like. Also, dat gun depression.

      • Most of the AMXs are protected enough to be able to take 76mm pen HE penetration from the front, although the 50 100 might see the ~152mm pen HEAT rounds penetrate frontally at times. Of course, their armor will be overmatched too, no angling at all can be done against such rounds. The 50b and 50 120 should be safe enough frontally, although they’ll still take a lot of damage. Bat Chatillion can’t stand up to 152mm HEAT, although 76mm HE won’t get through for full damage.

        Lorraine tho

          • You’re right, had forgotten about that for HEAT. Even so it will go through easily enough.

        • Dude it’s a light, drive up to a 50B’s ass and let the HE rip, it has no armour there. OR T110′s, that 50 side armor

          • AMX series tanks at high tiers are not exactly immobile bricks like E-100. If you catch them by surprise then sure you’re going to get a lot of damage in, but otherwise any of the high tier heavy tanks of the French can use their autoloaders effectively to track and cause large amounts of damage to the T49 LT, and in this time period the T49 LT will not be able to use its gun to full effectiveness.

            • True. But you will be able to circle stuff like T95 and E3 and pound them with HE as their rear armour is nonexistant.

              • Yes. I’m certainly not denying its effectiveness, and the reason why I recently ground my way to the Chaffee (Although the Stuart is surprisingly good, armament is bad of course but with HEAT rounds it can do a lot of damage to rear armor of some tanks, and it has excellent gun depression, as well as good view range for the tier) was so I could get these new American LTs. And while I don’t think they’re going to obsolete my AMXs, I am going to certainly have to be more wary concerning flanking light tanks.

  3. i remember one video, of the developers from World of warships, and she said:
    “u can describe the Destroyers as a light tank with 2 Kv-2 turrets”
    now we got this

      • Well KV2 hits cause it’s stronk russian gun made out of stalin. I remember one game when i hit VK3601(it was a medium back then),200m away while driving, with broken gun and dead gunner

        • It is 4 seconds of aim time with the KV-2′s 152mm gun according to the wiki.

    • If that works for kv2, it will be more effective in this tank. Remember that you can use vert stabs and gld to lower aim time and increase accuracy. Im looking forward to this tank

  4. You guys do not forget the 0.6 accuracy and the INSANE 4 sdecons aimtime! That is almost like arty! The reload of 23 seconds is also a bummer.

    • Ever played the KV-2? .6 accuracy & 4s aim time, with 23s reload. Add rammer, gld, and vents (well, maybe not vents w/ that turret), and you can get down to around 20s. This is like a wet dream…a KV-2 with the speed & mobility to get away after firing, instead of having to find a place to hide & sit until the shell is ready. Add in the fact that it will be able to get behind those high tier tanks & pump 152mm derp shells into that soft armor, and…DAMN.

  5. OH. MY. GOD. Ok..time to start the Chaffee line tomorrow morning…but first, must change underwear!

      • It’s the same gun, if WG does release the Sheridan past this one they’ll just pull the same trick of “conventional shells, no missiles” on it as well.

        Additionally, it’s the same gun from the M60A2 Starship and the MBT-70 as well… some day… maybe. :(

  6. Cyka blyad KB-2 ckaut. If both 90mm are remotely useful (one seems to fire HESH as primary and HEAT) it might be a great tank with both troll and esl capability. Vertical stabiliser please!

      • HESH for 90mm, a lot, penetration is significantly higher than normal HE rounds so is the alpha damage which corresponds to shell of lower penetration and same alpha damage which is most likely HE; HESH, HEAT could be new meta for lights (similar thing mentioned for german light) I guess it gives some dimension to countering enemy light tanks or other paper tanks…

  7. This is gonna be a horrible gimmick tank with the 152 unless the OTM aim bloom is way better than the aim time suggests. The other gun seems more workable and more likely to have decent gun handling than the derpstick. Man that rate of fire (2.6 RPM) is gonna be painful… and the stupidly low HEAT pen too compared to the almighty Soviet 152 HEAT (152mm pen on 152mm HEAT shell is retarded) stinks of Soviet Bias…

    Well, WZ-132 still rules, I guess (13 90 lacks the effective damage output due to abysmal gun handling).

    • This is anti 13 90, anti wz 132, anti 50 100, general purpouse anal rape machine snapshot arta. If 152mm HEAT would have 300m it would be way too OP. No bias just common sense and ballance.

      • It is NOT anti scout at all. With the long reload and very bad accuracy/aim time, you will have very little chance to combat other light tanks. In a dog fight you will need some luck to hit the mobile enemy, while HE is likely not to deal full damage and HEAT mechanics and sub par HEAT pen will ensure many hits for no damage. Unless you do some crazy ram/shoot combo or you are very lucky to have above average pen and damage roll you will be the victim, not the hunter.

        It is different when you fire from a spot where you can’t be spotted until you fire. But that’s hardly anti scout. That’s just normal tactic.

  8. lolollolo, soon i will be able to research the E5, i have my next priority:> even the kv2 is OP imho ( and i play it rarely:)) ), but with the mobility of a med… I want one, take all my researched tier 8+ tanks and give me this:)

  9. So many people jizzing their pants for a gimmicky derpgun…

    0.6 accuracy
    4s aimtime

    How “fun” – you have to actually drive 5m behind someone to hit with that. It suits a light tank like 37mm gun for a tier X HTs.

    • You already have to drive 5 meters behind somebody to kill them with a 13 90 unless if you aim for 10+ seconds and still bounce, might as well as do 900 damage in one shot.

    • It depends on the tank dynamics. Pre-nerf vk2801 was quite fast in a straight line and many people were using it to do a drive by hit and run, where you’d go past the enemy and fire at hit when he’s closest to you. It worked even before gold ammo for creds, just with HE.

      If t49 is fast enough then it just might work. Hp/t ratio doesn’t look too good but it might have very good terrain resistance.

  10. Sweet.. so they wouldn’t give us the Sheridan, but at least we do get some parts of one … unless the full blown enchilada is past this one o_O

  11. If the 90mm M41 (which is already in the game as the M48′s stock gun) even remotly keeps its stats, it will be absolutlely awesome. The 152 will be fun in randoms, but nothing more.

  12. Hell, this thing will only be deadly against soft targets and against 150 mm of armor. Because the HEAT shells (maybe) don’t cost any gold.

    Waffletraktors will shit their pants though.

    • 90 mm is a much more serious and awesome gun too, which will make it like a undergunned fast medium.

      So this tank will be either a fast trolly bugger or a serious undergunned fast medium tank.

      • Its not undergunned. 173 Pen is fine esp for 10 depression and a super fast tank. As well as 265 Pen gold. Or 100 MM Hesh AND 250 gold. That could wreck

  13. So the 152mm will have a 30 second reload eh? pretty neat. Also the 90mm has some interesting ammo choices by the looks of it…

  14. Penetration: 76/152,4/76 (HE/HEAT/gold HE, gold HE shells have larger blast radius it is assumed)

    silver 152 mm HE blast radius: 3,66 m, gold: 5,11 m
    This LT can kill low health heavys behind cover

    • The second shell has the exact same penetration as the caliber of the gun. That reeks of non-gold HESH.
      The first and third have no real practical difference, maybe splash distance, but that’s usually reserved for arty, and a horizontal firing gun would have almost no use for it, especially since the difference at that caliber and damage is almost negligible, and that’s using an arty, where the shells fall with a significant angle. so the shell can really get close to the vehicle.

      Makes me think those numbers are very placeholder.
      Still excited though n_n

      • 5 mewter splash is OP.

        City map, you have 2 meds side by side doing rolling fire, you hit one and splash the other. Or hit a tanks lower plate and viewports or many more things.

        I would only run gold in this tank TBH.

        Esp since I think the 90mm looks way better. It will most likely have 1.5 sec aimtime and redic OP DPM and gun like a laser, and it looks like it shoots HESH as the standard round?

      • Doesn’t HESH generally cause more damage, being (mechanics-wise) glorified HE?

        It’s almost certainly HEAT. HEAT usually has a penetration depth around its diameter (see: American and German 105s) and causes less damage than a same-caliber HE shell.

        I think it’s exactly as SS has listed: HE/HEAT/wide-splash HE. The latter is a little odd to find on non-artillery, but eh.

        • That’s the odd thing: it doesn’t.
          I does the same, but more pen.

          That’s what doesn’t add up on those number.
          The penetration matches up exactly to non-gold HESH, but the damage to HEAT.
          And the wide splash HE just doesn’t make any sense on a tank. Sure if two tanks are hugging you can hit both if you hit in between, but that’s quite situational, and head-scratching to see on a tank.

          Had it been HE HEAT HESH I wouldn’t have said anything, but this…this is quite a mystery. Like WG changed all their established rules about making guns.

          • That’s what I’m saying, though…HEAT penetration matches up to (or, is supposed to) the shot diameter, while causing less damage.

            The examples I can immediately find of non-gold HESH have the penetration the same way (caliber = penetration), but cause HE-level damage. Look at the credit HESH on the Centurion 7/1′s L7A1 (HESH-T L-35 shell) and the Tortoise’s L1A1 (HESH-T L1 shell).

            I can think of a couple good reasons, gameplay-wise, for having wide-splash HE shells on a non-arty.
            First off, since this thing is going to be barreling around at LT speeds, it’s going to be hideously inaccurate, so with more splashy shells the inevitable near-misses might at least cause trackings.
            There’s also the point someone brought up elsewhere: you can potentially splash tanks who are hiding behind cover. Might help if another LT is trying to cap and keeps staying just out of reach behind cover on maps where WG still hasn’t fixed such situations. Splashing probably won’t hurt much, but it’ll reset.
            Finally, top armor for most tanks is garbage. Hit one of the IS series in the turret ring with a high-splash HE shell and a lot of it is going right down through the top armor. I can hear IS-3 drivers raging already.

            It’s a weird ammo type to put on a light tank, but then again, most light tanks aren’t roaming around with 152mm deathcannons strapped into their turrets. One oddity deserves another.

            • We’ll have to wait to find out, because everything about that second type of shell is contradicting itself.

              Another reason to love this tank to bits :)

          • Well IRL copper lined HEAT shells actually can have like 4,5,6 times charge diameter of penetration. Penetration is low, obviously because of balance reasons, alpha damage corresponds to AP not anything HE related, no HESH.

          • Its larger HE man. There is no reason to list splash otherwise.

            This round would be uber useful IMO. Hitting another 1100 HP scout forinstance in the side would hit his ENTIRE TANK. Hitting a japanese med would hit from his gastank to his front crew.

            Also Sepfox said it best but this thing will be the premier reset tank for capping….Lol 5m radius is guided arty fire.

            • You all seem very excited about that….but do you see what 900 damage 152mm HE rounds actually do with splash?
              The enemies would have to be touching to get splashed, even then you would need to hit a place on one tank that’s close to the other in order to do anything more than 50 damage.

              Remember, this isn’t a tier6-7 arty you’re using here, it’s a tier8 scout.
              It’s going to be fighting tier IX and X tanks.
              Uses for large splash HE would be once in a blue moon, at best.

              It’d rather see a large caliber non-gold HESH , some HEAT, and some very cheap normal HE rounds.

  15. SilentStalker, in medieval age you might get visit from inquisition for alleged witchery.

    Oh god time to update “Thing that looked harmless but need to be smited before you regret it” later.

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  17. Are you a frustrated Scout tank driver?

    Do you hate it when you spend ages hidden in that bush and spot half the enemy team, only for your own team to completely ignore them?

    Do ever think it would be great if you could kill all those tanks with just one shot?

    Well here at Honest SerB’s Slightly Soiled Tanks we have got the tank for you.

  18. New OP scout tank spotted.

    *face palm* Wargaming what are you thinking?
    Clearly this is a tier 11 scout.

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  20. Greaaat. Another piece of shit to hate. They keep introducing the most obnoxious tanks as of late.

    On the bright side… uhh, the game gets more challenging? Oh I got it! the previously introduced obnoxious TDs will have trouble.

    And I guess there is more gameplay variety.
    I just hope it will be an american version of the A-20, but with a 152mm derp instead of a 76mm derp.

  21. You guys have seen it so many times before but you still fall for it… Spend all the effort, time, money to get it and then…. nerfy time. Of course it’s gonna be fun when you’re playing one, but how about when you’re not? 700 damage HEAT shell slammed into the side of your tier 10 heavy by a bottom tier light tank? I’m sure that won’t lead to any whine threads on the forums… Enough whining > nerf.

    Instead of making tier 10 matches fun by dealing with problems concerning top tier artillery/TD’s and a few blatantly overpowered mediums, they add another gimmicky tank to it that will only increase frustration… And we’ll all jump through WG’s hoop to get one (Yes, me included).

    What poor saps we are…

    • Its 150 Pen man. The same Pen as an M4 Derp, would you be scared of 3 M4 Derping HEAT in a 140?
      A E100 will laugh at them, a E5 as well since it needs to not hit tracks etc. Also if it does pop out with 4 sec am it basically means it will have to trade its life.

      I wil use the 1.5 sec aim laser beam 90mm that will most certainly have 2500 DPM and redic gun handling.

      TBH the only tanks that will fear this are the other gimick tanks at T10 like the Waffle and 183 and things that are very slow with flat armor. But Heavies wont be scared of it and meds can put 1100 DMG out in 20 secs meanint it will get one shot off to die. Seriously it will be a newb killer but not much else. Now if it had 220 or 250 Pen then id say game over, but 150 Pen means it cant pen the lower plate of a 113 or Type59 and it cant pen the Is6 period lol

      • Slamming a 152mm derp shell into a Waffle’s turret (preferably the back) simultaneously wrecking its gun, turret mechanism, gunner and loader while shaving off half its health…
        Hahaha, yes, this thing absolutely must go live, JUST for people using the derp to ruin that bullshit TD’s day.

        You forgot the Foch. The latest nerf makes even the side of that thing horribly vulnerable to large-caliber HE. And drivers of the 263 (all three of them) are going to absolutely despise it. High-tier Americans still have pretty crappy side armor, too.

        I think you’re underestimating the number of very valuable targets that are threatened by the 152, but I’d agree, for optimal use the 90mm is probably going to be the way to go. The 152 on such a small/mobile platform is probably going to be pretty heavily toned down for balance’s sake.

        • No im not saying it has no targets, im saying the ones it has from the front deserve to be hit hard as they are uber hard hitters/OP themselves OR they are the E5/50b style that MUST be flanked which is fair IMO. E5 and 50b have almost no 150mm surfaces there weakspots are all 170ish+ meaning the light has to do its job and flank closely which means it fires 900 DMG and then what? Gets clipped if its a bad driver or hides if good…..But thats what balance is, making it come down to drivers and not just to tanks.

          Basically im saying its balanced the way it is, and IMO the 90mm will be the ultimate.

          It will be like the KV was when it had the 107mm or the Derp. While the Derp was Fun it was when gold cost actual gold and so the 107mm had 300 Alpha and 167 Pen at T5 and it fired 3 RPM more. So while the Derp seemed the way to go the 107mm was really the best by true pros.

  22. Is that a smooth bore gun? If it could also fire rockets then it wouldn’t be rifled.

  23. Well if the American tree gets to have a light tank with a 152mm derp, I think a Centurion AVRE (165) is a perfectly reasonable tank to add as well.

  24. SS you ever wonder if someone at WG reads your posts?

    You now have caled like 5 tanks. From Prem Panther with 88mm to this to the T7 Rus med to the Ru251

    But this was really a good call and very very niche. Seems like they had to read yours to have this idea.

    • I know some of them do. And no, they don’t have to read my posts to get this ideas (although from what I know, it happened at least once already in the past).

      • Sorry but this was a random one. You said they wouldn`t allow the Sheridan but they would use its turret on the t49 like that one experimental tank….This is to accurate IMO.

        Im not saying they always do what you say, but it is interesting that you say things ranging from Actionx is to advanced to the 88mm Panther will be t8 prem to this derp thing and it all happens.

        Some is just you research well like saying Vickers MBT is the most likely, and laying out the UK heavy line while others seem to be making them happen like 152mm Derp.

        When you have said things like this in the past it sounds crazy at first, but maybe they read your reasons and think they can do it.

        On paper a 152mm Derp on a light seems OP but then you explained how it could be balanced and bam here it is, and fairly balanced as well with almost the same exact pen numbers you posted.

  25. Looks like a big bag of fun :D

    I´m definetely going to get my hands on one of this things :)

      • I knew this, considering I wrote a considerable article on the T49 in the Suggestions section.

        That’s what I get for posting at 2:00 in the morning.

  26. I’m sure it will be fun to begin with. Then, despite having an average win rate, it will be nerfed into oblivion due to the complaints of the hordes of clueless idiots who can’t cope with anything new and evolving tactics.

    See above for plenty of examples.

  27. As its probably got low HP’s and will have virtually no armour this could be the bane of new light tanks with insane guns that can easily deal with just about anything.

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  30. Hey guys so this tank will be somewhat after M24 Chaffee, and its a good idea to farm some XP on it right?

  31. Artillery that spots for itself and can get out of Dodge quicker than Putin in a gay bar. Boom and Zoom, LOL.

  32. its obvious that most of the ” I want one” goobers, are probably the same ones that will be screaming “nerf it” after they realize that they still aren’t good.

  33. T49 must be prototype for the M41 Walker Bulldog cause that for sure looks like a Walker Bulldog hull.

  34. T49 was one of the experiments to put a 90mm gun on the M41. It was essentially a production M41 with a heightened turret and a 90mm gun.

  35. *heavy breathing*

    This might get me back to playing WoT :)

    Still stats will change, but that 0.6 accuracy and 4 sec aim time made my eyes cry blood.

  36. So, if the gun and turret will already be in game… why no Sheridan itself? It did not have some fancy armour (if you discount the fact it was aluminum, but that was rather liability than advantage. Tier 9 or 10 lights anyone?

    • Because it was shooting guided anti-tank missiles and game doesnt support that kind of ammo :-)

      • But it is exactly the same gun as this T49 will have. This IS the Sheridan cannon AND Sheridan turret. So why not implement the hull as well? The fact that Sheridan could fire the Shillelagh missile from its cannon doesn’t mean that it didn’t had regular rounds for its cannon. Quite contrary in fact, if I remember correctly, it fired regular ammo much more often that the Shillelagh. You say they cannot implement it because of the cannon able to shoot missiles, but T49 will have that gun anyways. So this is not really a valid argument.

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  38. Well, I dont know. For me that 150mm gun seems pretty useless. It might be fun if you meet some light armor targets like french or german WT line but otherwise…
    150heat pen for T8 light is pretty lame.You will have problem to pen high tier tanks even from the side or behind if they will be angled even a little bit.. Russian tanks and E100 will be a nightmare. IS3 side trolled my T69 heat with 250pen pretty hard I cant imagine 150mm on this thing.
    If I will ever decide to get this tank which is highly unlikely. I would play it with that 90mm gun which will be more versatile.
    But that model is really nice :-)