Reminder: 9.2 – Historical Battles Removed

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, but might have forgotten, historical battles mode is getting removed in 9.2 for a complete overhaul. According to Storm, it will not return this year (so play it while you can). Storm also mentioned the way it will be reworked, specifically two elements were considered:

- bots playing lowtier tanks to give you the feeling of authenticity in battles
- respawns

Either way, Evilly wrote the following about them:

“There were several reasons for removing them, one of the most important ones was the player opinion on them and the low activity in this mode. This suggests that the mode has to be completely reworked and that’s what we are doing. The mode will return after rework and it will be very different from the current one. Those, who recieved medals from historical battles will get to keep them, progress on unfinished medals will be resetted. We will keep you up to date with changes and reworks, it will be an absolutely new, completely diffent mode.”

Oh well, too bad WG EU did not allow us to play the Bryansk historical battles, I was looking forward to that one. I guess enabling it would be too much work…

24 thoughts on “Reminder: 9.2 – Historical Battles Removed

  1. if there would have been more tanks to play the historicals with it would have more peapole playing it

  2. Good riddance. I hope they will be able to come up with something that is more fun to play in the next iteration. It’s simple – if people don’t play it, it’s flawed. IMO the bots are probably a good idea, but respawns are not.

    • me too: tried to play HB in the first day WG added, but give up after 30+ tries and only few battles played…
      after that HB almost completely wiped out of my memory

      I hope after rework it will be fun to play it
      Bots and respawn sound interesting, hope they add “borrow tank” option to HB (where you can play tanks that you did not have in garage, but unlocked in techtree)

  3. The biggest problem is WG wasted so much time on this shit, almost everyone knew this will fail, because why the hell would i play “historical” battles when there is war thunder that does it(just the historical ones tho) way better.

    • They are too stubborn to give up something eventhough they are aware it will probably fail, which in the end happened. If only they would communicate with players more lots of fails would be avoided. To be clear, i’m not saying they should listen to me, but players in general and their suggestions.

  4. WG lost once again to Gaijin.
    Turns out copying game-modes from another game to their own shitty flash game doesn’t work well.

      • Removing HB is proof by itself. Because WG can’t utilise their “shitty flash game” to provide realistic historical gameplay, they’ve decided to give themselves some time to copy more WTGF elements.
        It must be a good thing WG decided to copy different Pz III, IV and STUG models by what you’re saying.

          • The decision of removing it means they did NOT deliver what was expected.
            If unrealistic, unhistorical gameplay did not work, the only thing left for HB is realistic, historical gameplay. From what we can see, they currently can not provide the latter.

            • Yes, people demanded HBs, but nowhere near in this form WG made it. This is not HBs. This is shit.

  5. I’d like them to remove the red enemy outlines, all icons above enemy tanks and make the rendering range of enemy tanks infinite. But I seriously doubt they will do anything like this. I don’t think historical battles will return at all.

      • That game series kicks ass of WT and WoT at least 10 times and would still have functions to kick a lot more.

    • They will never do that for a simple reason. Any kind of model mod would give you an incredible advantage as you then would have all enemy tanks visible all the time.

      The biggest advantage of the current vision system is that it makes cheating hard to impossible.

  6. When WT Ground Forces launches its Open beta, WG hurried Confrontation mode and HB : they just failed at both. Wot is and will always be an arcade game.

    • What about the National tanks mode; Germans vs Russians, French vs Brits etc…
      Also removed :-P

  7. “bots playing lowtier tanks to give you the feeling of authenticity in battles”

    Can’t believe no-one pounced on this one :-P

    I can see a sort of reasoning; afterall who wants to play stock PZII or T70 vs Matildas and Tigers, but WG implementing dedicated bots for a game mode?
    First, what a defeat for them!
    And secondly, and more important, will WG bots™ do better than the regular bots that plague the servers currently? :P