WG EU Events in August

Hello everyone,

from the same source as the last post. It’s not 100 percent confirmed (first time I got something from the guy), but it looks… quite legit. So, here goes.

Top of the tree (tier 10 discounts, both planned with 30 percent discount and 15 percent credit income increase):

First half of August: FV215b (120)
Second half of August: GW E

4.8. to 9.8. (Weekly mission)

- achieve 100k XP from 4.8. to 9.8., tier 4+, top 10 in XP – get a free day of premium and 1x coated optics

9.8. to 12.8. (Weekend event)

“Guadalcanal landing weekend”

- x3 first victory
- 50 percent discount on Japanese, British, US tier 2-5
- 30 percent discount on Japanese, British, US tier 6-7
- 50 percent discount on premiums: Ram II, T14, Chi Nu Kai
- 30 percent discount on premium AT-15A
- Mission: destroy 5 Japanese tanks (in tier 4+ US or UK tank), get 2 small repair kits (once per day)
- Mission: destroy 5 British or US tanks (in tier 4+ Japanese tank), get 2 small repair kits (once per day)
- Mission: earn 50k XP on any Japanese, British, US tier 4+ tank, get 10 gold repair kits, 10 gold medkits, 10 gold fire extinguishers (once per account)

13.8. to 15.8. – Gamescom start

- Mission (part 1): gather 40k XP (have to be in top 10 in XP)
- Mission (part 2): play 30 battles (have to be in top 10 in XP)
- Mission “Gamescom Roll Out” – complete both part 1 and 2 three times for (undisclosed large reward, 3 days premium I think?)

15.8. to 19.8. – Gamescom event

- x5 for first victory
- discount on regular tier 8 tanks: 15 percent
- discount on regular tier 6-7 tanks: 30 percent
- discount on barracks slot: 50 percent
- discount on JT88 and Lowe: 15 percent, on Panther M10, Schmalturm Panzer IV and Dicker Max: 30 percent
- discount on prem account: 3 days for 350, 7 days for 680
- Mission (part 1): win 25 battles (in top 10 XP), get 10 gold fire extinguishers
- Mission (part 2): earn 100k XP (in top 10 XP), get 10 gold medkits
- Mission (final): complete both part 1 and 2, get free tier 3 LTP tank

19.8. to 23.8. (Weekly mission)

- Mission: be in top 3 in XP (in tier 4+ tank), get 50 percent more XP in battle

23.8. to 26.8. (Weekend event)

“Veni vidi vici”

- double crew XP
- 50 percent consumable discount
- 50 percent crew skill reset discount
- Mission (part 1): win 6 battles in tier 5+ heavy tanks, get 5 small repair kits
- Mission (part 2): win 6 battles in tier 5+ medium tanks, get 5 small medkits (available only when part 1 is completed)
- Mission (part 3): win 6 battles in tier 5+ TD’s, get 5 small fire extinguishers (available only when part 2 is completed)
- Mission (part 4): win the battle, be in top 5 in XP, reward unknown (1 day premium?)

26.8. to 30.8. (Weekly mission)

- Mission: get 65k XP on a tier 4+ tank, get 1 day of premium

30.8. to 2.9. (Weekend event)

“Tenno Haika Banzai”

- x3 daily XP
- 30 percent discount on Japanese tier 6-7
- 50 percent credit gain from tier 3-5 Japanese tanks
- 50 percent discount on Chi-Nu Kai
- Mission: earn 5k XP while driving a tier 4+ Japanese tank, get 3 x Onigiri (3 times a day)
- Mission: destroy one Japanese tank in battle while driving tier 4+ tank, get 2 gold fire extinguishers (3 times a day)
- Mission: complete the “5k XP” mission 6 times, get 300k credits

52 thoughts on “WG EU Events in August

  1. WG could you just fuck off with the arty discounts already? Thatd be lovely :)

    • As soon as the arty whiners fuck off with the whine, WG will fuck off with the discounts too, promise.

        • I just think its enough how they are now, no need to encourage people to play them more :)

          • How bout you find another game. Maybe one you don’t suck at so you wouldn’t have to play broken cancerous shit.

            • This calling arty “cancer” is uncaring, unfeeling, moronic BS, it’s just wrong. Arty is not killing this game never will. How many people in this game has had a loved one, family member, friend, coworker, or even beloved pet, contact cancer, with all the heartache and pain it brings, or even death. The lingering loss of someone close to you is a horrible thing. I know personally. I’m tired of seeing it brought up as a insult in the game I go to for enjoyment. I’ll bet a lot of others are too. It needs to stop, find something else. I don’t care how you feel about arty or stats, that’s not what this is about. I offended at a much deeper level.

              SS if you agree, I bet many others do. How about a warning, then bans for using “cancer” on FTR?


            • Yeah calling it cancer is a bit insensitive. Plus your one of the biggest whiners about arty so your opinion is thus null and void

    • I agree that laser guided satellite missiles (aka “arties”) play a completely different game than all the other tanks in this game. the gameplay is basically clicking on an overlay.

      as far as I understood arties have been in included into the game to “prevent camping”, but they have the exact reverse effect. those that do not camp and are active are the first to receive the warm welcome of much too precisely aimed shells that come from the other corner of the map.

      this is why I would like to know if it would be possible to set up an extra game option in the ‘random battle types’ in the config menu. one that would allow players to have random games _without_ arties. so those interested to play arty would wreck the game only to those that are fine with this situation. this would be a win/win scenario since all players would have the power of choice.

      can someone please ask a dev about this?

      • Would you like the opposing team to cease fire, whilst you move too? Perhaps somebody could please ask a dev? If you can’t avoid arty, then perhaps you need to change your play style.

        • of course I was expecting smart “l2p” answers like your one.

          any other tank in the battlefield has to expose itself when it fires. but no, let’s include something that has to camp bush in the corner of the map in order to prevent camping as a whole in the game. makes sense right? the casual gamers would absolutely love this gameplay. just cowardly sit out of the sight and decide (based on XVM of course) who needs to die next. did I mention there is absolutely no skill needed in this gamemode? yet these tanks play on the same battlefield for some unknown reason.

          yes, I know SPGs exist. but they were great at leveling a city, not place accurate shots on moving targets. and even use autoloaders to achieve that?!

          look it this way: by having that game option you can play arty to your heart’s content without being on the receiving end of my filthy language during the game. you can play 15vs15 arty games if you wish I really dont care. I want to see you play Karl in your gamemode and leave me out of it.

      • IDK, I have played arty for only a while, but I fire at the most dangerous targets within my range (not blocked by terrain, etc.) to help the team out, that is, if the shell actually lands.

  2. “15.8. to 19.8. – Gamescom event
    - Mission (final): complete both part 1 and 2, get free tier 2 LTP tank”

    Tier 3 Im guessing :)

  3. 13.8. to 15.8. – Gamescom start
    - Mission (part 1): gather 40k XP (have to be in top 10 in XP)
    - Mission (part 2): play 30 battles (have to be in top 10 in XP)
    - Mission “Gamescom Roll Out” – complete both part 1 and 2 three times for (undisclosed large reward, 3 days premium I think?)

    120k XP? I guess thats pretty much no-lifer mission.

  4. I see no mission for credits like last year ones. It’s a little bit sad.

  5. Nice to read that.
    It looks like I’ll finally buy GW Tiger P with a discount.

    Meanwhile in WoWP there is a mission for a tier VII (probably premium) plane and it looks quite time consuming even with not so fair play approach, so it’s kind of nice to read that there will be almost nothing in WoT that will drive me from that mission.

    I only wonder if that 100k XP gamescom mission is including x5 for 1st win, if yes, it will make itself.

  6. “13.8. to 15.8. – Gamescom start

    - Mission (part 1): gather 40k XP (have to be in top 10 in XP)
    - Mission (part 2): play 30 battles (have to be in top 10 in XP)
    - Mission “Gamescom Roll Out” – complete both part 1 and 2 three times for (undisclosed large reward, 3 days premium I think?)”

    Kinda rough, but 3 premium days are worth it… I think?

    Still, lots of goodies to collect & sell, I need credits like air!

    • 3 day premium cost 650 gold usually, 350 on a discount, 250 if you buy month premium and 170 if you buy year premium on a discount.
      Gold may cost from 4.5E per 1000 to 3.28E per 1000.

      so depending on the way 3 days premium are worth between 2.93E to 0.56E

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  8. With all the Gamescom hype I’ll expect some compensation for being on site rather than on the battlefield :D

    • 850g for 25 wins made over 4 days is still nice.
      Thats like 7 wins per day as long as they are XPx5 and in top10.

      It’s not a free tank, you’ll get Te-Ke for that.

  9. Hi,
    Is there any word about when the next high-tier premium mission will be?
    Sry, was over a month away from WoT (I think:)

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