Anniversary Free Stuff

Hello everyone,

an insider in the EU (not sure if I am to mention his nickname) confirms: the “anniversary” gift tank will be the Type 97 Te-Ke, Japanese tier 2 light tank. It will be apparently first obtainable this Friday morning.

Furthermore, during this weekend’s event, discounts will include:

- double XP for every victory
- 15 percent discount on all tier 9 and 10 tanks
- 50 percent equipment discount
- 50 percent discount on crew skill resets
- 75 percent discounts on changing crew names
- 50 percent discount on barrack slots
- 50 percent discount on camo and inscriptions

Next EU top of the tree will also according to the same source be the British FV215b heavy by the way.

60 thoughts on “Anniversary Free Stuff

  1. no premium tank discounts?

    i wonder if they will try to con people again with the kv220

    anyway the double XP will help with the FV grind

    • Seriously. I was told in Christmas that it was the only chance to get the “LEGENDARY” KV-220.

      A few weeks later and BAM. Re-upped in gift shop or reward for monthly grinds.

      Bah, at least I got a JgTiger 8.8 out of the gold I bought….

    • Even though it may not be as rare as some other prem shop bundles (i.e. the LeFH18B2 or Micromaus), it’s still an amazing tank in the hands of a good player. ~600battles so far and a 69% W/R in it.

      All I can say is: Troll armor is troll.

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  3. Will there be the usual 15% discount on tier 8 prems?I got a hankering for a new toy.

  4. i was planned to buy a tier 9 tthis week:) and waited for equipment discount too :)
    and my Reanult Otsu crew is still in my garage, who would fit the Te-Ke without retraining

    The only thing i miss is crew training discount, but it will be still a good weekend

  5. Yay … now I’ll have a reason to play my Caernarvon xD Also, I was hoping for the Grosstranktor, but thisone is nice :) at least I’ll have something nice to mess around with after my brain fa**hing brother sold my VIC and LTP

    • You can ask support to get 1 Premium tank back, if you have the credits and a slot.

      • BTW: If you’re on the US server, you can get any “rare” premium (one that isn’t in the prem shop anymore) back if you sold it more than 180 days ago. Same applies to normal premium tanks, but you can only restore them if they were sold within the past 3 days of the ticket submission.

      • troll support by requesting T-50-2 back: free slot, creds are here, WG do ur stuff :-P

  6. So wait, if the top of the tree discount is 30% and the anniversary discount is 15% does that mean the total discount for the fv215b will be 45%? I sure hope so, cause I’ve just been planning on getting it. :D

  7. Type 97 Te-Ke:
    This tank is a sort of a waste for any that already has Japo tanks above tier 4. There are not lights after tier 4 so you can not use this tank for training purposes. Maybe for someone that wants to start the japo line, but the line is not popular, probably cause the bad reputation of the tier 6 & 7 (specially the last one) are UP for high tier matches.
    I barely saw japo tanks the last week, I was trying to complete the challenge of killing 25 japo tanks … well good luck, they are so rare these days.

  8. japanese tank, so paper… hordes of sealclubbers incoming
    anyway, the discount are nice, cheaper patton, cheaper equipment

  9. If I started playing this damn game again I might as well take advantage of the discount and finally buy that Conqueror(researched it in February 2013 lol).

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  11. - 15 percent discount on all tier 9 and 10 tanks
    – 50 percent equipment discount

    And 215b as Top of the Tree…. Where the heck am I going to get all those credits from that I need now??? I better start grinding, I’ll need a huge friggin lot and don’t want to buy some credit package :-/

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  13. Welp NA has been confirmed shafted compared to EU/RU. Only x5 first victory rather than x2 every week. Better if you have barely any time to play I guess, way way worse if you actually wanted to grind.

  14. -75 percent discounts on changing crew names

    Well that’s unusual. Time to get a crew full of people with famous names.